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    Rodenborn, Gabriel Christian
    The repertoire for my M.M. recital draws heavily from the twentieth century and includes a piece I composed for première on this program: my Concerto for Flute and Orchestra. The concerto relies on the use of so-called “extended” techniques for the fl . . .
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    Estrada, Christopher Jesus
    The purpose of this project is to identify the educational value in each selected piece and discuss what technical and musical demands they make on the ensemble playing it. The conductor should choose elements within each piece that can be used to gui . . .
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    Shaw, Caitlin
    This study aims to break down the fear associated with nonmetric music and give conductors a way to approach conducting choral nonmetric music. Most of conducting education is spent on metric music. While metric music encompasses a vast majority of th . . .
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    Olsen, Lyndsey Marie
    The benefits of pairing a children’s choir with an instrumental ensemble are numerous, but when it comes to performing works within this idiom, conductors are often limited by three things: their resources, their knowledge of available and appropriate . . .
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    Rodriguez, Anne H
    The purpose of this project is to explore the repertoire available for the wind band medium. In the author's studies, a question often asked by fellow students studying music education was, "what kind of works are available to program for our future s . . .
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    Lim, Jong Guen
    This project serves not only as a clear and formal demonstration of my playing abilities for potential partners and employers for the future, but also as an indicator of the skills that are required of the contemporary commercial musician. The music c . . .
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    Villagomez, Grace
    The research presented in this thesis and recital examines the poetic devices and musical features utilized to personify the animal kingdom. The natural language and characteristics of animals that have been given human-like qualities in musical inter . . .
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    Chong, David Gerardo
    This dissertation examines the role of Haitian music in the family of Latin music. In 1804, Haitian slaves victoriously rebelled against the French oppressors, creating the first Black republic in the western world. Because of this event, the elite of . . .
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    Liu, Shuangyi
    This project report will be discussing how I composed and produced music for several short films and a film festival trailer. The report will be divided into two parts. The first part will focus on how I collaborated with the directors to make the mus . . .
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    Castro, Joel Daniel Dillahunt
    Many scholars throughout history have spoken about the power and profound effect that music has. Music is a means of reaching across time, languages, and distances to touch the hearts and souls of those listening. During the Renaissance this unique po . . .
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    Berns, Jessica
    The variety of styles, periods, and narrative texts in the songs of this recital can be unified when seen through the eyes of a young woman learning to express her love of God and nature and her first romantic experiences. Indeed, many of the songs in . . .
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    Han, Ying
    In this paper, I will introduce and analyze the piano works I performed on my concerto recital on March 31, 2019 and the solo recital initially scheduled for May 5, 2020 (my solo recital was canceled due to COVID-19). This paper aims to discuss the hi . . .
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    Urban, Jaclyn
    The repertoire constituting this Graduate Recital is made up of a varied collection of oratorio, arias, Lieder, chanson, and art songs, which range from Baroque up until the Contemporary era. Inspired by George Newton�s, Sonority in Singing, I have ch . . .
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    Copeland, Eric
    The repertoire for my recital represents a range of periods. It embodies some of the most important genres in operatic and non-operatic solo vocal literature. Each style reveals a variety of compositional and poetic sensibilities shaped by their respe . . .
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    Kaplan, Lawrence
    The French School of flute playing, characterized by an emphasis on a wide spectrum of tone colors that were both unique and euphonious, had its genesis in Paris in the 1860's, and it matured during the following decades of the 19th century. One semin . . .
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    Gu, Jinghong
    The repertoire for my recital includes a range of eras from approximately 1600 to the twentieth century and a range of styles including Baroque opera, German Lieder by Schumann, French Melodies by Fauré and an English song cycle by Benjamin Britten. T . . .
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    Molazadeh, Sheila
    Latin music has made vast contributions to many cultures and societies over time. This multifaceted genre encompasses a wide variety of sounds and styles that have evolved numerous times. The "Latin Craze" has captured many audiences throughout the hi . . .
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    Rivera, Anthony
    A project presented in the form of a Vocal Recital featuring pieces for tenor about the topic of love.
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    Burgess, Kari Anne
    Representing my recital is a collection of songs, Lieder, chanson, and arias which range from Classical up until the late Modern era. Within this broad range of music, there lies many similarities within the text and musical compositions that unite th . . .
