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    Ibrahim, Mohamed Elsaid Awad
    With the increase in technology, many developers have advanced their knowledge in improving road safety by designing various devices such as Vehicular AD Hoc Networks (VANETs). These VANETs are important in ensuring there is a continuous vehicle-to-ve . . .
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    Sheikh, Sana
    ABSTRACT Interface Design for Memory Access in an FPGA-MIPS Datapath This thesis focuses on the design and implementation of memory access control on an Altera DE-1 System-on-chip (SOC) board. The board integrates a Hard Processor System (HPS) with a . . .
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    Borah, Kaustav Jyoti
    A state observer is a system in which we can model a real system in order to give an estimate of the internal state of the system. In the first part of the thesis, we discuss some of the design techniques and compare three different types of state obs . . .
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    Buck, Michael E.
    The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers' (IEEE) Standard 1100-2005 has defined power quality as a concept of powering and grounding sensitive electronic equipment in a manner that is suitable for the operation of that equipment (Institut . . .
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    Abbasi, Somayeh
    Microgrids are small power systems with diverse distributed generators with high reliability. With recent developments in the area of renewable energies and increasing concerns about environmental issues, microgrids are rising as excellent candidate t . . .
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    Alhazmi, Mohammed Masad
    Penetration level of wind units in power systems is increasing rapidly. There are different topologies and configurations of wind units. The most famous configuration is called Doubly-Fed Induction Generator (DFIG). In this configuration, the stator o . . .
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    Vo, Hau Trung
    This Thesis focuses on the design ARM architecture using Verilog, Vivado Design Suite IDE. There are three types of processors: M- series (microcontroller), R-Series (real-time), and A-series (Application) processor. The focus of research is mainly on . . .
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    Ramirez, Oscar
    Due to the limitation of natural resources where conventional energy can be obtained, other energies sources must be found without such limits. For this reason, we are trying to cut down the usage of conventional energy by using renewable energy sourc . . .
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    Saunders, Joshua
    In this thesis, an optimal control strategy to mitigate shock waves in traffic streams consisting of connected and autonomous vehicles is developed and compared against a that of a proportional controller. First, the formation of traffic shock waves i . . .
  • Mk61rj94x?file=thumbnail
    Al Bahrani, Ahmad
    With the increasing growth of multimedia applications and the traffic load explosion on various network environments, the fidelity of media data has become one of the biggest concerns of producers, users and researchers. Digital watermarking is one of . . .
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    Monsalvo, Kevin
    This thesis shows the design and performance of Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) algorithms on a S32 NXP image processing board. The system was integrated onto a 2016 Chevrolet Camaro and included a monocular camera, two front-facing LIDARs an . . .
  • N296x0979?file=thumbnail
    Jishi, Omar Radi
    The aim of this study is to explore the application of an exponentially weighted moving average-PI Controller for the purpose of stock trading. Previous research has been conducted on stock trading using a pure PI controller that resulted in a robust . . .
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    Ledezma Vazquez, Oscar Omar
    Currently, stroke is the fifth cause of death and disability among adults, affecting approximately 795,000 people every year in the United States. Hand mobility is commonly impaired in stroke victims. Treatment for hand impairment range from therapist . . .
  • J67315522?file=thumbnail
    Muhlmeyer, Michael
    The role of information spread and the impact it has on societies in the modern world cannot be understated. In the age of mass communication, digital misinformation, and social media, the importance of understanding and developing control mechanisms . . .
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    Taghipour, Javaneh
    In the world of automation, sensors play an important role as the eyes and hands of the machine. Two sensors that are observed in this thesis are the HC-SR04 sonar sensor and the Sharp GP2Y0A21YK infrared sensor. Each sensor has different properties a . . .
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    Joshi, Sanket Prakash
    This project uses integrating FPGA with multicore Software Defined Radio development platform to design wireless communication system. It constructs the system on the Matlab/Simulink environment in the way of Model-based Design, and realizes transmitt . . .
  • Js956j46q?file=thumbnail
    Pandit, Sameer S.
    The main goal of this project is to design a processor based on architecture of choice. I have chosen to create an out-of-order execution processor based on the Tomasulo architecture. The main feature of this architecture is its instruction level para . . .
  • 3b591c24k?file=thumbnail
    Raval, Tejas
    As the technology sizes of semiconductor devices continue to decrease, the effect of nanometer technologies on congestion, signal integrity, crosstalk etc. are becoming more significant. These all factors are affecting and forcing various technologica . . .
