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    Diaz, Alejandro
    New Public Management philosophy has been in practice over 30 years. While there were great promises made with the application of such practices, it is appropriate to determine which if any practices are still beneficial. The public human resource dep . . .
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    Aivazi, Edden
    Opioid overdose is considered one of the major causes of preventable mortality in the United States. With the expansion of Medicaid, it was speculated that the rate of opioid use disorder would experience a significant decline. The present study explo . . .
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    Asulyan, Tatevik
    An electronic health record (EHR) or Electronic Medical Record (EMR), used interchangeably, is a digital version of a patient’s paper chart. EHRs are real-time, patient-centered records that make information available instantly and securely to authori . . .
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    Makadary, Audrey
    A crisis (from the Greek crisis, "solstice") is a crucial moment, a decisive turning point. The crisis in the general sense is interpreted as a turning point in the course of events, a point of change (Weiss, 2017, p. 32). Crises happen without any pr . . .
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    Arshakyan, Liana
    This literature review purports to analyze the factors affecting nursing homes' quality of care with a particular focus on staffing. The variables are analyzed based on Donabedian's Structure-Process-Outcome (SPO) framework. The inadequacy of staffing . . .
  • Work
    Murphy, Kevin
    Lawsuits against nonprofit organizations can negatively affect the finances and volunteerism rates at many agencies. Established literature does not identify the extent to which lawsuits have negatively affected the operating budgets and volunteerism . . .
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    Castro, Humberto
    The number of school shootings that our nation has experienced throughout the past few years has significantly increased. What has also increased is the amount of news coverage that these shootings continue to receive. We will explore data that has an . . .
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    Armas, Veronica
    Chronic student absenteeism is an ongoing prevalent issue. An issue that has not drawn enough attention from school officials or legislation. Leaders are focused on improving student outcomes and they strategize around elements such as improving instr . . .
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    Norman, Nickolas
    Women experiencing homeless face tremendous obstacles on the path to rehabilitation, including lack of services, domestic violence, rape, drug addiction, and housing insecurity. The aim of the study will be to determine whether women that receive perm . . .
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    Karayan, Gevorg
    One of the major responsibilities of Congress is to pass a budget to fund the federal government for the forthcoming fiscal year. The budget process begins many months before the actual start date of the new fiscal year, which is on October 1st. Over . . .
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    Dilanchian, Venita
    The lack of trust in police from the community has been an ongoing issue for decades. Communities rely on the police to feel safe and protected, while the police are dependent on the community for support and cooperation. What previous research has fa . . .
  • Work
    Pourmanafy, Ilbret
    By Ilbret Ilo Pourmanafy Master of Public Administration, Health Administration The California Nurses Association (ANA) sponsored the legislative Assembly Bill (AB) 394 to ensure safe staffing for patients in California. AB 394 was introduced by Assem . . .
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    Rivers, Lanae
    The use of telemedicine in healthcare in the United States is not a new concept, but it is something that is being taken advantage of as technology advances. Telemedicine aims to provide coverage from anywhere to patients and reduce the costs of healt . . .
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    Villarreal, Jose
    Ethical leadership is a questionable trait within public administration. In understanding ethics, there is a need to define the components that contribute and make a guideline to how ethics are justified. A key component is morality or principles whic . . .
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    Vallin, Betina
    To offset costs of post-secondary public education, students apply for financial assistance through programs like financial aid, which include grants, scholarships, work-study, and student loans. Moreover, students supplement this aid, or students tha . . .
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    Duenas, Silvia
    Low-income and underrepresented minorities in the U.S. continue to grapple with systemic challenges that threaten their ability to attain a college education. This is even despite the historic reversal of laws promoting long-standing inequalities on a . . .
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    Petrosyan, Narek
    The author of this study endeavors to research how bureaucracy fits into the world of modern public administration. A vast literature review is conducted in order to review the history of public administration and civil service, and how public service . . .
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    Aragon, Xochitl
    The purpose of this study was to provide a systematic review of the research completed on how previously chronically homeless individuals participating in Housing First programs experience community integration. Research Questions: How do formerly hom . . .
