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    Vahle, Laura
    Incest is underdiagnosed in the clinical setting. Clinicians often assign non-incest diagnoses based on symptomatology that is secondary to the underlying primary problem which is the impact of the externally induced trauma, incest. Another aspect of . . .
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    Mohan, Kalavathy
    This Project presents an easily testable design for Programmable Logic Arrays (PLAs). The design is made in such a way to make the PLAs fully testable. This is achieved by adding extra logic. The extra logic added consists of one shift register, two o . . .
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    Hsu, Ivan S.
    It is sometimes difficult to purchase an IC to perform the exact function one desires. Generic motor controller parts are usually available, but they contain many useless functions and lack others for specific applications. This project covers the des . . .
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    Sumii, Felicia
    Data was previously collected on 228 incarcerated pregnant women during their MIRACLE project intake interview. During the intake interview demographic data, criminal histories, social histories, and personal and family trauma histories were collected . . .
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    Blauvelt, Serenity
    This project focuses upon designing an intentionally structured group for college men about the multiple expressions of masculinity. Within the project, there is information and exercises that are included to prepare a college professional to facilita . . .
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    Basarkar, Girish Madhav
    The research described in this report is the application of numerical and parameter identification techniques to the pressure and flow data from a group of maximal expiratory flow tests to estimate the mechanical properties of the lungs (pleural press . . .
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    Guerrero, Veronica
    The sole purpose of this project is to emphasize the importance of early preparation for college. Research indicates that Latinos are underrepresented in institutions of higher learning. Furthermore, it also ventures to demonstrate that factors such a . . .
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    Wasef, Rosalie G.
    This project provides the guidelines for the creation of a multicultural classroom and implementation of these guidelines in a classroom of three year old children at Oxnard College Child Development Center. An evaluation of both the manual and the cl . . .
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    Wong, Lai F.
    Anorexia nervosa is becoming an increasingly common disorder, especially in Western countries where great emphasis is placed on being slim. Fashion models face an exaggerated need to maintain a slim shape not only because their success depends upon it . . .
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    Yoder, Sean C.
    The genus Mycobacterium is commonly associated with diseases such as leprosy, tuberculosis and other pulmonary infections. Mycobacterium avium is increasingly identified as a cause of disseminated disease in AIDS patients. A need for a better understa . . .
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    Burigo, Ray
    The purpose of this study was to assess the nutritional knowledge, behaviors, and concerns of the CSUN varsity athlete. The collected findings are to serve as a guideline for the development of nutrition education material to be utilized to enhance th . . .
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    Pandya, Manoj K.
    VHDL is a hardware description language that can be used to model a digital system. It contains elements that can be used to describe the behavior or structure of the digital system, with the provision for specifying its timing explicitly. A top down . . .
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    Bergquist, Alina Louise
    The adolescent years of life are typically a time when normal physical, emotional and mental development can become turbulent. The identified role of a teenager is to gain independence from his or her parent(s) as they develop their own interests towa . . .
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    Rabowsky, Brent
    This project examines a practical method for the compression of images using the discrete cosine transform (DCT). The basics of image compression are examined, including a general description of transform coding. The DCT is analyzed from two different . . .
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    Metz, Mark A.
    Two syrphine flies (Diptera: Syrphidae) were studied to measure the possible difference in the abdominal color pattern variation of sternites 2-5. Toxomerus marginatus, a non-mimetic syrphine, shows much more variation in its abdominal color pattern t . . .
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    Craven, Lauren
    The purpose of this thesis project is to create a reference guide that school counselors in the Los Angeles area can utilize to better understand eating disorders. The information will include specific types of eating disorders, as well as their sympt . . .
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    Nunez, Annette
    This study investigated that the use of Floor time in a social-emotional skills group, would increase the emotional development of the group, and increase the spontaneous initiations within the group. The social skills group consisted of four children . . .
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    Fang, Qi
    This graduate project designed and implemented a prototype of an easy-to-use, yet very versatile and powerful 20 sketcher and 30 interactive modeler for architects. The predominant concepts of the modeler design are a simplified and integrated GUI tha . . .
