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    Castillo, Adrian
    Donny is a dark comedy of which a philosophy professor who is finishing his dissertation on freewill, determinism and karma. After an argument over his wife's affair, it leads to her death. Donny will soon be faced with all three philosophies, each pr . . .
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    Costa, Geneva
    My work explores the relationship between the female body and contemporary cultural, political, and societal manifestations of gender. Autobiographical in their genesis, these representational paintings use allegory to illustrate my experience as an A . . .
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    Puente, Jacob
    Scion, the daughter of an abusive tyrant leader, leaves home to join a rebellion formed by her father’s arch enemy. She soon finds that replacing one mad king for another is not an option and must take the survival of her people into her own hands.
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    Rotolo, Jason
    When a brilliant but troubled cop investigates the murder of a cruise ship captain on Catalina Island, she must find her faith in justice and wade through an ocean of lies, only to discover that the killer is someone she thought she could trust. When . . .
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    Jones, Emily
    My mixed media paintings and sculptures draw on an archive of photographs, ephemera, and oral documentation inherited from my Midwestern family. My current body of work focuses on exploring specific memories from this history. Working with the archive . . .
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    Bedford, Roy
    Science fiction thriller screenplay in which an archaeology grad student and her sister unknowingly walk through a time portal into a future timeline where they encounter a paramilitary unit hunting a terrifying creature.
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    Blair, Jennifer
    Eli Bodie is a star Special Agent at the California Bureau of Investigation. He is sent to the sleepy, creepy town of Paradise, on the shores of The Salton Sea. Here, a decades old serial killer’s victims have started appearing in the evaporating wate . . .
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    Cox, Laura
    Detective Cat Lady is an animated half-hour comedy about a reclusive P.I. who's bitten by a radioactive cat and then uses her abilities to battle wrongdoing. It's Jessica Jones meets Bojack Horseman: a female-led superhero series with a satirical, abs . . .
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    Bell, Jonathan
    By means of material manipulation and adverse messaging, my work exhibits a critical response to the maleficent control and reliance businesses impose over employees and consumers alike. Through graphic representation and typographic expression I util . . .
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    Kollar, Rachel
    In 1600s Luanda, Angola, Africa, Princess Zinga has grown into the strongest warriors amongst her tribe under her father's instruction. When Portuguese General Joao Dias and his soldiers invade their and kill her father, Zinga flees the city with her . . .
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    Salmassi, Tina
    Pink Houses is a drama set in the San Fernando Valley in the summer of 1985, when the serial killer the ‘Night Stalker’ terrorizes the Southland. Deidra, a 52-year old drugstore worker longs for the attention of her coworker, Mehrdad, the pharmacist. . . .
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    Ameen, Lara
    When Avery Pruitt, a 27-year-old journalism graduate student with cerebral palsy, faces the daunting task of writing a relationship advice blog despite never having been in a romantic relationship, she receives guidance from an unexpected source: Etha . . .
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    Lazarte, Roberto
    FEATHERS & WAX follows the story of Lino Aguilar, an Air Force Cadet, who abandons his dream of becoming a pilot to join the family business and investigate the killing of his dear grandfather.
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    Karova, Alexandra
    AirBBnB is a dark satirical comedy/horror story about Ellie, a victim of Stockholm syndrome, who is raised as a toddler by Mary Bucher and her son Thad, her parents' killers. Mary thinks God sent Ellie, who shares a royal blood line that has rumored s . . .
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    Castillo, Adrian
    Donny is a dark comedy of which a philosophy professor who is finishing his dissertation on freewill, determinism and karma. After an argument over his wife's affair, it leads to her death. Donny will soon be faced with all three philosophies, each pr . . .
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    Hamel, Edward
    A troubled combat medic is forced to return to a hometown that blames him for a past misunderstanding and is drawn into a conflict between a violent cartel and corrupt government forces.
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    Saunders, Shannon
    After Leila's son's sixteenth birthday, her father comes to take her son away to be the heir of a dictatorship in the Middle Eastern country of Maluddin. Leila tries to protect her son but her father traps her in the U.S and kidnaps her son. Leila mak . . .