  • Zc77ss72c?file=thumbnail
    Garriott, Erik Lee
    Haydn's Symphony No. 92 in G Major, or the Oxford Symphony, is a work that defines the pinnacle of the Classical era as well as Haydn's fifth period of composition. Hermann Kretzschmar even went so far as to call the Oxford Symphony Haydn's "Eroica," . . .
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    Juan, Mercedes
    There are two approaches to opera education in community colleges’ opera workshops, one towards equity and another one towards equality. Equity in opera workshops is when the professor uses rehearsal techniques and chooses adequate repertoire to make . . .
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    Kobaly, David Phillip
    Chromatose is an original musical composition consisting currently of two separate movements (with an eventual third and final movement in the planning stages). The basic instrumentation is as follows: Flute, clarinet, horn, violin, and cello. Highly . . .
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    Perkins, Leslie
    This graduate voice recital explores themes of love, loss, and dreams in art songs and arias that span the classical, romantic, and modern eras.
  • Ws859j37h?file=thumbnail
    Lohman-Janz, Brooke
    The human voice is completely diverse and unique to each individual and the capabilities of each voice type are incredible and marvelous. For the high soprano voice things are exceptionally thrilling, particularly in the coloratura fach. The repertoir . . .
  • Kk91fp10f?file=thumbnail
    Watanabe, Naoko
    This research shows how Ravel adopted the characteristic styles of menuet in his menuet from Le Tombeau de Couperin. This menuet is clearly influenced by the respected baroque style. The menuet form was chosen by Ravel for its elegance and simplicity . . .
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    Lewinson, Suzanne
    The songs in my recital are songs throughout several time periods focused on many aspects on love. There are many themes in these pieces which reflect any woman's life. Looking for love, finding love, losing love, and just being mad about love. These . . .
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    Velazquez, Miguel
    ABSTRACT Master's Guitar Recital By Miguel Ivan Velazquez Master of Music in Music, Performance In this paper, I will discuss each of the works performed in my master's recital in terms of their historical context using musical analysis of its form, t . . .
  • Work
    Park, Eojini
    For my Master of Music recital, I performed four works that range from the late 18th century to the 21st century. As a collaborative pianist, I played with one violinist, one tenor, and one soprano. With the violinist, we performed G. F. Handel's Sona . . .
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    Moran, Nicole Irene
    The bass clarinet first appeared in the music world as a supportive instrument in orchestras, wind ensembles and military bands, but thanks to Giuseppe Saverio Raffaele Mercadante's opera Emma d'Antiochia (1834), the bass clarinet began to embody the . . .
  • Cf95jf08j?file=thumbnail
    Rispoli, Christopher
    This thesis presents extended program notes on my graduate recital. I will provide a detailed historical background and analysis of the following: Thème Varié et Finale - Manuel Maria Ponce (1882 - 1948); Prelude, Fugue and Allegro BWV 998 - Johann Se . . .
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    D'Ignazio, Ralph F.
    Creatio ex Materia is a two-movement composition for chamber ensemble that attempts to uncover unique timbres and rhythmic consequences through the use of contemporary concepts and techniques. It employs nontraditional combinations of instruments and . . .
  • Sb397b611?file=thumbnail
    Nickum, Sabrina
    Through researching the earliest British composers and their literature, this thesis will demonstrate how the British School of Music through literature influenced the clarinet. I will focus on the earliest English composers Thomas Arne, William Hersc . . .
  • K930c0835?file=thumbnail
    Zhang, Tianhui
    In this paper, I will analyze and discuss the works that I performed on my Master Degree solo recital and concerto concert. My recital and concerto repertoire consisted of works by Carl Tausig, Ludwig van Beethoven, Franciszek Chopin, Robert Schumann, . . .
  • Qb98mh999?file=thumbnail
    Kim, Brian Uihyun
    This program celebrates the singer's repertoire; the art song. It explores a wide range of art song style in Italian, French and German. Various methods of unifying groups were employed when choosing the repertoire. Groups are unified by language, com . . .
  • Zc77ss845?file=thumbnail
    Xu, Chang
    This paper is based on my graduate violin recital. I will be analyzing the musical works in my recital program and discussing the strategies about how to plan such a solo recital. Meanwhile, the purpose of this paper is a contemplation of myself promp . . .
