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    Sitkoff, Nancy
    A method for encoding and decoding Bose-Chaudhuri-Hocquenghem codes has been investigated. The algebraic theory is presented to help understand the concepts necessary for manipulations of fields and polynomials. This, in turn, helps in understanding t . . .
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    Liu, Shi-Chung
    This project presents a tagged model of the dataflow computer. The first part contains a detailed description of the architecture, and the computer operation of the dataflow computer. In the second part, a dataflow computer assembler with limited asse . . .
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    Plan or blueprint
    Munoz, Jorge
    ·The content of this project demonstrates and explains the design and implementation of a digital circuit that will be used as a programmable interface device for a commercial piece of equipment; Dana Digiphase Frequency Synthesizer, model number 7030 . . .
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    Siering, Richard Karl
    A cost effectiveness study is made on three of the most promising candidates for a standardized memory system which could be used with a large variety of new and yet to be developed space and airborne computers. A description of the three candidates: . . .
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    White, Martha Lynne
    A computer code has been developed for use on a personal computer to calculate thermodynamic properties of working fluids. The code was written for use with an MS-DOS operating system using version 3.13 of the Microsoft FORTRAN language. This particul . . .
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    Kamel, Saad Mohamed
    The detailed design of a pilot plant distillation unit is presented in this project. Brass was selected as the primary material of construction for the required components. The pilot plant consists of the following :units: a 50 liter reboiler vessel, . . .
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    Price, William O'Neil
    In the last decade, several high power radars were installed near the ordnance magazines at the Pacific Missile Test Center, Point Mugu, California. The radars were built several hundred feet from the end of a long row of the magazines. Recently, radi . . .
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    Stearns, Thomas de Bruyne
    The method of influence coefficients and relaxation was utilized in a computer program designed to perform a two dimensional deflection analysis of underbuoy hose systems. This iteration technique proved to converge rapidly to an accurate solution of . . .
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    Mistry, Yogeshkumar L.
    The ability to match an object of one image with the corresponding object in another image is important in the field of pattern recognition. Object matching techniques consist of geometric and intensity transformations on images to bring the matching . . .
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    bin Haji Mohamad Abu Bakar, Jaafar
    A method of obtaining the resonant frequency of a single patch and coupled-microstrip patch antennas is presented. The formulation of the problem is based on full-wave analysis. In this analysis, the spectral domain equivalent circuits are employed. I . . .
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    Javadvesian, Hrach
    Lateral loads have repeatedly been a great concern for design engineers, which in turn have necessitated for more research and tests in finding the reaction and performance of wood sheathed diaphragms under later loads. This project report summarizes . . .
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    Cullumber, John Steven
    An analog simulator which deals with the free flight of the AIM-7F Sparrow missile is being developed at the Pacific Missile Test Center, Point Mugu, California. This machine is designed to be a "quick-look" machine used to gather engineering data on . . .
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    Mehdiani, Behrooz
    Vibration developed by operating machinery produces several effects which must be considered in the design of the foundation. However, for a vibration analysis it is necessary to possess a clear understanding of the fundamentals of theory of vibration . . .
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    Leibowitz, Robert N.
    The field of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) has expanded rapidly in recent years as Very Large Scale Integrated (VLSI) circuits now permit a wide range of DSP algorithms to operate in realtime or near realtime. Digital signal processing is explored f . . .
  • Z316q400j?file=thumbnail
    Chui, Po Ching
    Advances in digital computers have made possible many digital signal processing techniques which require extensive computations. However, in the field of pattern recognition where a vast amount of data processing is needed, the employment of large com . . .
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    Bowman, Edward Richard
    Test apparatus and appropriate instrumentation has been designed to experimentally study the Boiling Crisis and determine the Critical Heat Flux of water flow under forced convection. A description of the regimes and boiling mechanisms of pool saturat . . .
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    Budiartho, Rexon
    The advent of Microprocessor, VLSI suppoting chips, and special purpose analog or digital integrated circuits have made possible the development of low cost automated test equipments that are smaller in size, reliable, and easily adaptable to differen . . .
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    Ord, Don Grant
    There are two phases to the design of digital systems: (1)the theoretical or mathematical design and (2)the translation of mathematical equations into hardware. These two phases are normally treated separately. The textbooks discuss quite adequately t . . .