  • J3860951r?file=thumbnail
    Ramani, Jatinkumar
    The key elements in the active world of Microwave are amplifiers and oscillators. The selection of these circuits is based on the application in need. All these circuits have played an important role in the evolution of technology which we see around . . .
  • 08612q95j?file=thumbnail
    Adulratananuwat, Sirisak
    The purpose of this project was to design a 8085 based pH controller. This instrument has a capability to measure and control pH levels of solutions for industrial applications. The list of features includes a keyboard input, a digital display of the . . .
  • M326m425n?file=thumbnail
    Eswar, Sachin
    The main goal of this project is to design a filter to smoothen the given image based on Gaussian blur technique. Image Blurring or image smoothening is a technique of averaging the group of pixels in order to reduce noise and sharpness at the edges. . . .
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    Nimmagadda, Gopala Venkata Krishna
    The aim of this project is to propose a super conducting Magnetic Energy Storage (SMES) based excitation system for doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG) utilized in the wind power system. This proposed system consists of rotor-side converter, grid-si . . .
  • Nz8062413?file=thumbnail
    Pathak, Priyansh
    Fast measurements of the instantaneous amplitude and phase angle of the fundamental components and frequency in three-phase power systems may be investigated with high accuracy through the use of modern power instruments such as Phasor Measurement Uni . . .
  • Hq37vr224?file=thumbnail
    Bandaru, Teja
    The aim of the project is to design an RF-power amplifier using hybrid-900 couplers. The main objective of this project is designing the layout and simulation using advanced design system and RF/MW E-book software at an operating frequency of 12 GHz. . . .
  • 37720g10q?file=thumbnail
    Slijepcevic, Marko
    Abstract Design and Implementation of a Pulsed Radar Using Software Defined Radio By Marko Lawrence Slijepcevic Master of Science in Electrical Engineering This paper aims to demonstrate the feasibility of implementation of a pulsed radar system using . . .
  • 0v838302h?file=thumbnail
    Bamdad, Erfan
    High penetration solar energy has been introduced in many different ways; however, it applies to the comparison between the amount of power generation and the maximum load demand on a feeder which can be considered as the minimum load on a feeder. The . . .
  • N009w509w?file=thumbnail
    Zong, Lize
    Image restoration is an important part of digital image-processing. It is the most common and difficult technique in image processing. This thesis focuses on how to apply several MATLAB-based filtering methods in image restoration. Images are often se . . .
  • 8s45qc609?file=thumbnail
    Lee, Chang Seok
    As a result of the gradual exhaustion of fossil fuel resources and the increased awareness of the need for environmental protection, hybrid (HVs) or electric vehicles (EVs) have received increased attention in recent years, along with more widespread . . .
  • Wd375z892?file=thumbnail
    Vemulapalli, Anish
    The main objective of this grad project is to study the scaling effect of different electrical parameters of GaN base MESFET by using a physics based analytical model using simulated MATLAB. The device dimensions, doping concentration and fabrication . . .
  • Xd07gw17p?file=thumbnail
    Amin, Mihirkumar
    The project proposes a hybrid system which combines AC and DC system interconnected with inverters so as to form a hybrid micro grid. On AC side, Photovoltaic (PV), Wind and Diesel generator are connected into the main grid. On DC side, two battery ba . . .
  • Br86b627w?file=thumbnail
    Bhagat, Abhishek
    In this project, an analytical modeling of optically controlled Silicon Carbide has been presented here for an analysis of extrinsic and intrinsic parameters such as, gate capacitances including both of the gate-source capacitances, gate-drain capacit . . .
  • 6t053j73w?file=thumbnail
    kandoori, sai neeraj
    The main objective of this project is to develop a physics based analytical model of Gallium Nitride (GaN) MESFETs device to determine the frequency response under the influence of a trap center in the interface of channel and substrate. The frequency . . .
  • 1831cn37h?file=thumbnail
    Megerdichian, Linda
    The main goal of this project is to provide video test patterns that can be used to verify video processing cores. It is common to break down large designs into subprojects among different development teams. Each team is in charge of developing a spec . . .
  • Vd66w2400?file=thumbnail
    Macias, Jose
    The objective of this project is to analyze the impact of Distributed Generation (DG) penetration into conventional distribution systems. Until few years ago, electric power systems were characterized by large centralized generation units, a high volt . . .