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    Durazo, Dianne
    Idiot Children is an hour long dark comedy about Alice (14) who realizes she's been indoctrinated by The Truth Speakers, a fictitious religious cult (inspired by real life cults and experiences) and must now find a way out.
  • Fx719q78z?file=thumbnail
    At the Academy Awards in 1950, 65 year old special effects nominee Willis O'Brien reflects on his life and how dramatic his journey has been. Under the magical guidance of his greatest creation, the 18 inch animation model of King Kong, O'Bie revisits . . .
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    McCafferty, Mike
    This graduate project contains two half hour comedy pilots. “Fuck. Dinosaurs.” Is the story of a man who returns from a camping trip, only to discover that the world has been overrun with sentient dinosaurs. “Flipped Out” follows the family of a talen . . .
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    Burton-Oare, Jamie
    Bradley Jennings is a grass roots, well-respected teacher at Central High School, who created a digital literacy program for the community, called Global Citizen Project. Just as he and his program become the focus of the First Lady of the United Stat . . .
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    Driebusch, Jesse
    The last princess of Romania must lead the 1989 Romanian Revolution.
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    Berman, Joshua
    Hailed as a hero of WWI and famous author of "Soldier of Steel", Maxwell Fleisher, reviles the rise of Nazism, and is content to live a quiet life as the owner of a bookstore. After his Jewish friend and neighbor is arrested by the SS, Max reluctantly . . .
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    Eskandari, Mehrnoosh
    ABSTRACT Testimony By Mehrnoosh Eskandari Master of Fine Arts in Art, Visual Arts My paintings, sculptures, and installations embody my observations of the world and my fluid imaginings of contemporary human beings. Sometimes my images are based on re . . .
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    Morimoto, M W L
    I am the product of two worlds. I was born in Hong Kong, where I was raised and lived until I moved to the United States. Having lived in Los Angeles, I became a hybrid of Hong Kong and American cultures, and the influence of American values has had a . . .
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    Wilks, Elizabeth Keyishian
    BEASTS By Elizabeth Keyishian Wilks Master of Arts in Screenwriting BEASTS is set in 1837 on a convict prison on Norfolk Island, Australia. It is about Sam, a young lieutenant with PTSD who arrives as an officer and becomes a reformer.
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    Costa, Geneva
    My work explores the relationship between the female body and contemporary cultural, political, and societal manifestations of gender. Autobiographical in their genesis, these representational paintings use allegory to illustrate my experience as an A . . .
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    Taylor, Robert B.
    When eighteen year old Zhao volunteers to join a re-education program during China's cultural revolution he is sent to Mongolia where he is rejected by the villagers and victimized by Re-education Officer Wu. But he rediscovers his love for music when . . .
  • 5x21tj676?file=thumbnail
    Tarle, Naomi
    Beyond ghettos, death camps, mass graves, gas chambers, crematoriums, memorials, museums, artifacts-beyond the Holocaust as a finite event, the Holocaust exists. Horror persists outside individual and collective memories and histories. The Holocaust i . . .
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    Hasson, Patrick Timothy
    When a bride's groom-to-be fakes his own kidnapping, she reveals her Israeli Special Forces past and vows to do everything in her power to hunt down his kidnappers and keep their wedding day on track.
  • Rb68xg028?file=thumbnail
    González Camargo, Adrián Alfonso
    "Little Love in L.A." it's a Romantic Adventure Thriller about Sabina Baumgarten, a 27 year old German architect, whom, after meeting Leo (a 35 hipster-street guy), decides to go for a last-night tour around the streets and artsy spots of Los Angeles. . . .
  • Hh63sz719?file=thumbnail
    Schiffli, Brandon
    Keeper of an enchanted garden on a wealthy estate, a landscaper is chosen to compete against members of an ungracious family in a contest to determine the fate of the garden. However, he must contend with a mischievous folkloric being who wants the ga . . .
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    Puente, Jacob
    Scion, the daughter of an abusive tyrant leader, leaves home to join a rebellion formed by her father’s arch enemy. She soon finds that replacing one mad king for another is not an option and must take the survival of her people into her own hands.