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    Darlington, Lee Douglas
    There are numerous ways to achieve sum-difference magic tee performance in strip transmission line packages. The tandem-cascade magic tee first suggested by Carpenter is particularly adapted to realization in stripline and is closely examined here. Th . . .
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    Reis, Richard Philip
    This report describes a system that was implemented to evaluate biomedical surface electrodes. Surface electrodes are the weak link in most electrophysiological measurement systems. (Electrocardiography is an example of an electrophysiological measure . . .
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    Minassian, Frederick
    This is an extensive literature study about pressure drop in two-phase flow systems. It starts with a general introduction, and a review of the Lockhart-Martinelli method, and its further developments. Thereafter it shows pressure behavior in specific . . .
  • Mc87ps88h?file=thumbnail
    Beals, Scott Anderson
    A two phase project designed to evaluate suitable methods of hydrocarbon condensate measurement has been completed. The first stage of this project involved preliminary screening of the available methods. Results of this preliminary evaluation indicat . . .
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    Ball, John Joseph
    The input impedance of two monopole antennas of unequal length excited by a common feed point by means of a "Tee" bar is investigated both theoretically and analytically. A computer program for calculating the current distribution and input impedance . . .
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    Biler, Jacob Yaacov
    Computer simulation has been proven to be a powerful tool in the design of assembly and production lines. It has been applied successfully in automotive assembly lines in various Flexible Manufacturing Systems, in job-shop operations, and in many othe . . .
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    Sakhavi, Masood
    Energy conservation will allow the earth's limited resource base of high quality fuel to be stretched further. The fact is that we may be faced with continuing shortages of fuel and power unless new sources are developed. It has become increasingly ad . . .
  • 4q77ft97k?file=thumbnail
    De Barro, Henry Joseph
    The non-convergence to a Practical Mathematical General Solution was followed by a request for a spectrum of finite element solutions by the Displacement Method as coded in the SAPIV program of analysis, solely on-line at CSUN. The SAPIV program can y . . .
  • Xw42nb496?file=thumbnail
    Banks, Harry Garfield, III
    Part I describes the design and implementation of a simulation of a manual tracking console for the range portion of a conical scan type fire control radar. Included are: The design of analog computer circuitry used to simulate range tracking; the des . . .
  • V692t8849?file=thumbnail
    Drapeau, David John
    The development of new dielectric ceramics with the required properties (high dielectric constant, high Q, temperature stable and low loss) at microwave frequencies has made dielectric resonators desirable as a hybrid microwave element. Unfortunately, . . .
  • Pg15bh50g?file=thumbnail
    Talmor, Amitai
    The project is to design a low pass digital filter for the sonar spectrum analyzer. This filter is used as the input low pass filter in the sonar system, to determine the baseband spectrum of low frequency signals, detected by the sonar. The filter de . . .
  • 1g05ff03f?file=thumbnail
    Hardaker, Philip Richard
    A speech synthesizer was designed and programmed to be used in conjunction with an APPLE II computer. Speech was made possible with a Voice Synthesis Processor (VSP) integrated circuit from Texas Instruments. The circuit reduces the sound of a spoken . . .
  • 8s45qc634?file=thumbnail
    Gullick, Gerald Dale
    This is an abstract submitted in partial satisfaction of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Engineering. The original paper is on file with Professor John Motil at the School of Engineering.
  • Vh53wz06r?file=thumbnail
    Banki, Jamal Mohagheh
    This paper presents a discussion of the various costs involved in the development and manufacture of a new product. A mathematical model of these costs is also presented as a tool of the decision maker to determine whether this new product development . . .
  • 5425kd054?file=thumbnail
    Lauterbach, Rudy B.
    This paper will document the system design, tradeoffs and implementation of a magnetic disk controller for the IBM 2311-type disk drive. The controller is specifically configured to operate in the chassis of an S100-Bus computer. Rationale behind this . . .
  • 2b88qf86k?file=thumbnail
    Delgado, Robert C.
    The Navy Astronautics Group (NAG) operates the Navy Navigation Satellite System (NNSS). The NNSS provides precise all-weather navigation fixes to the Fleet. NAG maintains four satellite tracking facilities which are responsible for one TIP-type and si . . .