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    Deaton, Jack Wesley
    Experimental and theoretical studies of the manner in which molecules are distributed amongst micelles are described. Micelles are spherical, when separated "compartments" in aqueous solution that have the ability to solubilize water insoluble molecul . . .
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    Lopez, Elizabeth
    In recent years, there has been a rapid increase in HIV infection rates among women. Young females in particular have been disproportionately affected. Current HIV prevention interventions fail to meet the needs of those young females who are at highe . . .
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    Deyirmencian, Nuran Ohannes
    The behavior of water flow through a rectangular open channel spillway with a stilling basin and step was analyzed using Excel and Visual Basic for Applications. All the parameters of the flow (such as critical flow, depths at key points, lengths of d . . .
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    Ruiz, Linda
    Mexican-American immigrants have been key figures in one of the greatest migration occurrences in the United States. This population makes contributions to the culture, financial system, and employment industry of the United States. They are an ongoin . . .
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    Hernandez, Elizabeth
    The purpose of this study is to examine protective factors of adolescent resiliency with a focus on educationally supportive parenting behaviors. It is a correlational study examining the effects of perceived academically supportive behaviors by paren . . .
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    Guzman, Isabel Pacheco
    The purpose of this study is to examine group differences in attachment styles and relationship functioning among individuals with high and low psychopathic traits. It was hypothesized that individuals with high psychopathic traits would report greate . . .
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    Ngai, Terence Nai-ching
    Trellis-Coded Modulation (TCM) is a technique which combines channel coding and modulation for the transmission of digital signals over bandlimited channels. The basic idea is to use signal-set expansion to provide redundancy for coding, and to design . . .
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    Dakota, Sage
    Consciousness as a construct continues to have utility in society; legally, medically and interpersonally. Repression is an often-studied mechanism to explain how some things are kept out of consciousness. The Constructive Repression Approach emphasiz . . .
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    Bugarin, Elba
    The purpose of this study is to investigate the influence of significant others' academic support on adolescents' academic identity and educational aspirations in Latino adolescents. Self-report data was collected from 164 Latino adolescents from one . . .
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    Dalal, Hemal Mahesh
    An X-band design using NE4210S01 's scattering parameters, the input and output matching networks were designed to create four Maximum Gain Amplifiers which are combined with four 90 Degree hybrid couplers, designed using Microstrip Line Technology, t . . .
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    Di Fusco, Laura
    For a great many Americans, daily life constitutes an ongoing crisis of emotional survival (Garfield, 1987). Many individuals take on more than one role such as, a mother, wife, worker, and student. One may be faced with much pressure to be successful . . .
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    Favakehi, Mohamad
    The objective of this project is to design and evaluate an interactive terminal using vacuum fluorescent technology. The display tube used is six lines by forty characters wide to enable to display 240 characters of display data. The touch input panel . . .
  • 0z7090979?file=thumbnail
    Osagawa, Manabu
    This project is considered as a portion of the XCoNet (Xilinx Chip on the Net). The main goal of XCoNet project is to connect Xilinx FPGAs to the Internet directly so that the chip can be re-configured and upgraded by receiving the configuration bitst . . .
  • 2514nq81w?file=thumbnail
    Ferman, Patricia
    The purpose of this thesis project is to develop a program, consisting of training sessions and a manual through which preschool teachers will learn ways of working with children with autism to increase social interactions. A manual will be created so . . .
  • Nv9356829?file=thumbnail
    Goraya, Sapandeep Singh
    The aim of the project is to study state of the a1t in the design, development and applications of RF MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) devices, with primary emphases on RF MEMS switches, in the context of its imminent insertion and deployment i . . .
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    Perez, Concepcion H.
    In recent years, colleges and universities have attempted to increase the effectiveness of their educational programs in order to better assure student success. An integral tool that needs to be improved in the educational system of higher education i . . .
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    Stupar, Jerry Allen
    The lack of quality physical education, as well as an absence of health and wellness concepts being taught, (particularly in California) results in children leaving elementary school with poor levels of physical activity and fitness. Project Health Zo . . .
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    Hamor, Sarah
    Music information retrieval (MIR) is the fi eld dedicated to the organization and retrieval of music data. One of the eventual goals of MlR research is automatic transcription, where any musical recording can be transcribed to accurate sheet music wit . . .
