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    Ramos, Stephanie
    Purpose: The purpose of this study is to understand the impact that cultural stigma has on help seeking attitudes of young Latinx adults in regard to mental health. Methods: Researchers created an online survey to measure the help-seeking attitudes of . . .
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    Gonzalez, Martha
    Hispanics are at increased risk of experiencing poor physical, psychological, and social health outcomes as a result of their diminished access to and use of healthcare services. Although disparities in access to medical care have decreased for all mi . . .
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    Resner, Anastasia
    The purpose of this research project is to merge narrative approaches with Photovoice methodology to better understand the reasons behind the overrepresentation of LGBTQ youth in the foster care system in LA County. The study aimed to explore the expe . . .
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    Gasaway, Emily
    The purpose of this researcher's project is the effectiveness of social skills group in elementary school-aged children in a classroom setting. It is hypothesized by the researcher that the social skills group will have a positive effect on the studen . . .
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    Rodriguez, Diane
    Children who live in low socioeconomic neighborhoods tend to suffer from environmental health inequalities. Often they live in environments that do not support a healthy consumption of nutrients as evidenced by vast amounts of fast food restaurants, m . . .
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    Tatoian, Kari
    Purpose: The current study will systematically review the relevant research done on how adults with life-limiting illnesses within palliative care settings experience intimate relationships, in order to get a comprehensive view of the topic. Research . . .
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    Brown, Alexandra
    Women make up two-thirds of illiterate adults around the world a figure that has remained largely unchanged for over two decades. In developing countries, while some women may experience formal education in primary school, most do not reach full liter . . .
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    Aguilar, Cynthia
    The purpose of this study is to contribute and expand on previous research related to addressing challenges facing bilingual mental health (MH) providers. This study examined the levels of burnout reported by bilingual and monolingual mental health pr . . .
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    Brown, Laticia
    Background: High self-efficacy can be a contributor to the success of an adult, and social workers need to implement interventions that will impact and improve student general self-efficacy. Research Question: Does the intervention of goal planning im . . .
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    Azouz, Lillian
    Purpose: This study is to analyze data on a sample of PCIT's impact on graduated participates. My research question: Is PCIT an effective intervention to improve child's disruptive behaviors? My hypothesis is PCIT improves the child's functioning and . . .