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    Loomis, Linda Wood
    Individuation, the conscious realization of one's own part in the process of human growth, is a unique psychological reality, including strengths and limitations, which leads to the integration of the Self as a whole being. It is my hypothesis 'that b . . .
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    Lascelles, Tewa
    The rich historiography of Normandy goes back centuries. Recent scholarship, however, has many researching the formation and early existence of the medieval duchy. The idea of researching the surviving Carolingian and Norman annals along with the duca . . .
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    Kitano, Riichi
    This graduate project explores two seemingly opposite disciplines; spiritual ecofeminism and martial arts, and how those two can enhance each other. Whether people recognize it or not, both feminists and martial artists have been claiming the same mot . . .
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    Gilbertson, Max L.
    In the last century photography has been recognized as a media for recording visual stimuli. Photographers such as M. Brady (11), T. O'Sullivan (12), and D. Hill (17) have concentrated on taking pictures of social events or natural phenomenon. More re . . .
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    Graduate project
    Sallop, Marvin B.
    The purpose of this project is to acquaint the reader with the findings of Sign language Linguistics, to present in perspective, some of the descriptive elements of American Sign Language, and to offer suggestion as to how the discoveries of Sign Lang . . .
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    De Cuir, Margo
    Gender inequality is a pervasive social construct that impacts everyone within society. Couples who experience infidelity are not exempt from this and infidelity may act as a mechanism to address gender inequality. By identifying signifiers of gender . . .
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    Okano, Mariko Holmes
    Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Positive Behavior Support (PBS) have been empirically proven to reduce challenging behaviors exhibited by students with disabilities. However, ABA-based interventions have not been frequently utilized in the general . . .
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    Branton, Alban L.
    The explosive growth of Deaf Studies Programs in Schools and programs for the Deaf is a phenomenon of interest for educators, researchers and futurists. As an outgrowth that parallels development of other Minority Studies such as Black Studies and Chi . . .
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    King, Barbara Jean
    Stress and burnout are evident in many professions, however, within the teaching profession, teachers of the seriously emotionally disturbed (SED) /behavior disordered (BD) students indicate the highest percentage of teacher burnout. Two major factors . . .
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    David, Elbra L.
    This study traces the use of credit and debt within the slave-based plantation economy of Natchez, Mississippi by looking at those suits filed in the Adams Circuit Court for unpaid debts in a single year, 1826. In that year, 345 individual collection . . .
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    Bruss, Wendel Marvin
    In 1995, Delaine Eastin, State Superintendent of Public Instruction in California, launched an initiative to create "a garden i.'1 every school". "By encouraging and supporting a garden in every school, we create opportunities for children to make hea . . .
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    Metchikian, Karyn L.
    The responses of 10 mothers reported for child abuse, 12 reported for child neglect, and 12 comparison mothers, were compared on the Parenting Stress Index/Short Form (PSI/SF), the Expectations subscale of the Parent Behavior Checklist, and the Abuse . . .
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    Perez, Nancy
    Domestic workers have long received attention from academia--research has been written about them through global, sociological, or historical perspectives. However, the innovative character of this study is that it focuses on the experiences of domest . . .
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    Harris, Patricia J.
    Human emotions are never more poignantly expressed than in the face and body language of a child at play. The emotions run the gamut of sensations; one sees ecstasy, frustration, concentration, disappointment, but most of all the pure excitement of in . . .
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    Nelson, Michelle Lea
    The thesis utilized the method of qualitative content analysis to analyze the press coverage of National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the space industry from 1990 through 1999. Research data came from three weekly news magazines: Ti . . .
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    Diaz, Sarah
    Families that adopt children from other countries deal with unique challenges unlike domestic adoption. Challenges can include maneuvering the intercountry adoption process, lack of medical history, cost, illegal practices and the impact of institutio . . .