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    Talebian, Sasan
    The objective of this project is to discuss the assembly, behavior, building code requirements, and standard design practices for horizontal and vertical wood diaphragms. The discussions presented are intended to highlight the basics involved in desig . . .
  • H702qb25t?file=thumbnail
    Rathod, Nikhil
    The Project is to investigate the current techniques for fingerprint recognition. This target can be mainly decomposed into image preprocessing, feature extraction and feature match. For each sub-task, some classical and up-to-date methods in literatu . . .
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    Deisinger, David
    Purpose. The purpose of this study was to determine the response stability of measurements used in the assessment of center of pressure excursion (COPe) during step initiation. A NeuroCom� Balance Master� was used to collect data relating to subjects . . .
  • Jd473131g?file=thumbnail
    Phalen, Carol Marie
    Paralabrax clathratus, commonly known as the kelp bass, is an important sportfish to the Southern California angler, ranking among the top sportfish on commercial passenger fishing vessels since the 1950's. They commonly occur in a patchy distribution . . .
  • 4f16c696x?file=thumbnail
    Coffey, Lavanson C.
    This project focuses on the development and documentation of a case study based on the build-up, check-out, certification and testing of the Dynamic and Aerodynamic Load Test (DALT) facility. Located at the Pacific Missile Test Center (PMTC), Point Mu . . .
  • Gx41mn547?file=thumbnail
    Touyarot, David A.
    Parametric and constraint-based design systems are becoming the CAD/CAM standard in most commercial applications. The ability of these systems to create parametric models allows engineers to produce designs that can be modified to fit changing require . . .
  • 37720h47k?file=thumbnail
    Hammer, Henry
    The relatively new world of computer science is in the midst of yet another technological revolution. As industry strives to produce ever faster machines and systems, many crossroads are encountered and paths are chosen. In one of the more recent batt . . .
  • Rx913t90b?file=thumbnail
    Korhani, Nader
    Immigration has been an integral part of American history as a nation, since the beginning. In the past few decades, new immigrants in this country have been from a more diverse culture and ethnicity than the immigrants before them who were mostly Eur . . .
  • Wp988p633?file=thumbnail
    Azar, Viki
    The licensing requirements for a marriage and family therapist include the completion of 3,000 supervised hours combined as a trainee and an intern. While in a qualifying master's degree program, the student trainee is required to locate and secure a . . .
  • Z603r242h?file=thumbnail
    Parker, Joanna
    This study will examine the attitudes and perceptions of middle school girls towards their physical education classes and teachers. Physical education should be shared by all. All students, male or female should be provided with the same opportunities . . .
  • 8049g874s?file=thumbnail
    Chocron, Lucien
    The relationship between psychotherapy and religion has been often stormy and consistently ambivalent. Issues' concerning counseling and psychotherapy of the orthodox Jewish client is no exception. The present study is designed to understand the strug . . .
  • 3b591d55s?file=thumbnail
    Chokasut, Prayut
    The design of a force feedback joystick for Virtual Reality was described in this project report. Before the final design is reached, different designs of a force feedback joystick have been attempted. In this final design, two motors were chosen to g . . .
  • 3x816r58x?file=thumbnail
    Villanueva-Jonsson, Lisa
    The purpose of this handbook is to provide an in-depth look at specific labor laws which can protect the employee, allow the employee treatment options and provide resources to help start the recovery process. Fear of losing one's job often inhibits t . . .
  • Cz30px425?file=thumbnail
    Kontakos, Panagiotis
    This report focuses on issues affecting the performance of Numerical Algorithms on general-purpose processors (Pentium 4, Athlon) and the Centered DFT/IDFT method developed by Dr. John W. Adams of California State University, Northridge. The foundatio . . .
  • Hx11xj911?file=thumbnail
    Dozal, Jared Michael
    This graduate project is submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Mathematics for Educational Careers. It is a compilation of five projects, each focusing on different fields of mathematics relevant t . . .
  • Qr46r468r?file=thumbnail
    Murga, Nelson
    The purpose of this project is to describe the architecture of a parallel processing system that uses RISC type processors as its main CPUs. The system being described is a multiprocessor system in which the processors work together on a single task i . . .
