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    Hendrickson, David
    My paintings recombine, repeat, redact, and crop elements, materials, and objects to elicit a sense of absurdist absence and alienation. Digitally manipulating and collaging appropriated images, especially those that acknowledge the body, allow me to . . .
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    Mathewson, Christine
    Icarus explores the ethics behind one's will to survive when chaos slowly trickles into a community that's created away from society. After a space expedition brings an extraterrestrial disease to Earth and wipes out 74% of humanity, a space ship of i . . .
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    Land, Morgan
    DOM is a first grade teacher who decides to escape the torpor of her suburban life by becoming a dominatrix by night. ANTI-SOCIAL follows the exploits of social worker Marty Katz who must keep his patients sane while negotiating his own love life and . . .
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    Delate, Tirsa
    Time is a fundamental parameter in my practice, and it denotes the spontaneity and transience of events. Interactive performance and video works explore the connections between loss and sanctuary, acknowledging subjective perceptions of time and memor . . .
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    Canty, Kathryn
    "Legacy", is a one-hour drama that explores the lives of those who die alone, and the investigators in the Los Angeles Public Administrator's office who attempt to piece together their stories and try to find any next of kin.
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    Nunes, Michelle
    This paper is an attempt to explain the conceptual underpinnings of my work while simultaneously serving as a work within itself. It seems only appropriate to have a paper as malleable in meaning as my work intends to be, otherwise the idea of fluid m . . .
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    Raggs, Talicia
    "Ceoulman" is an original one-hour pilot about Jimmy Ceoul, popular Chicago radio personality of the 70's. The pilot follows him as he must learn to juggle his work life in the destructive music industry with his normal family life at home. All while . . .
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    Curtis, Adquanita
    A drama-driven suspense about a traveling nurse who, with the help of her sister and pill addicted recruiter, go to great lengths to keep her husband and children from finding out about her secret second family.
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    Cisneros, Ricardo
    Born and raised in South Los Angeles, I was raised in a culture of street crime and poverty. Growing up in an environment that lacked financial resources and educational opportunities, I would study pop culture and marketing. Poverty can become a psyc . . .
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    Mckendry, David
    Kevin Brooks returns to his small App alachian hometown of Elk Horn, Kentucky after his discharge from the Army. Suffering from severe PTSD and concussive brain injury, Kevin struggles with his pain and the memories of his time in Afghanistan. Once ho . . .
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    Kailani, Kaleigh
    "Star Sailors" is an original one-hour pilot about inseparable twin assassins Echo and Lorelei. A naïve prince recruits the sisters to save his kingdom by recovering the pieces of the shattered Crown of Starfell. On their journey, the dark forces of t . . .
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    Greco, Angela
    This story is a "what-if". One quart cautionary tale, two quarts comedy, and one quart heart equal a gallon of hopefully enjoyable story. I'd rather you be surprised than know any more about it, but for marketing purposes, we'll call this "The Reverse . . .
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    Alexander- Dunajski, Stacey
    In combination with selected exhibited works, the accompanying writing acknowledges and deconstructs the underpinnings of my collective body of work. My drawings embody my relationship with the internet as an alternate and parallel version of reality. . . .
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    Chan, Matthew
    Socio-economics, media consumption, adherence to Western cultural norms, and my underlying guilt about assimilation inform my work. Photography, video, performance, and installation examine these, acknowledging my disjointed and layered relationship w . . .
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    Raggs, Talicia
    "Ceoulman" is an original one-hour pilot about Jimmy Ceoul, popular Chicago radio personality of the 70's. The pilot follows him as he must learn to juggle his work life in the destructive music industry with his normal family life at home. All while . . .
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    Crestwell, Jasmine
    Camila Gates and several other scorned women are given the opportunity to exact retribution from significant others that have emotionally, sexually, financially or physically abused them. Four wealthy women of power set up a secret estate marked by op . . .
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    Tillman, Zachary
    "The Gun" is an original feature screenplay about a small tribe of survivors living on a war-torn dystopian island. After years of adhering to a strict set of laws and following an archaic justice system, an outsider is introduced to the tribe, causin . . .
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    Rose, Matthew
    Utilizing systems of viewing to cross-examine contemporary social constructs, I challenge the epidemic of toxic masculinity by promoting empathy with the subject while recontextualizing the understanding of self. My color photographs depict male bodie . . .
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    Goin, Ken
    "The Ninja Nuns" is an original animated feature screenplay about a ten year old street urchin who is stuck between the crime world she is used to, and the new world of religion and education and love. When a group of vigilante ninjas put a damper on . . .
