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    Graduate Project
    Hang, Wendy
    This project focused on stress management and K-8 teachers. It presented a handbook of strategies to help prevent and reduce teacher stress and burn out using peer reviewed research and best practices as discussed in Chapter Two of this manual.
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    Graduate Project
    Mair, Amber
    This project was an interactive online tutorial intended for parents to learn how to help their first grade students in learning spelling patterns. This tutorial would help parents by building a better understanding of what blending and segmenting are . . .
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    Graduate Project
    Richards, Ciara
    While professional development (PD) has always been essential in meeting the learning needs of teachers, traditional forms of PD are incongruous with today’s professional demands and complex skills required by students (Borko, 2014; Brooks & Gibson, 2 . . .
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    Graduate Project
    Travieso, Michaela
    Introduction: Researchers have come to the conclusion that parent involvement has a positive effect on a child’s education and experience. The positive effects can range from physical involvement of the parent, such as homework support, to emotional i . . .
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    Graduate Project
    Hirako, Mio
    The purpose of this project was to create a handbook to support fifth and sixth grade instrumental music teachers with integrating math into music lessons. The research-based handbook includes a guide, a collection of mini-lessons organized by topic, . . .
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    Graduate Project
    Bell, Barry
    Being a student-athlete and playing intercollegiate sports can be very challenging. Student-athletes have responsibilities to perform well in the classroom and succeed in their sport. Student–athletes have to find a balance between both being a studen . . .
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    Graduate Project
    Wood, Laura
    The purpose of this project was to create a handbook of activities to assist third grade teachers in teaching multiplication fluency. I presented strategies to help teachers teach students how to learn multiplication fluency using peer reviewed resear . . .
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    Graduate Project
    Yu, Brian
    Parental involvement in education has been heavily researched in the past few decades. Studies show that parental involvement with students at young age will benefit students’ future academic pathways (Gonida & Cortina, 2014; Stevens & Patel, 2015). T . . .
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    Graduate Project
    Ruiz, Laura
    There is a gap between students of special education and general education in their successful participation in postsecondary activities such as higher education / trade programs, desired employment, and independent living. Research suggests that stud . . .
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    Graduate Project
    Keagy, Joshua
    One of the common core state standards for high school mathematics relates to the topic of solving systems of equations. This paper will discuss the steps that were taken to create and test a web-based eLearning Module. Systems of linear equations are . . .
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    Graduate Project
    Davis, Gina Lynn
    The purpose of this project was to develop a handbook for parents with fifth grade school age children to help support their math skills before entering the middle school level. Every activity in this handbook reinforces the California Common Core Sta . . .
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    Graduate Project
    Persaud, Joann Christina
    For many years, most English language learners have struggled with achieving the learning goals in science as indicated by national, state, and local summative assessments (CNUSD, 2016; NAEP – 2015 Science Assessment; NCES, 2017). As this at-risk of f . . .
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    Graduate Project
    Frenes-Gomez, Denisse
    The purpose of this project was to create a series of professional development workshops for 6th - 8th grade math teachers to provide support and resources to align curriculum vertically according to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. Th . . .
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    Graduate Project
    Wray, Alisa
    Introduction: After graduating from medical school students can enter emergency medicine residency which is a three or four-year long program aimed and teaching them to become emergency medicine physicians. During this time learning is focused on clin . . .
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    Graduate Project
    West, Heidemarie
    The purpose of this project was to create a series of three workshops that focused on teaching the necessary skills to children entering Kindergarten. The workshops were designed to be used by teachers and administrators and presented to parents of in . . .
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    Graduate Project
    Aguilar, Katya
    Behavior management systems such as Response to Intervention and Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports have been created and implemented in various school districts around the country to help and support good behavior from students. For behav . . .
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    Graduate Project
    Vandagriff, Leslie
    The purpose of this project was to create a handbook for elementary school administrators and teachers providing the essentials for the implementation of a multi-tiered system of support. It contains a resource handbook created using peer reviewed res . . .