  • Sj139599n?file=thumbnail
    Young, Lin G.
    The problem of excess supply and lower demand for Ph.D.s in the academic labor market has presented a number of career challenges and obstacles to many Ph.D. students. These challenges include: barriers in establishing stable employment in their occup . . .
  • K930c206g?file=thumbnail
    Mohtashemi, Iman
    Clusterin is a multi-functional protein that was initially isolated from ram testis. It was first identified for its ability to promote aggregation of cells, hence the name clusterin (Fritz et al., 1983). Subsequent research has identified clusterin i . . .
  • 3197xq98f?file=thumbnail
    Kuwadekar, Pradnya Sanjeev
    Cell surface properties play an important role in embryonic morphogenesis and in malignant invasion. Cell surface sugar chains extend away from the cell membrane and are believed to be involved in cellular migration and adhesiveness. Some of these sug . . .
  • Bn999b526?file=thumbnail
    Trunzo, Angela D.
    College preparation is a long process that can be fostered through educational programs at all levels, but specifically during the last year of one's middle school years. It is very common for high school juniors and seniors to ponder their future pla . . .
  • H989r748m?file=thumbnail
    Cohen, Kelly Michelle
    Drug addiction is a complex yet treatable brain disease characterized by compulsive drug cravings and seeking that persists even after severe adverse consequences. For millions of individuals in the United States, drug addiction becomes chronic, with . . .
  • Zc77sv14w?file=thumbnail
    Abboud, Randa I.
    Ammonia, glutamate, or glutamine can be utilized as sole source of nitrogen by Sporosarcina ureae. The growth rate is proportional to the concentration of ammonia up to a set value of 0.6 div./h at 84 mM, but concentration independent for glutamate at . . .
  • H702qb238?file=thumbnail
    Hebeler, Aaron Keith
    The Mw 7.6 Kashmir earthquake and its surface rupture of the Balakot-Bagh fault, considered by many to be inactive prior to 2005, underscored the need to better understand the active tectonics of the northwest Himalaya and raised concern that other un . . .
  • P5547w205?file=thumbnail
    Keshishian, Arbi
    Many studies have examined the effects of free lectins such as Concanavalin-A (Con-A) on sea urchin development and suggested that lectin binding ligands play a role in embryonic cellular interactions. In this study, the effects of immobilized Con-A o . . .
  • 6w924g497?file=thumbnail
    Jin, Huixing
    In the power amplification area, there are various classes of power amplifiers with different efficiencies. The Class D (switch-mode) amplifier is getting more popular because of its high efficiency. This project is a comparative study of class D ampl . . .
  • 5d86p396j?file=thumbnail
    Wang, Xinchen
    FPGA (field programmable Gate Array) has played increasingly important roles in the military and aerospace applications today since its dramatic improvement over speed and density. Xilinx, a world leader in FPGA and programmable devices, offers a vast . . .
  • Cc08hk48h?file=thumbnail
    Zaldana, Luis J.
    The primary purpose of this project is to see how the following software tools solve a non-linear control problem; � Matlabs Fuzzy Logic Toolbox � Design Rule Verification Software � FuzzyTECH Design Tool � National Instruments Lab VIEW - Fuzzy Tool F . . .
  • Z316q5321?file=thumbnail
    Wilson, Mark P.
    An examination of 3 types of direct drive Permanent Magnet D.C. Linear Motors is presented. Both commutated Brushless and Brush type D. C. Linear Motors (DCLM) as well as non-commutated DCLM's (i.e. Voice Coil Actuators) will be evaluated in considera . . .
  • 3n204302g?file=thumbnail
    Avalos, James
    Motivation is the collection of causes that encourages a person to participate in an activity (Wakefield, 1996). In relation to physical education and athletic programs, studies have examined theories underlying motivation and its sources (Deci & Ryan . . .
  • Hh63t061f?file=thumbnail
    Barnes, Rebecca Sue
    Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) consists of a continuum of behaviors, such as communication, sensory, and social deficits. Students with ASD may demonstrate problem behaviors, such as physical aggression and self-injurious behaviors that interfere with . . .
