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    Moshiri, Jasmine
    The cognitive processes affected by smartphones are just recently being examined. Current literature demonstrates downfalls to both smartphone presence and absence (Clayton, Leshner, & Almond, 2015; Hartanto & Yang, 2016; Thornton, Faires, Robbins, & . . .
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    Strom, Julie
    Anthropology has long been exploring the relationship between culture and cognition, but only in recent decades has American popular media culture been a subject of its own ethnographic investigations. This turn of gaze coincides with inquiry into und . . .
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    Alegria, Katie
    Spending time in nature can improve mood, reduce stress and anxiety, decrease post-operative recovery time, and improve cognition (e.g., Berger & Tiry, 2012; Kaplan, 1995; Ottosson & Grahn, 2005). Unfortunately, because American adults spend ninety-th . . .