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    De Cuir, Margo
    Gender inequality is a pervasive social construct that impacts everyone within society. Couples who experience infidelity are not exempt from this and infidelity may act as a mechanism to address gender inequality. By identifying signifiers of gender . . .
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    Graduate project
    Sallop, Marvin B.
    The purpose of this project is to acquaint the reader with the findings of Sign language Linguistics, to present in perspective, some of the descriptive elements of American Sign Language, and to offer suggestion as to how the discoveries of Sign Lang . . .
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    Gilbertson, Max L.
    In the last century photography has been recognized as a media for recording visual stimuli. Photographers such as M. Brady (11), T. O'Sullivan (12), and D. Hill (17) have concentrated on taking pictures of social events or natural phenomenon. More re . . .
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    Kitano, Riichi
    This graduate project explores two seemingly opposite disciplines; spiritual ecofeminism and martial arts, and how those two can enhance each other. Whether people recognize it or not, both feminists and martial artists have been claiming the same mot . . .
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    Lascelles, Tewa
    The rich historiography of Normandy goes back centuries. Recent scholarship, however, has many researching the formation and early existence of the medieval duchy. The idea of researching the surviving Carolingian and Norman annals along with the duca . . .
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    Loomis, Linda Wood
    Individuation, the conscious realization of one's own part in the process of human growth, is a unique psychological reality, including strengths and limitations, which leads to the integration of the Self as a whole being. It is my hypothesis 'that b . . .
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    Blankfield, Alexander Joel
    This study explores the merits of using career oriented programs to enable minority group students to enter economic mainstream as professionals in greater numbers. The core of this study is the Career Opportunities for Youth Programme (C.O.Y.) which . . .
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    Grigorian, Masha
    This thesis is concerned with analyzing the characters of Harry Potter, Lord Voldemort, and Professor Severus Snape from the sensational children's book series, Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling through the perspective of literary and critical theory. Alth . . .
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    Chukhadarian, Lucin
    This thesis brings together three shorter plays, "Reverse Intimidation," "Collectors," and "Chandra," each of which I've been working for some time. Each play explores the courage and the fragility of women. "Reverse Intimidation" is based on personal . . .
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    Hattier, Charlene
    Abstract Art as a Tool for Communication: The Importance of Social Justice Art Curriculum By Charlene Hattier Master of Art in Art, Art Education The general question to be investigated is, “How do educators address difficult, controversial topics of . . .