  • Pc289n741?file=thumbnail
    Carrillo, Hector
    For a substantial area of America's population in early life, law enforcement represents a vast number of opportunities within several departments to establish a career. In some departments, there are over 250 different sub-areas that an individual ca . . .
  • 0z7090961?file=thumbnail
    Przypek, Veronica Anna
    This study investigated the clothing preferences of female baby boomers born 1946-1964 and then divided into early (born in 1946-1954) and late baby boomers (born in 1955-1964). A self-report questionnaire was used to gather information through snowba . . .
  • Cf95jg27z?file=thumbnail
    Buonora, Brenda Ward
    The current thesis project will explore the theory of motivation as it pertains to learning and examine the opportunities that charter schools may uniquely offer as a means to implement "progressive" educational practices that result in enhanced intri . . .
  • Xd07gx630?file=thumbnail
    Mabe, Nicholas
    In this work I propose several numerical algorithms to calculate the steady state solutions of the Saint-Venant equations, a hyperbolic balance law commonly used to model shallow water flows. The main focus is on two-layer stratified flows distinguish . . .
  • Pc289n73r?file=thumbnail
    Chajin, Farah J.
    The purpose of this project was to develop a financial guidebook for young consumers, 13-18 years of age (Generation Y), which would help them to analyze their shopping behavior for fashionable apparel. According to the literature on young consumers, . . .
  • Ht24wp35n?file=thumbnail
    Spiegler, Marci A.
    The sea urchin is the material of choice for studying many early developmental events. Methods to extend the viability of sea urchin gametes have not received much attention, but it is well known that the eggs are easily damaged by freezing (4). This . . .
  • Xw42nc93z?file=thumbnail
    Traxler, Vern S.
    Cell adhesion has been studied for almost a century beginning with H.V. Wilson's classic studies on sponge cell aggregation. Cell adhesion plays an important role in morphogenesis and malignancy, but its molecular basis is poorly understood. As the ce . . .
  • Sx61dq99g?file=thumbnail
    Mozafari, Robert R.
    This project introduces a speech synthesis system that is to vocalize entries (words) from a laptop computer. The system has a limited yet expandable vocabulary of 256 words that can be entered via a standard computer keyboard in the same manner that . . .
  • Work
    Ecevitoglu, Omer
    One crucial aspect for autonomous vehicle navigation is to have the capability to detect the surrounding terrain in a very fast and robust manner. Recently developed 3D time-offlight cameras have an enormous potential for mobile robotic applications i . . .
  • 2n49t572f?file=thumbnail
    Kalek, Dana
    This thesis is a modified case study involving four families with three-year old children who have been diagnosed on the autistic spectrum. Parent training in the Floor time approach was conducted to increase the mother's ability to support the child' . . .
  • Qn59q8088?file=thumbnail
    Prokopets, Anatoliy
    Purpose. The purpose of this study was to determine the response stability of measurements used in the assessment of center of pressure excursion (COPe) during step initiation. A NeuroCom� Balance Master� was used to collect data relating to subjects . . .
  • Xk81jq14h?file=thumbnail
    Grusky, Xiaoning Zhuang
    The dress preferences and acculturation levels of 60 Mexican-American and 60 Asian-American female college students were compared by means of a self-administered questionnaire. Two types of dress preferences were examined, body modification and body s . . .
  • 8w32r9387?file=thumbnail
    Israbian, Sanan Tamar
    The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between levels of acculturation and sex-role identity in Armenian women living in the United States. The subjects are eighty-five Armenian women residing in the greater Los Angeles, California a . . .
  • 9k41zj561?file=thumbnail
    Lee, Do Kyeong
    Objective: To investigate gait responses to an additional weight applied to the affected limb during aquatic treadmill walking in people post-stroke. Design: Comparative gait analysis Setting: Aquatic therapy center at California State University, Nor . . .
  • Hx11xj88q?file=thumbnail
    Wan, Lisa M.
    This work presents an algorithm for finding a minimal amount of added logic to make Programmable Logic Arrays (PLAs) fully testable. The design-for-testability method is based on the work presented in Saluja-Kinoshita-Fujiwara, 83 [l]o Nevertheless, t . . .