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    Taylor, Curtis
    Formally, my work draws from Modernism and Minimalism by utilizing prefabricated industrial materials such as plywood, MDF, and spray paint. Informed by Mid-Century modern architecture and design, it also contrasts the austere formalism of hard-edge a . . .
  • 4m90dz70v?file=thumbnail
    Robinson Jr., Roger
    This story follows a college student, Jayce, whose life is turned upside down when he contracts the HIV Virus. Because of a new law, he is thrown into am Internment Camp called "The Oasis". Jayce must fight authority when he finds out that the United . . .
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    Perez, Anthony
    Moonhollow is about Frank Bugle, a nomadic motel maid searching for "Home." When he ends up at Kaelin Plunkett's B & B, he thinks he's found it. However, when he learns that land developer Colton Holland is planning to bulldoze the place in a few week . . .
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    Scandariato, Erica
    Leslie Clemins is 29, still lives with her parents and for all intents and purposes, is a loser. She’s committed to a life ran by her own self-serving, self-righteous, neurotic theories. When she’s arrested for an outburst at a Subway Sandwich shop ov . . .
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    Money, Sheila
    Deep Pines is about Dr. Sharla Anderson who loses her job at a hospital due to no fault of her own and is forced to accept a job at a nursing home located deep in the Arkansas woods. When her patients begin dying and disappearing, she must find out th . . .
  • H989r668w?file=thumbnail
    Hughes, Samantha
    Flops: Kas Cox, 30s, a wannabe writer and mild depressive, impulsively uses all her money to move to Hawaii after a messy break up. Broke, she must work at Flops, a local flip flop shop. Through flashbacks we watch how her past lead to her current dep . . .
  • Gq67jv330?file=thumbnail
    Jones, James
    “A.J. Justice” is an original one-hour pilot about a tough prosecutor with a troubled past. As AJ struggles in her relationships with her lesbian lover and deadbeat ex-husband, her adopted children struggle with their own dysfunctions. AJ’s moral comp . . .
  • 9w032601c?file=thumbnail
    Lippman, Edgar
    Called home when his father falls gravely ill, Ben Moore finds himself at odds with his politically powerful mother, Ellie. As the family grapples with their fathers rapidly declining health, they must confront a terrible decision about his fate. Ben' . . .
  • Pk02cd71g?file=thumbnail
    Minter, Jordan
    The Uncomfortable Middle is a comedy about Mike and Carol Smith, leaders of a small community one year into what we would consider an apocalypse; a time where civilized society no longer exists. Mike and Carol have not just survived but also thrived d . . .
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    Jones, Eric
  • N870zt958?file=thumbnail
    Aguirre, Tim
    At a Halloween event in 1988, a college freshman girl and her friends fight for their lives when the man who murdered her mother and sister returns to finish the job.
  • 6m311s44w?file=thumbnail
    Mallory, Mia Yvette
    A lowly train operator must play a pivotal role in the labor dispute between the Bay Area Rapid Transit agency's management and its workers after her best friend, who is also the union president, has a debilitating accident.
  • Wd376034v?file=thumbnail
    Bardwil, Daniel
    After the death of his father, a recent college grad settles for a job at a private resort and must learn to cope with the 1% and survive the hospitality life while holding on to his passion for filmmaking. After getting in trouble with the law, the d . . .
  • 9880vv12z?file=thumbnail
    Liu, Vida
    My current body of work explores human perceptions and sensations triggered by excess consumption and hoarding. I discovered the remedy to this problem by channeling my hoarding nature into the paintings I created. Instead of holding on to uncontrolla . . .
  • F4752k71z?file=thumbnail
    Murphy, Brian
    In a privatized future, a corruptible investigator attempting to profit from the illicit trade in alien DNA, finds herself in a women's prison mine on a Martian moon, run by a love-struck warden, filled with a bevy of stir-crazy miners, and where her . . .
  • Dz010t09x?file=thumbnail
    Harris, Stephen
    Blackbeard's Cup is about Bud Beachley, a 7th grade surfer kid who rebels against authority because he loves pirates. When he finds the enchanted skull of Blackbeard the Pirate. He uses it to wish for perfect waves to surf which accidentally summons E . . .