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    Newman, Sterfien
    The health care industry has experienced a massive transformation in health care delivery and payment reform. With the introduction of value-based care and the slow death of fee-for-service, the movement toward quality improvement and cost savings is . . .
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    Kuredjian, Melania
    Through the years, local government elections have held the reputation of having a tremendous lack of voter turnout compared to gubernatorial and presidential elections. Some states across the United States have taken measures in consolidating electio . . .
  • Rr1720825?file=thumbnail
    Daniyelyan, Adriana
    In the past two decades, many populated yet neglected cities worldwide have gone through a process of redevelopment known as gentrification. In Downtown Los Angeles, gentrification has restored what was once the ghetto into a new robust life of boomin . . .
  • 4b29b850v?file=thumbnail
    Cordova Flores, Jenny
    This case study examines the factors that contribute to the under-representation of Latina women in leadership roles in organizations. This article explores different theories such as Glass Cliff, Social Role, and a term Second Shift, women's leadersh . . .
  • Xd07gw286?file=thumbnail
    Del Castillo, Victoria
    Increasingly, healthcare organizations and healthcare providers have been pressed to increase the quality of the care delivered while being mindful of overall costs. Mandatory public reporting of quality and safety measures has added pressure to the c . . .
  • Work
    Bernstein, MItchell J.
    The focus of the study involves the analysis of an organizational motivational intervention, the quality control circle. The study attempts to analyse how a specific public sector quality control circle functions within an existing organization. The a . . .
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    Chappel, Carlotta
    Recipients of SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), especially those most marginalized, have poor nutritional diets. The research collectively points to disadvantaged socio-economic areas as a network of dynamic relationships between consu . . .
  • Work
    Nazarian, Rafi
    This paper reviews the literature on employee empowerment in the public sector workplace, with careful attention to the fundamental theoretical assumptions of the body of work and the empirical research on public sector employee motivation and its imp . . .
  • X633f3903?file=thumbnail
    William, Robert
    This research proposal explores how criminal justice reforms impact society. Specifically, the study examines California's Proposition 47 which reclassified certain criminal offenses, including drug offenses from felonies to misdemeanors. Research has . . .
  • M039k765c?file=thumbnail
    Crawford, Christina
    The United States government is chastised for its development and implementation of mental health policy to contribute to a viable solution for homelessness. This issue is treated as an uncontrollable social obstacle in society. This research study ex . . .
  • 08612r163?file=thumbnail
    Garza, Alma
    This paper examines how public sector organizational misconduct and corruption affects public trust. The study will examine various components of public trust with a core focus on accountability and integrity within the public sector. The study will r . . .
  • Df65vb18f?file=thumbnail
    Aguinaga, Anthony
    Green space is a tangible reflection of the quality of life within any given community. Individuals from various socioeconomic, cultural, ethnic, educational, and religious backgrounds enjoy the physical and mental health benefits of accessible green . . .
  • Fq977x35p?file=thumbnail
    Bedoyan, Christian
    The purpose of this review is to explore evidence whether more regulation will result in a greater loss Gross Domestic Product (GDP) following an economic downfall. Regulations act as a buffer to control losses in the banking sector, thus this will be . . .
  • Hd76s260q?file=thumbnail
    Puljic, Mirela
    Succession planning is often poorly and rarely utilized in public sector organizations, particularly because pre-selection is often looked down upon in the public sector. This paper aims to explore what the current succession planning trends in the pu . . .
  • 2z10ws89r?file=thumbnail
    Davidian Haftvani, Hermineh
    This study is an attempt to understand motivation in the public sector management by researching and analyzing different theories such as motivational, behavioral, organizational, and new public management as well as different styles of leadership. Th . . .
  • 70795b535?file=thumbnail
    Yoo, Kahlen
    This research project will examine the Department of Homeland Security employees' perceptions on waivers and the system of checks and balances. The project will explore employees' attitudes toward agency credibility and views on decision-making. In th . . .
