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    Mathews, Barbara Lynn
    The purpose of this graduate project is to determine the relationship between political systems, public processes, and policy decisions. The study consists of the application of theoretical concepts to a proposed development project currently being co . . .
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    Hallin, Mary J.
    Africa is often called the "Dark Continent". Few studies have sought to understand African consumer behavior from the consumers' perspective. Utilizing conjoint analysis and Likert statements, this thesis evaluates the determinants of Cameroonian purc . . .
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    Cuillier, Joseph A.
    This project demonstrates that a Catholic school is operated more efficiently and effectively than a public school. An in-depth, two-year comparison was done to support this finding while working as a teacher in each setting. This is a comparative stu . . .
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    Peng, Beiping
    This paper compares the legislation on electronic commerce in China and America. Regulatory agencies and legislation on electronic commerce in China and America are identified. The main issues regarding the electronic transactions are discussed. By co . . .
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    Chronister, Thomas L.
    Security alarms are a proven deterrent to criminal activity at homes and businesses, but as the popularity and use of alarm systems steadily increases, so does the occurrence of false alarms. When it comes to false alarm response, some public safety a . . .
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    Rose, David H.
    New Department of Defense weapon systems require testing before they are deployed. Aircraft testing typically takes place at a United States test facility such as Edwards Air Force Base. Here, a team of highly-skilled personnel plan, conduct, and repo . . .
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    Clifton, Bruce Allan
    The material presented in this thesis examines the method by which the Department of Defense manages national security. This methodology is accomplished through the use of planning, programming, budgeting, and systems analysis. Each of these phases is . . .
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    Bell, Roy Milton
    Public administration must be prepared to respond effectively to a nuclear blackmail threat. Nuclear terrorism is definitely a possibility. The information on how to design a nuclear device is unclassified; there is missing weapons-grade material; and . . .
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    Xi, Emily
    The purpose of this study was to evaluate college students’ lifestyle through their knowledge and habits regarding food and nutrition, and to analyze the impact of college lifestyle on their overall health. This was determined through field observatio . . .