  • 6395w979j?file=thumbnail
    Vaccaro, Aaron
    Beelzeburg is a dark comedy set in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1962 about Marty Burg, a schlubby, Jewish, introverted momma's boy who dreams of being a famous actor, but feels doomed to be forever stuck under his mother's thumb and take over the family del . . .
  • 12579w08s?file=thumbnail
    King, Kellan
    My sculpture re-contextualizes objects and systems related to my perception of home. A profound sense of being unmoored in the world brings me to analyze my relationship with sites that serve as my anchorage. Meticulous craft, beauty as it relates to . . .
  • 9880vv06t?file=thumbnail
    Simpson, Melinda
    An quadriplegic 11-year-old girl travels through a mirror to a fantasy world to save her brother from an evil Toymaker who seeks to rule all children through mind-control. After defeating the Toymaker and rescuing her brother, Jessica learns that bein . . .
  • P2676z474?file=thumbnail
    Alecson, Gala
    Strawberry is a story about a quadriplegic man who wants to die. For a painless and peaceful death in an assisted suicide agency he has to pass a temptation test. After he fails in his first attempt, a suicidal friend offers him his help with the test . . .
  • 0r9676648?file=thumbnail
    Mahfouz, Rayan
    This graduate project contains two half hour comedy pilots. L.O.V.E centers around a violin virtuoso’s efforts to win over the harpsichordist he’s desperately in love with, all while being haunted by an imaginary version of her. Jew, Me & Sheikh Ali f . . .
  • 1831cn55f?file=thumbnail
    Hardwell, Avan
    After his father's death is dismissed as random breaking and entering by local police, Thomas Godfrey, a disillusioned priest, decides to take matters into his own hands. Becoming a vigilante of sorts, Thomas embarks on an uncommon relationship with a . . .
  • Dr26z083j?file=thumbnail
    Warner, Aaron Louis Korn
    Based on the real-life "Pick-Up Artist" and "Men's Rights Activist" subcultures, Tenderloin is a dark, comedo/dramatic exploration of male anger, and latent misogyny in contemporary American culture. Craig Schevel, a divorced father and a self-styled . . .
  • Kd17cw52h?file=thumbnail
    Orouji, Omid
    My multimedia work explores cultural and religious degressions. Beginning with culturally and religiously familiar themes, I synthesize space through installation and objects to manifest my critique of these institutions. The geometric shape of the No . . .
  • Tm70mx595?file=thumbnail
    Simmons, Nichol
    As her unconventional family is falling apart, a bullied middle-schooler looking for love finds herself in the arms of her tormentor.
  • Ms35tc43d?file=thumbnail
    Jones, Atesha Anada
    Violet is a young woman dying to be released from the boundaries of being a traditional woman in the late 1890's. Her journey starts in survival mode. She does whatever is needed to survive and she has no control of her life. After the experience of b . . .
  • 8w32r8160?file=thumbnail
    Hubbard, Maria
    "Please Open the Curtains" is an exploration of a young killer's psyche and the effects that teenage murder has on a small community and an already broken family. From a mixture of self-hatred, internalized homophobia and homicidal ideation, a young t . . .
  • Bz60d0017?file=thumbnail
    Mustaro, Daniele
    Based upon a true story, "Against the Current" explores the life of ingenious inventor Nikola Tesla as he relentlessly pursues his dream of illuminating a darkened world with his own unique method of harnessing the power of electricity. Disowned by hi . . .
  • Gb19f829c?file=thumbnail
    Karimi, Marzieh
    Certain objects and places activate feelings, memories, and thoughts, which ebb and flow over time. My quiet images challenge the simultaneity of absence and presence, truth and fiction in photographs. Informed by the experience of displacement, fragm . . .
  • C821gn182?file=thumbnail
    Bey, April
    Trash clogs the digital arteries of communication and casts a tarnished patina of filth; human beings relate with one another more than ever before as they bond over mutual misconduct. Users of social media broadcast themselves and rapidly share, whic . . .
  • Vd66w252s?file=thumbnail
    Harris, Breana
    London, 1865. A working-class girl named Alice channels the dead loved ones of the customers at her aunt's dress shop when she meets famed Victorian painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Rossetti recruits her to be his new model, and she discovers his perso . . .