  • Tt44pq27n?file=thumbnail
    Batson, Donald Dean
    The input impedance of unsymmetrical folded dipoles is investigated over the frequency range of 1 to 1.4 GHz. Eight individual folded dipoles are presented with both measured and computer calculated results. Two computer programs are presented using t . . .
  • 12579v809?file=thumbnail
    Sutherland, William Lee II
    The Jury-Lee Criteria for absolute stability is applied to a general class of multiple-loop nonlinear systems. The Jury-Lee Criteria is the result of the application of Popov's approach to a general class of nonlinear systems with multiple nonlinearit . . .
  • Ww72bd970?file=thumbnail
    Brend, Harlis Ellerd
    This thesis is concerned with the application of microprogramming to the design and development of a data communications-oriented digital computer. The design philosophy is discussed, followed by a discussion of the computer architecture. Additional t . . .
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    Baumgartner, Alois Joseph
    Presented is the analytical development of a mathematical model describing the lateral elastic, as well as lateral primary and secondary creep deflections of a simply supported square plate due to a concentrated load at its center. A closed-loop compu . . .
  • 7m01bp40f?file=thumbnail
    Huffman, John Allen
    Aircraft hydraulic oil and electrical insulating oil are normally contaminated with dissolved air. Variations in temperature or pressure can convert dissolved air to free air bubbles in system. The bubbles degrade the system performance. Ground suppor . . .
  • Mg74qp78h?file=thumbnail
    Sokolsky, Lawrence Mitchell
    An important problem in spacecraft design is the method with which the spacecraft is released into orbit. The mechanism which releases the spacecraft must perform the following functions: the spacecraft must be released with very low angular velocity, . . .
  • 1r66j367r?file=thumbnail
    Hsiao, Ting Kuo
    Technical Analysis of Cost Proposal (TACP) is the review and evaluation of contractor’s cost data to assure that the contractor’s proposal is fair and reasonable for the timely delivery of supplies and/or services to the government. The purpose of thi . . .
  • 6108vf13f?file=thumbnail
    Clemens, Rick Arnold
    The modeling and analysis of a motor control circuit of a tape transport system will be performed in this project. Particular attention will be given to the technique used to generate the reference ramp to bring the system up to speed. This ramp gener . . .
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    Ferry, Stephen James
    The performance of a low- frequency class-C amplifier was analyzed. A simple nonsaturating model was assumed. Power output, power gain, and collector efficiency were found to increase as the power supply voltage was increased. Collector efficiency inc . . .
  • Sn00b149g?file=thumbnail
    Cackette, Thomas Arthur
    A Beckman non-dispersive infrared nitric oxide analyzer and a Teledyne oxygen analyzer are incorporated into a movable sampling system which includes a water vapor removal system. Instrument operating characteristics are reported. A laboratory experim . . .
  • 8049g757x?file=thumbnail
    McGinnis, John Edward
    The methods used for and the results of an experimental evaluation of the levels of reflections on the California State University, Northridge outdoor antenna range are described. The test frequencies chosen for this evaluation were 1.2 GHz, 2.2 GHz, . . .
  • M900nx06r?file=thumbnail
    Cross, Elden H.
    This report presents the results of a study to develop a finite difference procedure for solving the parabolic partial differential equation describing the flow of ground water toward a well in an unconfined aquifer. The approach differs from previous . . .
  • Fb494c04v?file=thumbnail
    Kayastha, Kanhaiya Lal
    This project formulates and introduces the structural aspects of a model Building Code for Nepal. There is as yet no standard of construction, and no building codes or norms, adopted in Nepal. The most economical construction material Nepal is clay br . . .
  • Js956j55p?file=thumbnail
    Norris, Karen Frances
    This project report covers two important aspects of the microelectronic field; thin film technology and integrated circuit technology. The sections dealing with thin films are mainly concerned with the properties and implementation of photosensitive m . . .
  • 9p290d17s?file=thumbnail
    Grasse, Charles Jr
    A detailed investigation is undertaken in order to determine the potential usefulness of acoustic surface-waves in implementing various signal processing functions. The propagation of elastic, vibrational energy on the surface of an isotropic solid is . . .
  • Xw42nb53s?file=thumbnail
    Wells, Warren Richard
    This graduate paper deals with the subject of doubly reinforced rectangular concrete beams in bending. Their principle applications for today's engineers are listed in the early pages of the paper. Both the Working Stress theory and the Ultimate Stren . . .