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    Kiszonas, Paul
    Shell is about Mel Kojima, a freelance Shell pilot who grapples with guilt and mistrust due to her shameful past, working for her uncle's super-corporation. When a group of anarchists steal her girlfriend's new Shell, Mel and her fellow pilots will ri . . .
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    carroll, emilie
    In my work I celebrate ceramics and play with the religiously followed "rules" of the craft. While honoring specific objects made of clay, I acknowledge their absurdity. The inappropriateness of material draws attention to, and sometimes conflicts wit . . .
  • 7d278w905?file=thumbnail
    Pena, Luis
    Ancient Mixtec architecture and contemporary minimalism inform my multimedia artwork. I use my personal experience as the son of undocumented field workers to create art that brings attention to this other, parallel world. A variety of notable individ . . .
  • Ht24wn14p?file=thumbnail
    Price, Matthew
    "Make Time for Me" is a science fiction romantic comedy about a young scientist who creates a time machine to solve his relationship problems. Like a lot of young men, he sees every argument as a problem to be solved. He needs to learn, over the cours . . .
  • Cn69m682c?file=thumbnail
    Roman, Michael
    My work portrays the ordinary grace of contemporary Black men by blending elements from hip-hop and urban culture with art history and religious iconography. Concepts of beauty and divinity must also apply to Black men. In showcasing divine Black beau . . .
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    Yuwono, Mario
    In the Kingdom of Tirine, a myth tells of a Chosen One destined to save the land from the evil Dark Elf lord Arcturus every century. But the truth's all a sham, orchestrated by Arcturus as a means of amusement with everyone none the wiser. Now . . .
  • 8k71nk51k?file=thumbnail
    Ciarlo, Anthony
    An ant perched on an anthill, looking yonder while the sun sets, has a relationship contingent on that hill; it comprises the labor and time to build it and the births and deaths of ants in the process. Most notable is the ants' relationship to the ea . . .
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    Olmstead, Olivia
    "Magic & Moonshine" is an original, urban fantasy, one-hour pilot that follows a sheltered socialite as she discovers she has incredibly powerful magic and gets pulled into the criminal underground of 1920s New Orleans. Along the way, she gathers a ra . . .
  • Tx31qm38d?file=thumbnail
    Baral, Katheryn
    "Trebuchet" is an original one-hour pilot about a recent MBA graduate and newlywed woman named Chika who is asked to run her family's business by her estranged father. However, her father's subsequent murder kickstarts a series of events she didn't an . . .
  • Xs55mf53j?file=thumbnail
    Ocytko, Sara
    "Henrietta" is an original one-hour dramedy pilot based on the life of Henrietta Maria of France with an absurd and raunchy twist.
  • Ft848t43m?file=thumbnail
    Rightmer, Nash Lynn
    It seems as though it was only yesterday, the first time I held a manual SLR camera, allowing the shutter to capture a bit of light falling on a grey card that lay propped up against the old house. The camera belonged to my stepmother's father who had . . .
  • Nc580p64q?file=thumbnail
    Van Slyke, Patrick
    ABSTRACT THE CREATION OF THE FEATURE SCREENPLAY: RAILMASTER By Patrick Van Slyke This report details the writing of Railmaster, a feature-length historical fiction film script. It is a story of how industrialization was used in repression of the Nativ . . .
  • Gb19f7694?file=thumbnail
    Grandjean, Kelly R.
    This paper is a reflection and analysis of my journey writing, acting, and producing my short film, <italic>14 Hundred 40</italic>. I discuss not only the evolution of the script and my character, Birdie, but also the inspirations behind the project. . . .
  • Wm117q989?file=thumbnail
    Miranda, Ricardo Pinheiro
    Tambatajá de Marrí is a movie that represents a desire to create, through an original cinematic language, an authentic portrait of Colares - a remote island that exists in the Amazon region of Brazil, my home. As the movie's narrative unfolds a true s . . .
  • D504rn28q?file=thumbnail
    Balcarek, Zdenek Robert
    The intention of my thesis work is to communicate the cultural and sociopolitical environment that existed in the later1960s Czechoslovakia and the function and relationship between the concepts of paradox and memory in this environment. My investigat . . .
  • 2514nn76m?file=thumbnail
    Sandler, Morgan
    The thesis I set out to accomplish is one that I had envisioned long before I decided to pursue a Master's Degree. The goal was to write a filmmaking textbook, as well as shoot a narrative film to accompany the book. The film will serve as interactive . . .