  • W0892d810?file=thumbnail
    Diaz, Floribel
    The United States has a growing problem of both diagnosed and undiagnosed diabetes and has earned a place on the national health policy floor. Policymakers have aimed to address these problems by providing national funding for health care programs to . . .
  • 4j03d242n?file=thumbnail
    Bernstorff, Rebecca
    As the millennial generation is beginning to dominate the workforce, organizations in the public sector are facing challenges in hiring new talent. With the competition of the private sector, the public sector must consider updating the current stale . . .
  • 2b88qf948?file=thumbnail
    Cervantes Vazquez, Karina
    Public sector organizations undergo both continual and planned organizational change to survive. Change occurs within a political context and is shaped by both external environments and internal factors. This paper analyzes how change occurs and how c . . .
  • 3x816q45n?file=thumbnail
    Calvillo, Yesica
    Community-Oriented Policing also known as (COP) has been the primary approach used by law enforcement agencies in the United States since the 1990's. This modus operandi created an organizational change process for police agencies country-wide. The mo . . .
  • Sq87bx409?file=thumbnail
    Torres, Lizet
    Many studies have examined the impact of various leadership styles and psychological empowerment. However, most of these studies were conducted in the private sector. The lack of literature on leadership styles and psychological empowerment in the pub . . .
  • 2v23vx33v?file=thumbnail
    Boyajyan, Karapet
    This project uses quantitative data to attempt to find a connection between prescription opioids on the increasing homeless population. Specially, this project seeks to find if an increase in prescription opioid abuse leads to an increase in the homel . . .
  • H128nh63j?file=thumbnail
    Ebrahimi, Argineh
    Unemployment rates in the United States vary widely across demographic groups. The 2018 Labor Force Statistics from the Current Population Survey of United States indicates that compared to young white and Hispanic men, young African-American men are . . .
  • 3r074x55f?file=thumbnail
    Martirosyan, Arusyak
    Employee accountability in the public sector is vital to the success of an organization. Public sector organizations provide essential services to community members, improving their quality of life. Organization X is a public sector health organizatio . . .
  • K0698b33f?file=thumbnail
    Yun, Wenyi
    With the development of the e-government system, the social media application plays a critical role as a communication tool among government agencies. Especially in the wildfire crisis emergency management, social media application is an irreplaceable . . .
  • X346d7083?file=thumbnail
    Hernandez, Jonathan
    Gun-control policy implementation has been an on-going issue since 1837 when the State of Georgia passed a law banning handguns, however, it was ruled unconstitutional by the United States Supreme Court. While the regulation of gun-control already spa . . .
  • S1784p332?file=thumbnail
    Mai, Phuc
    Stress in the workplace is detrimental to both employees and employers. It causes a multitude of adverse physical, mental, and emotional effects on employees and cost employers money in terms of reduced productivity and absenteeism. There are a number . . .
  • Cz30pw26k?file=thumbnail
    Vu, Alex
    What is leadership? There is no best way to define leadership because the word itself is profound and anyone can have different interpretations. The possibilities of how people define leadership is infinite. Nonetheless, the role that leadership plays . . .
  • T435gh01w?file=thumbnail
    Wills, Erica
    Abstract A Descriptive Analysis of Employee Assistance Programs and Stigma By Erica Wills Master of Public Administration, Public Sector Management and Leadership Survival during historical economic fluctuations spawned a host of social complications . . .
  • 9w0325767?file=thumbnail
    Garrido, Marta
    Although some children placed are in loving homes, most young adults exiting foster care face many challenges in their adult lives. Difficulties with education, forming lifelong relationships, and homelessness are some of the many obstacles they face. . . .
  • 41687m22w?file=thumbnail
    Regalado, Amber
    This study illustrates with the topic of Employee Safety, Wellness, and motivation. In this paper, the study will discuss motivation, performance linked to the possible reasons for an unhealthy work force and the importance of having a healthy workfor . . .
  • Ws859j634?file=thumbnail
    Samoza, Geraldine
    Social determinants of health can no longer rely solely on the health sector. Instead, recent research suggests to approach social determinants of health through a collaborative means. This approach calls on agencies with backgrounds varying from law . . .