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    Garcia, Mario Steven
    This thesis contains the first seven chapters of a novel in progress. The novel is set in the present. The protagonist and narrator is an engineer working at an aerospace company in the San Fernando Valley. The narrator is a remarkable figure in that . . .
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    Rivera-Tubbs, Tammy
    This project is about a survey (Appendix A) given to one public school with a population of768 students having 10 percent of the school's population identified with multiple disabilities. The survey was place in the mailboxes of 35 general education t . . .
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    Babayeva, Syuzanna
    This thesis explores the manifestation of closed and open consciousness in conventional rhetoric of persuasion and the rhetoric of the rhizome. The rational mode of the Western discursive tradition has determined a pragmatic mode of consciousness, whi . . .
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    Saunders, Judith
    This thesis suggests that Bertolt Brecht's play, Round Heads and Pointed Heads, has been underserved both critically and theatrically. Although it evolved from a previous attempt Brecht made to adapt Shakespeare's play Measure for Measure, there has b . . .
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    Prenovost, Linda M.
    The goal of the present study wa'i to uncover interrelationships among sexual orientation, sex, attitudes toward women's roles in society, and level of dietary restraint. It was hypothesized that sexual orientation, attitudes toward traditional gender . . .
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    Chitilian-Tchalian, Adriana
    Depictions of the femme fatale, the dangerous and seductive woman, have been around for centuries. Various artistic versions of her since the second millennium, such as those of the goddess Astarte and the biblical Salome, represent her as at once bea . . .
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    Maechler, Julie L.
    The plays of Lanford Wilson have interested scholars, critics and playgoers for more than three decades . Among other things, critics have focused on Wilson's use of language. Some assert that Wilson's evocative language has captured the voice of the . . .
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    Hofer, Steven F.
    The Concerto for Piano and Orchestra was written between February 1993 and March 1994. (See more in text.)
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    Anderson, James Edward
    This evaluation focused on accessing word-processing functions by testing the efficiency of predetermined key combinations often called "accelerator-commands," "keyboard-equivalents," or "keyboard-shortcuts." Only the alpha-key component of accelerato . . .
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    Wiesen, Mara
    Effective early reading intervention relies on screening measures to identify children at risk for reading difficulties. To date early screens have been unable to achieve sufficient accuracy to both identify all children at risk and eliminate those no . . .
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    Olympia, Angela
    This graduate project illuminates the role of world music drumming in urban general music classrooms by examining why the implementation of drumming programs in urban schools, based on my experiences, has been met with such positive feedback, as well . . .
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    Floch, Duane Byron
    Solo literature for trumpet belongs almost entirely to the baroque and modern periods. The program selected is divided equally between these two diverse style periods, with the intention of engaging at least one monumental work from each period. In th . . .
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    Henle, Erika
    Interactive writing demonstrates concepts of print, early strategies, and how words work. This type of writing is used to assist children with their understanding the processes in reading and writing. Interactive writing integrates demonstrations of w . . .
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    Wilson, Jeremy John
    The diagnosis of autism occurs in 1 out of 150 individuals according to national studies performed by the CDC. With this increase of diagnosis, there will be increase in need for support services. Therefore, families will be seeking services that prov . . .
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    Audio recording
    Neil, Elizabeth
    A performer’s goal in planning a recital is to provide contrast and interest for both the academic and aesthetic listener. Short sets were used in this recital employing various languages and genres as well as contrasting vocal and instrumental timbre . . .
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    Audio recording
    Carlson, Brent Lee
    Trauersinfone, by Richard Wagner and Symphonic Movement, by Vaclav Nelhybel, are two outstanding and yet diverse pieces of concert band literature. Trauersinfone, demands sensitivity with a romanticized concept. The rhythmic variation potential of thi . . .
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    Ralston, Julie R.
    This research involved the use of urban high school students of various ethnicities with ability levels ranging from Pre-Algebra to second year Algebra. Students performed simple and complex problem solving tasks individually and in pairs. In this stu . . .