  • 3r074w81v?file=thumbnail
    Mercado, Claudia
    Mujeres de Maiz Herstory in Los Angeles is a raw experimental documentary short that is composed of personal testimonies, archival footage, animation and the herstorical power of female unity to create a space for women’s voices, resistance and social . . .
  • W66345508?file=thumbnail
    Beron, Jessica Paige
    My culminating project to complete my Masters of Fine Arts Degree in Television, Film, and Theater in Acting was playing the role of Lucy, in my independently, self-produced production of Mr. Marmalade by Noah Haidle. Mr. Marmalade is a dark comedy ab . . .
  • 9p290c436?file=thumbnail
    Tenney, Whitney
    The purpose of this project report is to outline my roles as producer, writer, and actor on the short film, <italic>Little Treasure</italic>, which was produced to fulfill the thesis requirements for the MFA in Television, Film and Theatre at Californ . . .
  • K06989494?file=thumbnail
    Chavez, Carlos Jesus
    In order to serve a community that has been rattled by gang violence, bombarded with graffiti and has one of the lowest high school graduation rates in the city, I aimed to inspire social change while educating the youth on the importance murals serve . . .
  • Z029p685d?file=thumbnail
    Carrasco, Teresa Marie
    Trying to connect what seemingly is unrelated, I use juxtaposition in my work as a tool to address subjects of war, patriarchy, consumerism, marriage, capitalism, violence, motherhood, feminism, and rituals. This concoction is a monstrous circus fille . . .
  • 2v23vw58h?file=thumbnail
    Moss, Alicia Nicole
    The Device is a science-fiction, feature-length screenplay set on a post-apocalyptic, futuristic Earth. The main protagonist – a geo-biologist named Chaya Maat – is forced to locate the Earth’s damaged cloaking device after Earth is invaded by aliens . . .
  • 3197xp03p?file=thumbnail
    DiGiovanni, Diego
    In this report I reflect on my journey as Leontes in the California State University, Los Angeles production of William Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale, directed by Dr. Theresa Larkin and performed in the State Playhouse February 21 through March 3, 2 . . .
  • T435gg037?file=thumbnail
    Oppenheim, Jonas
    My thesis project was to write the first draft of a full-length play, The Happy Slave. What follows is a report of my experience conceiving, researching, and writing the play. The Happy Slave is set in the fictional Texas town of Slippery Slope, as th . . .
  • Sf268710s?file=thumbnail
    Viola, Margaret Anne
    Chuck and Nancy is a fictional, single-camera comedy pilot for television based on the friendship between two women in their thirties - one straight, one gay - who become roommates after failed relationships. CHUCK (32) is an androgynous, charming, ta . . .
  • Hx11xh036?file=thumbnail
    Salcido, Ricardo
    Artistic integrity is defined by my values and the process that formed this project. It is where my inner artist is nurtured with the power to transform my desires to be stronger then my fears to become whole, or at one with my art. Without integrity . . .
  • Jw827d624?file=thumbnail
    Seemayer, Zachary Wilson
    For my thesis project, I wanted to incorporate different aspects of filmmaking and film theory that I had learned and developed a passion for during my time in the MFA Program at CSULA. Namely, I wanted to combine my passions for Film Noir, web media . . .
  • 9c67wp85k?file=thumbnail
    Zika, Victoria Ellen
    <italic>Little Treasure</italic> is a low budget musical comedy short film that examines several contemporary issues in women's lives today through the life experiences, memories, fantasies and expectations of our protagonist. The film was a collabora . . .
  • Kk91fn58d?file=thumbnail
    Patel, Nidhin Maheshbhai
    ‘Something Old, Something New’ is a short film adapted from a 10-minute theater play, ‘Something Borrowed, Something New’ by Joshua Archer. On their wedding day, Michael declares he is not ready to walk down the aisle, only to have Amber, the bride, t . . .
  • Ft848s87g?file=thumbnail
    Lemke, Alexander John
    My interest lies in the complicated relationship between fine art and the applied arts. In this paper I intend to shed light on the meanings generated by my art practice and how they are applied in my thesis exhibition "Universal Gym Machine." The tit . . .
  • 5q47rq63d?file=thumbnail
    Decker, Robert Glen
    On October 20-22, 2016, Master of Fine Arts candidate Robert Glen Decker presented the play Barrymore by William Luce as his thesis project at California State University, Los Angeles. In performing this dynamic theatre piece, he demonstrated versatil . . .