  • M900nx11m?file=thumbnail
    O'Shea, Kelly
    My master's recital includes six different languages and music from a wide variety of eras including Classical, Romantic, and Modern. Even though the music spans many different eras and countries, all the art songs and arias are unified by the emotion . . .
  • Hh63sz20t?file=thumbnail
    Stein, Danielle
    The synthesis of the human voice and an instrument provides an unparalleled communicative exchange, it is one we have perfected and evolved over years of musical development. Aided by the sentiments of a text well supported by music, two artists can c . . .
  • Mc87pt01v?file=thumbnail
    Kiouses, Katherine
    Performance The repertoire of my recital takes us through a journey of emotion, each different from the next. Da chiaro a scuro, from light to dark, is a metaphor for how each song travels from beginning to end. They give us a contrast of emotions. So . . .
  • 02870z559?file=thumbnail
    Elconin, Travis Henry
    In deciding the repertoire for my recital, I had two goals in mind. One was to choose music that represented varying styles and languages, the other was to choose music that best displayed my unique talents as a singer. With these goals in mind, I sel . . .
  • Kk91fp19x?file=thumbnail
    Peloso, Anna
    New literature is in abundance for orchestral percussionists in the Twenty-first century. Although percussionists do not have the luxury of learning solo works from the Baroque or Classical eras, percussionists have the advantage of incorporating perf . . .
  • Qv33s0179?file=thumbnail
    Navrides, Robert E.
    Improvisation plays an important role in the history of music, a role often overlooked by both students and educators. The use of improvisation seems to emerge and submerge itself through out history. It is a vital area for the musician of the 1890s a . . .
  • Dv13zw82b?file=thumbnail
    Fandetti, Michael
    Paris is where the saxophone became recognized as a serious music instrument, and the city had a rich lineage of composers and virtuosic musicians. Most laypeople have heard of the Viennese composers Schubert, Beethoven, and even Schoenberg, but the c . . .
  • Vh53wz20k?file=thumbnail
    Thomas, Shannon
    The 20th century has given rise to many prominent and substantial clarinet works, rich in harmonic complexity and unique historical contexts. For a clarinetist, an understanding of the theoretical construction of any piece is crucial to creating infor . . .
  • 9306t225r?file=thumbnail
    Mendez, Brandon
    This thesis presents extended program notes on my graduate recital repertoire. I will be exploring the historical background and providing detailed analysis of the following works: J.S. Bach (March 21, 1685 – 28 July 1750), Prelude, Fugue, and Allegro . . .
  • Bk128d517?file=thumbnail
    Nobumori, Chika
    This thesis is a set of program notes that cover the historical background and a formal analysis of works performed in my graduate solo recital and concerto recital. The graduate solo recital consisted of six sets of pieces by Johann Sebastian Bach, W . . .
  • 7p88ck21q?file=thumbnail
    Shannon, Peter
    Johann Sebastien Bach (1685-1750) explored the genres and forms of the Baroque period with astonishing complexity and originality. Bach used the form of the toccata to couple the rigorous logic of Baroque counterpoint to the fantastic possibilities of . . .
  • Jm214s22m?file=thumbnail
    Rossi, Felipe Lovaglio
    Something in between Charlie Mingus and Charlie Kaufman is an eight-minute music composition for chamber orchestra. It was conceived from my personal interest in creating a sound narrative that could generate different atmospheres, colors, contrasts, . . .
  • Work
    Tang, Tingting
    Programing art songs and arias of deep emotional expression, from the classical period through the modern period reveals the variety of vocal repertoire, for the soprano voice. Different style periods represent emotional expressions in different music . . .
  • Wm117r781?file=thumbnail
    Wilkins, Cameron
    This thesis explores the relationship between the orchestral and solo trumpeter and provides knowledge for those who seek to have a career in both fields simultaneously. With the use of interviews and references to standard solo and orchestral literat . . .
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    Swets, Kevin
    In this thesis I intend to present the works of my graduate recital and the more subtle meanings involved within the music. The thesis is written in the form of extended program notes, detailing the history and nuance of the selected repertoire chosen . . .