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    Phillips, Nancy
    Processes have always fascinated me. From the mystery of how the Incas erected those infinitely precise stone walls of Machu Picchu to the freedom and directness with which Morris Louis poured his acrylic washes. As a young girl I brought home reprodu . . .
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    Riley, Nancy Hendrickson
    Annie Mather isn't sure what to do with herself when her career as a cookbook editor abruptly comes to an end. Then an opportunity presents itself to star in a reality show for the Home and Family Network. Annie thinks it will give her more time with . . .
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    Jackson, Kristin Lynn
    A model for the organization of conversational tum-taking was proposed in a landmark article by Sacks, Schegloff, and Jefferson (1974) with one aspect of the model expanded upon later by Jefferson (1984). These two studies of turn exchanges identified . . .
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    Zemaitis, Juliet
    The fallowing report is a study of the factors that impact children's envirmm1ental health legislation in the state of California. It includes bills from the legislative year 1997-1998. Topics include the background experience of the legislator and th . . .
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    Blumenkrantz, David
    This paper outlines an Art Education curriculum designed for and implemented with a group of elementary school-aged children. The project, which took place over a two-year period, emphasized the integration of various standards-based subject areas, in . . .
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    Brennfleck, Lynda Joyce
    The primary objective in this project is to develop a clear background and establish a beginning foundation for understanding the complete process in the production of a child's picture book. My long term goal is to ultimately become published and rec . . .
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    Lipscomb, Colette Covault
    Although there are many opportunities for outdoor learning in Ventura County, knowledge of these resources was scattered and random. This thesis-project satisfies the need to have a central location on the World Wide Web that identifies and describes . . .
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    Morawiec, Risako
    Past studies have shown mixed results in the effect of presenting information in visual and auditory modalities on students' learning. Some studies suggest that presenting information in visual and auditory modalities provides more resources to workin . . .
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    Carraway, Diane Roselyn
    A study was conducted to determine the effects of writing to help increase conceptual understanding of science concepts. Twenty boys and twenty girls from a fifth grade science class participated in the study for eight weeks. The ethnicities represent . . .
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    Walker, Peggy L.
    Fifty tenth-grade students were studied to investigate how motivational components -- intrinsic value, self-efficacy and goal orientation -- may be related to the use of self-regulated learning strategies of high achieving students, and to examine how . . .
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    Segura, Hector
    The purpose of the study was to investigate the status of Mexican choral literature in senior high choral music education programs of the Los Angeles Unified School District. Although forty-three choral music educators were invited to participate in t . . .
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    Kolarek, Tara
    As a writer I have positioned myself within the framework of lesbian writing. The term 'lesbian writing', however, is varied and constantly in a state of definition. Yet, both in spite of, and because of this, I must construct a framework of lesbian w . . .
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    Kalin, Ruth A.
    This research merged perspectives from feminist studies, cultural studies and popular culture in order to study marital advice books written by non-academic married women for married women over the past fifty years, and to view how women were being ad . . .
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    Mazur, Alyssa Jill
    The research being presented is a case study about the peer support needs of young adults with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Research data was collected from a focus group comprised of members of an existing MS peer support group for young adults and from . . .
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    Cambridge, Megan Louise
    The economy that once supported manufacturing in the U.S. is being replaced by service oriented businesses. This change has led to companies abandoning obsolete factories, often leaving behind large vacant parcels contaminated with toxic chemicals fro . . .
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    Karol, Lawrence A.
    Ten years ago very few people had heard of a strange new life threatening condition known as Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Today there are few that would need an explanation or elaboration of its acronym, AIDS. Media coverage of AIDS was sporad . . .
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    Arevshatian, Zareh
    Since gaining independence from the former Soviet Union, Armenian cinema has launched a revolution in the way Armenians see themselves and the world around them. With the onset of glasnost, the movie cameras broke through the barriers of the Brezhnev . . .