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    Hendrickson, David
    My paintings recombine, repeat, redact, and crop elements, materials, and objects to elicit a sense of absurdist absence and alienation. Digitally manipulating and collaging appropriated images, especially those that acknowledge the body, allow me to . . .
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    Delate, Tirsa
    Time is a fundamental parameter in my practice, and it denotes the spontaneity and transience of events. Interactive performance and video works explore the connections between loss and sanctuary, acknowledging subjective perceptions of time and memor . . .
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    Nunes, Michelle
    This paper is an attempt to explain the conceptual underpinnings of my work while simultaneously serving as a work within itself. It seems only appropriate to have a paper as malleable in meaning as my work intends to be, otherwise the idea of fluid m . . .
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    Cisneros, Ricardo
    Born and raised in South Los Angeles, I was raised in a culture of street crime and poverty. Growing up in an environment that lacked financial resources and educational opportunities, I would study pop culture and marketing. Poverty can become a psyc . . .
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    Alexander- Dunajski, Stacey
    In combination with selected exhibited works, the accompanying writing acknowledges and deconstructs the underpinnings of my collective body of work. My drawings embody my relationship with the internet as an alternate and parallel version of reality. . . .
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    Chan, Matthew
    Socio-economics, media consumption, adherence to Western cultural norms, and my underlying guilt about assimilation inform my work. Photography, video, performance, and installation examine these, acknowledging my disjointed and layered relationship w . . .
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    Rose, Matthew
    Utilizing systems of viewing to cross-examine contemporary social constructs, I challenge the epidemic of toxic masculinity by promoting empathy with the subject while recontextualizing the understanding of self. My color photographs depict male bodie . . .
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    carroll, emilie
    In my work I celebrate ceramics and play with the religiously followed "rules" of the craft. While honoring specific objects made of clay, I acknowledge their absurdity. The inappropriateness of material draws attention to, and sometimes conflicts wit . . .
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    Pena, Luis
    Ancient Mixtec architecture and contemporary minimalism inform my multimedia artwork. I use my personal experience as the son of undocumented field workers to create art that brings attention to this other, parallel world. A variety of notable individ . . .
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    Roman, Michael
    My work portrays the ordinary grace of contemporary Black men by blending elements from hip-hop and urban culture with art history and religious iconography. Concepts of beauty and divinity must also apply to Black men. In showcasing divine Black beau . . .