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    Graduate Project
    Verduzco, Ramon
    My goal is to create a manual to systemically refer students into Special Education as well as providing alternative supports to students who require academic interventions. The manual will provide timelines for yearly meetings. The different tiers of . . .
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    Graduate Project
    DeSalvio, Casie
    Many states are adopting the Next Generation Science Standards where students have to dissect the new science standards in a whole new way than they are used to. Students are conducting most of their learning through a hands-on method that requires th . . .
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    Graduate Project
    Worden, Tanner
    It is clear based on world educational rankings like the PISA 2015 results, the United States has a problem when it comes to teaching science content to students. Because of this, many educators have begun exploring different methods to improve teachi . . .
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    Graduate Project
    Layton, Roddy
    The purpose of this project was to develop a series of workshops focused on better understanding the California Accountability Model and School Dashboard and research-proven methods to reduce high school dropout rates in the state of California. The w . . .
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    Graduate Project
    Ranallo, Diane
    The purpose of this project was to create a handbook informing 4th and 5th grade teachers about the benefits flexible seating has on all students. The handbook presents information on how, when, and why to use in the classroom using peer reviewed rese . . .
  • Kh04dr92h?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Na, Stephanie
    The adoption of the Common Core State Standards in California as well many other states across the nation, signaled a change in the skills needed to succeed in the 21st century workforce. An integral part of these standards were labeled the 4C’s and i . . .
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    Graduate Project
    Fernandez, Liz
    This project focuses on teaching a second language using theories, approaches and factors that are supported by studies to be efficient in Second Language learning and acquisition. It contains a handbook with various activities for teachers to help st . . .
  • Cc08hh71w?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Figueroa, Bryan
    This project was created to support students, parents and residents of the city of Baldwin Park and surrounding areas of the zip code 91706 in preserving and maintaining a humane quality of life while providing the highest chance to academic success. . . .
  • 2n49t3828?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Wang, Haojie
    Using panel data on 37 countries for the period 1960 to 2015, this study aims to find the determinants of real GDP per capita growth rate and examines the effect of human capital on the growth rate of real GDP per capita. The results of the a multiple . . .
  • Vt150m639?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Hartigan, Kathleen
    Argumentative writing is a central component to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS); however, secondary students struggle with building effective claims that are supported by evidence and analysis. The blame cannot be put on the students. The CCSS . . .
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    Graduate Project
    Vega, Julieta
    Parents of first graders are willing to put forth the effort to support their children in reading skills but lack the necessary skills and knowledge to do so. Fortunately, teachers are making it easier than ever to provide these parents assistance by . . .
  • Vh53wx635?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Torres, Sarah
    In order for educators to increase parental involvement and to better improve student success, teachers need the proper training and assistance on different methods they can use to increase parental involvement. Due to the lack of support and resource . . .
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    Graduate Project
    Shu, Walter
    History is an important subject that all students must take to meet graduation requirements, yet most college students take this subject for granted. Previous studies have proven that many could not remember a single major event in American history. F . . .
  • N296x1215?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    O'Connor, Kamilah
    The Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) framework provides a practical approach to handling discipline in schools. The researcher used peer-reviewed data and best practices to provide a concise resource handbook that serves as a foundat . . .
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    Graduate Project
    Rangel, Marisol
    Parent involvement in schools is a crucial component to student learning; however, schools continue to struggle with having parents attend school related meetings or workshops. One main conflict is that there is no effective approach or method of impl . . .
  • Qf85nd38t?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Tucker, Terri
    The purpose of this project was to create a handbook for Kindergarten teachers providing lessons meeting Common Core Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and general curriculum. The lesson plans within the handbook emphasize curriculum based, . . .
  • Bv73c2838?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Han, Samantha
    The purpose of this project was to create a handbook of suggestions for elementary teachers to assist in the transition to an administrative position. It contains a resource handbook created using peer reviewed research and best practices.
