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    Harper, Myrna Kay
    As researchers, we can understand people through observing their behavior or listening to their experiences. Observation has been relied upon almost exclusively in the field of research, since inner subjectivity is considered too difficult to measure. . . .
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    Rosenkjar, Serina Babigian
    The following is a review of the literature regarding the dynamic process of feedback in relation to three distinct schools of therapy. Due to the limitations set by a master's thesis and the complexity of the subject matter, it was necessary to limit . . .
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    Uhalt, Joshua John
    In the current study, participants look at one of nine vignettes assessing attitudes toward parents who vary in sexual orientation (gay, lesbian, or heterosexual) and religious affiliation (Christian, atheist, or no mention of religion), the two indep . . .
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    Zhang, Jingyi
    Previous research on acculturation has emphasized that immigrants who integrate two cultures and use both their heritage language (HL) and English fluently tend to have better mental health and subjective well-being, comparing to those who have non-in . . .