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    Minasyan, Sevak
    Abstract Strategic Analysis for Marketing Graduate Education By Sevak Minasyan Master of Business Administration The purpose of this analysis is to assist the client in understanding the lead generation activities it is currently involved in. In doing . . .
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    Feldman, Kevin
    The development of a business plan for a battery and jewelry parts wholesaler was a challenging and rewarding learning experience. It allowed our team to apply the theories and techniques learned in the program to an unfamiliar industry. After the ini . . .
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    Janousek, Matthew
    Abstract Contributing to the Strategic Development of a Nonprofit Foster Care Service Provider By Matthew Janousek Master of Business Administration The strategic development of a nonprofit foster care service provider provided the team with a challen . . .
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    Qureshi, Nasir
    When we think of drones, we picture automated devices that are propelled by fans or jet engines. Drones can be used for military purposes or they can be used for leisure. What we don’t typically think of is how drones can be used to help deliver aid t . . .
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    Honore, Kimble
    This business plan represents the culminating experience for our degree in the Masters in Business Administration program at the David Nazarian College of Business and Economics. Our Graduate Consulting Project encompasses our team’s analysis, finding . . .
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    Teamtad, Patoo
    This project has been an opportunity to enrich the skills and knowledge acquired in the MBA program. We were able to gain invaluable hands-on consulting experience working for the client, a beverage accessory start-up, which needed help launching a ne . . .
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    Larry, Julie Michelle
    This study seeks to evaluate the moderating role of age on consumer's brand attitudes and sexual orientation. Tolerance for homosexuality has drastically increased, however its acceptability in mainstream media is still questionable. Research shows th . . .
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    Curtis, Kevin
    The graduate project to develop a business plan for a battery and jewelry parts wholesaler was an amazing experience of teamwork and application of knowledge and skills learned throughout the MBA program. Our team began by meeting with the client to i . . .
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    Zhang, Xuan
    Developing a business and marketing plan for our client exposed our team to the business of personal, on-demand stretch therapy services and provided us with an insightful learning experience. The team conducted both primary and secondary research. Th . . .
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    Melkonian, Nicole
    This paper presents a growth plan for a specialized restaurant. Developing a successful strategy involves addressing challenges while maintaining feasibility. The study begins with an overview of the restaurant industry in which the client operates, i . . .
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    Berumen, Monica
    This report presents the strategic issues for a client marketing graduate education at a public university. Three strategic alternatives and one recommendation are offered to address the identified issues. In addition, advantages and disadvantages are . . .
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    Jung, Arthur
    Pursuant to the completion of the Master of Business Administration program, our group has undertaken a consulting project on behalf of a web-based firm specializing in online peer-to-peer engagement. The firm's strategy is principally based on cultiv . . .
  • N583xz825?file=thumbnail
    Balaian, Hilma
    In this consulting project, we studied the juice and smoothie bar industry, and analyzed the capabilities and positioning of our client, whose business is operating in a specialty niche market. We used our research analysis and findings to provide a b . . .
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    Albores, Victor
    Abstract A Positioning Study of An Online Clothing Boutique Store By Victor Albores Master of Business Administration This consulting project began by interviewing the client to get background information about the company. With the information collec . . .
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    Fakhar, Nika
    This project is a business development and marketing plan for a bakery. As the preliminary steps, we analyzed the bakery café industry using the Porter's Five Forces Framework to gain a solid understanding of industry competition and profitability. We . . .
  • F1881q36b?file=thumbnail
    Mason, Geremy
    Our team was able to foster a greater understanding and appreciation for the marketing research process. Working with a client that provides health and wellness services was a very enriching experience, as before this project, I never worked with a co . . .
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    Serrano, Lorena
    Suicide amongst youths and young adults continues to be a severe public health concern. Today there are many suicide prevention models, policies, and programs that have been implemented to minimize suicidal deaths. Suicide prevention program implement . . .
  • Wp988p21k?file=thumbnail
    Gorjian, Sarmen
    The project entailed the analysis and creation of a business and marketing plan for the successful launch of a stretch therapy service. This treatment method gives customers a unique experience that helps reduce muscle tension and enables enhanced mob . . .