  • 8p58pg378?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Mendolia-Moore, Tracy
    College campus tours are one of the best recruiting tools for prospective students. As competition between universities target the best and brightest, universities are developing innovative campus tours to lure in the best students. In a poll conducte . . .
  • Qz20sv549?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Jow, Christin
    Problems are ongoing as schools attempt to build relationships with parents through constant communication (St. George, 2010). With technology becoming increasingly popular, schools have access to innovative ways to improve communication. The purpose . . .
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    Graduate Project
    Chen, Shijun
    The purpose of this project was to create a Web-based eLearning module in pharmacology for graduate nursing students. This research examined the existing studies on the role of technologies in the aspects of eLearning, blended or hybrid learning, simu . . .
  • C247dv225?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Endo, Lani
    This project focused on school culture enrichment and elementary school administrators. It presented a handbook of strategies to enrich school culture using peer reviewed research and best practices as discussed in Chapter Two of the project.
  • X059c945s?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Miramontes, Kevin
    The purpose of this project was to create a guide to assist parents in supporting their identified Special Education child K-12. It presented strategies and techniques to help guide parents in the navigation of developing an action plan centered on su . . .
  • J96022910?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Mason, Dillon
    This project provides a lesson guide and lesson plan integrating NGSS engineering practices and performance expectations to biology performance expectations. The U.S. is in high demand for professionals with a strong STEM background. The Next Generati . . .
  • T435gg27t?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Lake, Tammylee
    The intention of this project was to create a handbook for middle school teachers to aid in the strengthening of number sense by providing strategies and lessons aligned with Common Core Mathematical Standards and the Standards for Mathematical Practi . . .
  • 9g54xk76v?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Messick, Kurt
    Lectures and note taking have dominated the teaching style inside a social studies classroom for decades. Many educators now argue that students necessitate more than a simple transfer of knowledge (Michel, Cater, & Varela, 2009). The merger of techno . . .
  • Br86b581g?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Granado, Antonio Manuel
    With the increased interest of two-way dual immersion programs in the United States, bilingualism for monolingual English-speaking students was emerging as a viable option to traditional classroom settings. This project was created using peer reviewed . . .
  • Xk81jn37d?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Howe Jr., Courtney
    Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has been a topic of confusion and controversy for many years amongst psychological, educational and behavioral professionals. This problem stems from a lack of adequate knowledge of the condition and how to successfully . . .
  • Hh63sx70t?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Latham, Kathy
    The purpose of this project was to create a handout designed for parents and guardians of students with special needs. Alongside the handout, a lesson was developed to showcase the Community Cultural Wealth that students with disabilities bring to the . . .
  • P2676x817?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Ruiz, Karla
    The purpose of this project was to raise awareness on school shootings and show educators how they can integrate school shootings in their curriculum. It contains curriculum on one month-long unit of language arts. Many educators want to integrate soc . . .
  • 3j333435c?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Mora Mayo, Ryann
    This projects purpose is to show the reader that field trips serve a purpose to school age children and are extremely beneficial. The approach to prove the purpose of field trips is through experiential learning theories and practices explained in cha . . .
  • H989r574t?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Fernandes, Rhea
    Compliance training helps to mitigate risks and incidents of unethical behavior by employees that may lead to financial and reputational ruin. Compliance training within the banking industry and the financial sector includes (but not limited to) shari . . .
  • N870zt15b?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Bell, Nicole
    With the United States falling behind other countries in mathematics, creating uniform national standards that define mathematic content was a priority to gain competency in mathematics (Schmidt, 2012). The Common Core State Standards of Mathematics ( . . .
  • 7d278w16w?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Mueller, Eugene
    This project focused on the internal factors that impact Special Education teachers’ decisions to stay, transfer, and/or leave the profession altogether. Specifically, the Literature Review found in Chapter 2 of this project revealed that Special Educ . . .