  • Rx913s46k?file=thumbnail
    Delijani, Fatemeh
    The Pedar-X system is an in-shoe dynamic pressure distribution measuring system, made by the Novel Corporation. It utilizes capacitive sensors to sense pressures across the sole of the foot. The system is designed for a variety of applications includi . . .
  • 0p0969421?file=thumbnail
    Bagio, Loreto
    This project paper is about finite element modeling of electrochemical glucose sensors. In this project, we demonstrate the development of a three-dimensional model in COMSOL Multiphysics simulation software. The model simulates the amperometry measur . . .
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    Perera Jayasinghe, John Lasantha
    The following thesis project is based on designing a Ku-Band Oscillator operating at 14 GHz for satellite communication applications. A suitable MESFET transistor in the common gate configuration was employed to achieve a negative resistance (energy g . . .
  • Jw827f370?file=thumbnail
    Kukadiya, Akash Pankajkumar
    The Autonomous indoor localization system is a sub system of the project that needs to be built in order to compete in the International Aerial Robotics Competition (IARC), 6th mission. The system helps to locate the flying vehicle in a given indoor s . . .
  • Mk61rk47r?file=thumbnail
    Jones, Nicholas
    As technology evolves, silicon based devices are getting exponentially smaller and the world continues to become more connected and intertwined. A relatively recent advancement in digital wireless communication has created a combination of increased w . . .
  • Bg257h81q?file=thumbnail
    LaDue, Charles Frank
    Analytical techniques developed in the field of optimal control theory will be exercised in an examination of constrained flight trajectories for a maneuverable re-entry vehicle. The flight trajectories will result from a quadratic tracking performanc . . .
  • Work
    Alotaibi, Ahmed
    In this project, the algorithm of the Reed-Solomon code encoder and decoder is discussed, followed by the implementations of (255, 223) Reed-Solomon codes. The encoder takes a 223-byte date block and generates a 255-byte code block to be transmitted o . . .
  • C821gn13p?file=thumbnail
    Nilkaew, Yookta
    This project presents the implementation of a sliding mode controller in a phase-locked loop (PLL) circuit with the goal of increasing the phase-locked loop’s system response. The system response of the PLL can be improved by decreasing the lock time. . . .
  • 2z10ws75d?file=thumbnail
    Gholian, Armen
    This project simulates a communication system in MATLAB that uses synchronous direct sequence CDMA as the multiple-access technique for two users in an A WGN channel. The project is made of three chapters. The first chapter includes some basic definit . . .
  • 3n2041820?file=thumbnail
    Danta, Randall C.
    A microprocessor bicycle computer is described which combines the features of low power hardware components with the flexibility of microprocessor control to provide a passive, frictionless instrument for collecting, storing, analyzing, and displaying . . .
  • Mc87ps90j?file=thumbnail
    Shakya, Rabin
    This paper investigates the effect of harmonics in the performance of over current relay in a power system. The simulation is carried in ETAP software which has an IEEE 9 bus system containing nonlinear loads. The load flow analysis, short circuit ana . . .
  • 1v53k0891?file=thumbnail
    Tourgoli, Mahsa
    Sleep apnea is a type of sleep disorder that is defined by pauses in breathing. The patients who have sleep apnea suffer from a very shallow breath or they may even stop breathing while they are sleeping. Every pause in breathing may take several seco . . .
  • Xp68kj72h?file=thumbnail
    Sadri, Amir
    There has been a lot of interest in the research community the recent years in Compressed Sensing for solving under-determined systems of equations or reconstruction of sparse signals from highly inadequate samples (in the original or in a transformed . . .
  • 0c483m88n?file=thumbnail
    User, Enes
    In this project, a System on Chip (SoC) design was created to find all possible solutions for a billiard puzzle asked in the PQSRT puzzle competition. The user enters the location information of five billiard balls via push buttons. Then all possible . . .
  • R494vn80p?file=thumbnail
    Basta, Peter O.
    An unmanned aerial vehicle also known as UAV is an unpiloted aircraft which can either be remotely operated or flown autonomously based on pre-programmed flight plans. Usually these types of vehicles are used in military applications for missions that . . .
  • 8623j148f?file=thumbnail
    Gaxiola, Samuel
    Regarding optimization methods, there is much inspiration to be found in nature and biology. There has been much effort in recent years to further and develop new methods and algorithms for approaching optimization problems, with the inspiration for t . . .