  • Nk322h855?file=thumbnail
    Rawate, Meghana
    The development of a marketing plan for an eyewear company was an insightful and gratifying learning experience for the team. The project commenced with an in-depth interview with the client in order to assess the state of the business and the opportu . . .
  • Rr1721724?file=thumbnail
    Plascencia, Bianca
    The marketing feasibility and consumer study of glucose testing devices allowed our team to think critically, apply concepts and theories that we have learned throughout the MBA program, and obtain valuable consulting experience. Our client was gettin . . .
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    Engoian, Maximilian
    Writing a thesis is a taxing process. The time, brainpower, and dedication to the project require the best from any team. However, when willpower diminishes, stress eating becomes a popular escape – so what better option to pick for your project than . . .
  • Rb68xg25k?file=thumbnail
    Vo, Nhu-Quynh
    In this project, we were tasked to provide our client operational improvement recommendations and strategic guidance to develop her restaurant. Our team strived for the best solution, understanding that our recommendations are vital to the future pros . . .
  • 1v53k164c?file=thumbnail
    Barjon, Sebastien
    After several years of learning about business and of all the things necessary to run, manage, start, maintain and grow a business there is no better way to end the journey than with a growth and marketing plan for a company. This project required the . . .
  • 4b29b9171?file=thumbnail
    Izadkhast, Armin
    Marketing feasibility and consumer study of glucose test devices provided our team the opportunity to consult a client who is active in production and distribution of glucose test strips. The project provided us the opportunity to learn about the manu . . .
  • 0r967719n?file=thumbnail
    Aghourian, Artem
    Our client, a renewable energy development company, is a startup firm in the renewable energy sector that specializes in the development of commercial and utility-scale renewable energy projects, specifically solar and wind farms. The current challeng . . .
  • W6634698n?file=thumbnail
    Aftab, Justin
    Developing a business and marketing plan for a martial arts studio gave the team valuable experience and insight into the operations of a small business. Our project began with an in-depth interview with the client to assess the current state of the b . . .
  • 2z10wt67x?file=thumbnail
    Ding, Shengyu
    The purpose of this study was to identify the potential market for an entirely new product that does not exist in the market, and develop a functional business plan and financial forecast for it. We experienced some problems during the investigation. . . .
  • Mc87pt71j?file=thumbnail
    Rothenbach, Jeff
    We often do not give a second thought to how a meal in a restaurant is made. This project gave our team an opportunity to examine that process. By taking a detailed look at the restaurant industry, we helped one distributor find ways to grow his busin . . .
  • Q524js31b?file=thumbnail
    Naderi, Rasta
    Developing a product development and launch plan for snack food company provided the team with a fantastic opportunity to implement concepts learned in our program curriculum. The project provided valuable insight into the niche artisan snack food ind . . .
  • 4b29b9103?file=thumbnail
    Harounian, Silva
    The consulting project for a small private pest control corporation allowed our team to develop skills in evaluating business processes and providing practical recommendations on growth strategies. The in-depth interview with our client enabled our te . . .
  • P5547v659?file=thumbnail
    Jayathilake, Bamunu Arachchillage
    The team has developed a comprehensive marketing plan for a non-profit organization providing services to the disabled community to assist their lives to overcome intellectual and developmental disorders. The company provides education, employment, an . . .
  • Fj236546v?file=thumbnail
    Khatwani, Aman
    We are developing a marketing plan for an architectural photography firm. It has been a highly educational and insightful process as this project exposed us to an industry we're not familiar with. The project started with an in-depth interview with th . . .
  • Db78tf87m?file=thumbnail
    Park, Gina
    Developing a marketing feasibility and consumer study for glucose testing strips has been an eye-opening learning experience. We began with a client meeting, who provided us with background information and an overview of their current industry. The pr . . .
  • Rf55zc352?file=thumbnail
    Zorob, Ruba
    The marketing plan designed by our consulting group was for a brick-and-mortar store in the specialty food industry. Along with the marketing plan, we also conducted a review of the company's overhead costs to increase savings and profits. Our first s . . .
