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    Kimball, Mary Eleanor
    The hypothesis that Graphoanalysis (GA) is a valid predictor of scores on the Guilford-Zimmerman Temperament Survey was tested by correlating Graphoanalyses of writing samples from 30 Ss, done separately by two Graphoanalysts (Gs), with results of the . . .
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    Graduate project
    Henderson, Malcolm T.
    Since I have been away from the secondary classes for the deaf, have become increasingly aware of changes that I would like to see made in the program here in Los Angeles. With regard to the operation of the program itself, probably the changes needed . . .
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    Lee, Ambre
    Establishing and maintaining a professional teacher blog enables teachers to publish, reflect, share, collaborate, and enrich their professional presence. While publishing has long been the standard for university professors, secondary teachers do not . . .
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    Gottlieb, Joyce R.
    The purpose of this study is to demonstrate the survival and celebration of the classical myth of Phaëthon in the visual arts of sixteenth-century Italy, with particular attention to the meaning and function of this myth for patron and artist. The ear . . .
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    Hollaar, Sally Ann
    Self help groups are fast becoming a major source of support for individuals as they struggle to overcome life's major crises. It has been estimated that self help groups currently serve over fifteen million (15,000,000) people in the United . States . . .
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    Gilman, Benedicte
    Quantitative content analysis was used to examine coverage of women in a weekly Marxist-Leninist newspaper. A stratified random sample of stories on all topics in three issues from each year of the study was analyzed for variables dealing with both me . . .
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    Borozan, John Nicholas
    As stated in the title, this thesis is an introductory course of study in New World Archaeology designed and structured for high school students as a one semester course. It is divided into seven teaching units that cover prehistoric culture areas of . . .
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    Jones, Bonnie Lynne
    The "Egg and Rope Series" evolved as a synthesis of ideas, conscious and unconscious, molded into an expression through a conceptual and physical act, involving materials, space and time. My intention was to utilize two seemingly unrelated objects, th . . .
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    Hannah, Gerald D.
    In searching for a subject that would be both stimulating in appearance and provocative in imaginative response, I selected the Carrousel. In justifying this choice one could reflect on the romantic vision of a baroque menagerie frozen in an eternal p . . .
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    Papa-Lewis, Rosemary
    This study employed the hypothesis that within the Middle School environments, there is no significant difference in measured levels of self-concept with either behavioral, social, and/or academic maladjustment of heterogeneous students who have, and . . .
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    Giacomi, M. Jean
    Results from a “science Functional Test” done on a glove-box type work station developed at NASA-Ames Research Center provided the questions addressed in the present study. An experiment was conducted to examine the optimum arrangement of access posit . . .
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    Bauch, Cathleen Frances
    This study was designed to evaluate the effectiveness of a motor skills program on the visual perception and motor skills of a group of inner-city kindergarten children. Sixty kindergarten children were involved in the study. The children were given t . . .
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    deLara, Christine
    The purpose of the present study is to investigate both male and female subjects’ attributions of responsibility to a rape victim as a function of the following variables: (1) sex of the rape victim (female vs. male); (2) level of attitudinal similari . . .
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    Evans, Joan Linda
    Art education has had a low priority in elementary school curriculums. The average elementary classroom teacher's lack of training and experience in art education causes dependence on stereotype approaches, dittos, copying, and tracing in place of ori . . .
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    Greenfield, Abbe
    The purpose of this paper is to encompass two thoughts: (1) To suggest to the reader some of the psychological and social difficulties encountered by the handicapped, and (2) To inform counselors as to some techniques in approaching the handicapped an . . .
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    Osorto, Karla
    STEM education is a term that is being heard more and more in schools nowadays. STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and math. Through STEM education students are able to see the purpose of learning certain skills in all the differ . . .
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    Young, Patricia Leigh
    Statistics now reflect rapid increases in the number of youngsters suffering from anorexia nervosa - the pursuit of excessive thinness through self-starvation. Early detection of this disorder is imperative in the successful treatment of underlying pr . . .
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    Reid, William Taylor
    Maximum and minimum temperatures in the Eastern Mojave Desert are primarily a function of elevation: lower elevations are warmer due to greater compression. Both mean maximums and minimun1s for July change about 8 kelvins per kilometer; January mean m . . .
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    Sarchio, John Peter
    It is through Transpersonal Psychology that--in the West--the spiritual facet of life is formally accepted as a legitimate aspect of the psychological realm of humankind. Where Eastern philosophy and religion have focused on spiritual development, and . . .
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    Warburton, Edward Alan
    This study measures the effect of random error on the determinants of coefficients and constants of the exponential terms used in the analysis of biological tracer data. Many biological activities take place in well-defined areas, systems, or organs w . . .