  • H415pd197?file=thumbnail
    Kim, Justin NakSeung
    This document provides an explanation about my ongoing series of paintings in which I interpret and visualize a variety of encounters and observations in my life. The ecosystems within built environments, maps and grids inform the compositions in my p . . .
  • Xp68kj76m?file=thumbnail
    Barton, David
    Moral Majority is a half-hour comedy television series about a closeted gay executive and a the unruly non-believing star of a Christian super-hero television show must work together to reform their studio, which has been taken over by hyper-conservat . . .
  • 7h149s49p?file=thumbnail
    Mangan, Kiaya
    Detective Maggie Blake investigates after a child, Abby, is found off of Highway 32 near Chico, CA. After no "Missing Persons" reports are found matching her description, the detective volunteers to provide Emergency Foster Care. Frozen in life due to . . .
  • Zg64tp49t?file=thumbnail
    Kanganis, Charles
    Overcoming fear through love.
  • Xg94hs04t?file=thumbnail
    Weissbeck, Brett
    Humping the Gun is about Roscoe Talbott, a hopeless romantic, who takes responsibility for his best friend, Elliot Jones's, gimp leg from a high school rooftop incident. Now older and working as architects together in Memphis, TN, Roscoe throws Elliot . . .
  • 1n79h7167?file=thumbnail
    Atwood, Nathan
    Based on the early life of famed explorer, JOHN SMITH is a man burdened with loss and haunted by pain. When he encounters an enchanting young woman, whose home is being threatened by vicious mercenaries, John agrees to fight by her side. However, John . . .
  • Mg74qp777?file=thumbnail
    Shih, James
    ABSTRACT UPROAR By James Y. Shih Master of Fine Arts in Screenwriting UPROAR is a feature length, 1999 drama that follows awkward, high school junior Sean Chang, when on the way to Winter Ball, finds that his troubled best friend Wes Wu has taken Sean . . .
  • Pr76f606w?file=thumbnail
    Zastawny, Joseph
    Two twelve year old boys try to remain friends after joining rival gangs on the south side of Chicago.
  • Q524jr489?file=thumbnail
    Samayoa, Erick
    Super Retirement: A single camera mockumentary series that follows the lives of Dr. Anthony Rutherford X and his entourage of retired superheroes as they discover that running a legitimate retirement home is much harder than fighting crime. Return of . . .
  • V118rh24m?file=thumbnail
    Mazariegos, Ariel
    In combination with selected, exhibited works, the accompanied writing seeks to acknowledge and deconstruct underpinnings of my collective body of work. With a strong sense of personal narrative, motives and influences are delineated. I attempt to est . . .
  • 2j62s758w?file=thumbnail
    Ramirez-Macdonald, Regina
    PENDEJO IN LOVE By Regina Ramirez-Macdonald Pendejo in Love is a romantic comedy centered around Allen Stevens a man trapped by OCD. While in a coma, after a minor car accident, Allen dreams his destiny lies with a local coffee house barista named Isa . . .
  • Tq57nt663?file=thumbnail
    Williams, Sean
    Leaving L.A. delves into the constantly unpredictable world of law enforcement in South Los Angeles. Following James Towers, the commanding officer of a Special Investigation Section unit responsible for surveillance of high risk and hostile targets; . . .
  • 6q182n845?file=thumbnail
    Fitak, Linda
    ABSTRACT NO TEASE YA A GRADUATE TELEVISION COMEDY PILOT SCRIPT By Linda Susan Fitak Master of Fine Arts in Screenwriting No Tease Ya is a single-camera, half-hour TV comedy series, with a one-hour pilot, for streaming on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon. The . . .
  • Ms35tc19b?file=thumbnail
    Held, Sandra
    When her brother is kidnapped by hellions, a teenage girl determined to lead an ordinary life must venture into the realms of hell to save him.
  • 5999n594j?file=thumbnail
    Hodgson, Holly
    My work draws on materiality and form to evoke reckless empathy. The state of being recklessly empathic is to remain fearless, and perhaps even foolishly open to and aware of possibilities in the midst of chaos. It is trust and risk in the face of imm . . .