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    Castillo, Adrian
    Donny is a dark comedy of which a philosophy professor who is finishing his dissertation on freewill, determinism and karma. After an argument over his wife's affair, it leads to her death. Donny will soon be faced with all three philosophies, each pr . . .
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    Costa, Geneva
    My work explores the relationship between the female body and contemporary cultural, political, and societal manifestations of gender. Autobiographical in their genesis, these representational paintings use allegory to illustrate my experience as an A . . .
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    Puente, Jacob
    Scion, the daughter of an abusive tyrant leader, leaves home to join a rebellion formed by her father’s arch enemy. She soon finds that replacing one mad king for another is not an option and must take the survival of her people into her own hands.
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    Rotolo, Jason
    When a brilliant but troubled cop investigates the murder of a cruise ship captain on Catalina Island, she must find her faith in justice and wade through an ocean of lies, only to discover that the killer is someone she thought she could trust. When . . .
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    Jones, Emily
    My mixed media paintings and sculptures draw on an archive of photographs, ephemera, and oral documentation inherited from my Midwestern family. My current body of work focuses on exploring specific memories from this history. Working with the archive . . .
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    Bedford, Roy
    Science fiction thriller screenplay in which an archaeology grad student and her sister unknowingly walk through a time portal into a future timeline where they encounter a paramilitary unit hunting a terrifying creature.
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    Blair, Jennifer
    Eli Bodie is a star Special Agent at the California Bureau of Investigation. He is sent to the sleepy, creepy town of Paradise, on the shores of The Salton Sea. Here, a decades old serial killer’s victims have started appearing in the evaporating wate . . .
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    Cox, Laura
    Detective Cat Lady is an animated half-hour comedy about a reclusive P.I. who's bitten by a radioactive cat and then uses her abilities to battle wrongdoing. It's Jessica Jones meets Bojack Horseman: a female-led superhero series with a satirical, abs . . .
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    Bell, Jonathan
    By means of material manipulation and adverse messaging, my work exhibits a critical response to the maleficent control and reliance businesses impose over employees and consumers alike. Through graphic representation and typographic expression I util . . .
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    Kollar, Rachel
    In 1600s Luanda, Angola, Africa, Princess Zinga has grown into the strongest warriors amongst her tribe under her father's instruction. When Portuguese General Joao Dias and his soldiers invade their and kill her father, Zinga flees the city with her . . .