  • Jd4730849?file=thumbnail
    Roghani, Neda
    The U.S. economy is expected to grow over the next five years as a result of positive stock market performance, falling unemployment rate, and increasing per capita disposable income. Economic growth, coupled with increasing median age of the U.S. pop . . .
  • Tt44pr00f?file=thumbnail
    Karakozian, Aline
    The craft beer industry is growing each year and threatening the larger global beer producers. These factors combined with our team’s interest in craft beer led us to work with a local microbrewery. This report presents a business plan with an emphasi . . .
  • W95053774?file=thumbnail
    Jamkojian, Lori
    The business plan with a marketing emphasis for an eyewear company provided the team with an intuitive learning experience. The project uncovered valuable information regarding online retailing as well as the use of different distribution channels to . . .
  • 6395wb309?file=thumbnail
    Flores, Noah
    The firm at the center of this report operates within the sleep disorder clinic industry. The industry has grown as sleep disorders have become an accepted area of medicine, however, it is severely impacted by external forces. The firm applied to the . . .
  • Qb98mj59j?file=thumbnail
    Ovsepyan, Nelli
    Business Plan for an Online Children's Subscription Box Service By Nelli Ovsepyan Master of Business Administration The business and marketing plan development for an online children's subscription monthly box service provided the team with an insight . . .
  • R494vp61p?file=thumbnail
    Weiner, Matthew
    The Restaurant industry is extremely challenging, especially for single location establishments. There are endless challenges associated with keeping costs low and revenue high. Our research team was drawn to this industry because with endless challen . . .
  • Z029p838f?file=thumbnail
    Katrdzhyan, Lousine
    The consulting project for a small private pest control corporation allowed our team to develop skills in evaluating business processes and providing practical recommendations on growth strategies. The in-depth interview with our client enabled our te . . .
  • 6969z4078?file=thumbnail
    Muir, Matthew
    The growth and marketing strategy for a health and wellness company provided our team with numerous opportunities for the application of acquired skills and knowledge. It exposed us to a new industry that we had not had previous experience in and it s . . .
  • Qr46r411m?file=thumbnail
    Lopez, Patricia
    Creating and launching a new product is a challenging endeavor. Our client designed a new accessory for canned beverages and needed a marketing plan to introduce the product to the market. My team and I worked to develop the marketing plan based on th . . .
  • 2f75rc51x?file=thumbnail
    Pereda, Nereida
    The project was a rewarding experience, endowing me with invaluable insight. Our client, a frozen food wholesaler, is trying to reinvent its business, which has been in decline since the Great Recession of 2008. Our project required many steps to unde . . .
  • P8418r71p?file=thumbnail
    Onanuga, Afolabi
    This business plan clarifies the demand and profitability of an environmental conscious non-profit business primarily focusing on commercial building resiliency. We conducted an internal analysis of the organization, and also examined industry macro e . . .
  • Pv63g338d?file=thumbnail
    Kovoor, Tom
    Running a restaurant business is a challenging endeavor. This is the impression the team formed based on industry reports, operators in the field and our MBA professors. The many unique challenges and opportunities present within the restaurant indust . . .
  • K643b454p?file=thumbnail
    Naderi, Nicole
    In the age where business giants like Amazon overwhelm the online retail landscape, companies are turning to new ways of acquiring and retaining customers. The fast-growing industry of online subscription box services has made strides into bringing co . . .
  • Kp78gk516?file=thumbnail
    Shah, Saumil
    Our thesis was a delightful experience to gain practical knowledge relating to the concepts learned in academic settings. We met our client, a local business providing specialty smoothie products, several times to understand the business, its norms, p . . .
  • 8s45qd33m?file=thumbnail
    Ansari, Behnam
    The commercial building resiliency project is about a marketing research and writing a business plan for a program that ensures commercial buildings are sustainable from different aspects such as physical, environmental, and social. Our client was a n . . .
  • 1z40kx21n?file=thumbnail
    Veldkamp, Andrew
    This thesis discusses the business needs of our client and the processes used to address those needs. Our client arrived with a unique product to deliver outdoor advertising, but without knowledge of potential markets, without a clear direction for hi . . .