  • Cc08hk46z?file=thumbnail
    Brown, Rosalynn D.
    This study explores the scholarly discipline of the Tarot as a universal symbolic language which forms a framework for a leisure ethic. This ethic codifies ideal behavior applied to a leisure, recreation, and play triad. This triad is supported by the . . .
  • Zw12z928h?file=thumbnail
    Sagastume, Ericka Yvette
    The literature review provides intriguing possibilities for new conceptualizations of domestic violence. It is time to pay attention and make distinctions among various types of violence. The literature reviewed in this paper touches on a new "undergr . . .
  • Pg15bj93g?file=thumbnail
    Swamy, Bhaskar
    The purpose of this project is to demonstrate the applications of discrete simulation to the manufacturing systems and provide an overview of different PC based manufacturing simulators. A case study is presented to show how simulation can be a succes . . .
  • 3f462938c?file=thumbnail
    Steinberg, Jennifer Lynn
    When therapists begin their careers, they often experience high levels of anxiety about their ability to grow into effective therapists. This anxiety often leads to self-doubt, which sometimes causes new therapists to leave the counseling field. While . . .
  • 5m60qw87w?file=thumbnail
    Ventimiglia, Michelle I.
    This project is to describe an early childhood program, The Family Nurturing Center, which addresses comprehensively the two-fold task of early childhood education and family support. The contemporary family is facing circumstances and pressures of a . . .
  • Cf95jg25d?file=thumbnail
    Duncan, Andrea
    Relapse has been identified as a common problem in the treatment of addictions. The problem of relapse must be included in counseling chemically dependent clients to prevent or intervene in a return to substance use. Treatment professionals are in nee . . .
  • Hd76s384h?file=thumbnail
    Nosrati, Dorit
    Iranian Jews constitute a growing minority in metropolitan cities around the United States. They are part of a close-knit community, with strong family and cultural values. Prevailing negative attitudes in the Iranian Jewish society towards disease an . . .
  • Bv73c4857?file=thumbnail
    Parizher, Vadim
    During the last 30 years, the scientific digital image processing community inherited a large amount of legacy software. While algorithms in side this software are very valuable, the User lnterface is usually extremely slow and cumbersome. Most of the . . .
  • W6634748n?file=thumbnail
    Khakshouri, Eliz Lisa
    The 1978 Iranian revolution, forced many Iranian-Jewish families to immigrate to the United States. However, due to the cultural shock that naturally occurs as a foreigner enters a new country, the adjustment in the acculturation process between the o . . .
  • Sj139598c?file=thumbnail
    Hoyt, Jeffrey Alan
    It has been reported by Alcoa that alloy 7055-T7751 is 25% stronger than alloy 7075-T6 and that corrosion resistance of alloy 7055-T7751 is between that of alloys 7150-T6 and 7150-T77. Mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of these alloys wer . . .
  • 9s161b18h?file=thumbnail
    Cooper, Duane J.
    This report describes an implementation of a programming language, SCHEME, as well as a variety of applications. SCHEME is a member of the LISP family of languages. The software engineering methodology is fully explained and is one of the most importa . . .
  • F1881q840?file=thumbnail
    Denduluri, Srinivas
    This project is aimed at analyzing the fading effects of a communication channel on transmitted signals in a cellular communication system. The radio channel available for communications places certain basic limitations on the performance of any wirel . . .
  • 1j92gc60g?file=thumbnail
    Hyun, Chung My
    Electrophilic activation of acyl transfer reactions has been studied as a model for catalytic hydrolyses by proteolytic and lipolytic enzymes which have no active-site serine residues. Naked carboxylate ions in dipolar aprotic media readily cleave 4-n . . .
  • Db78tg37m?file=thumbnail
    Bartlett, Stephen
    The project deals with the conceptualization, development and production of a robotic system. This robotic system consists of three mobile vehicles and a monitoring terminal. The three mobile robots are equipped with computing, navigation, sensing, an . . .
  • 3n204300x?file=thumbnail
    McKee, Michael
    The limited capability of conventional controllers to control complicated, dynamical, systems has motivated research into so-called intelligent control systems. In this project, a genetic algorithm is used to tune a fuzzy logic controller by finding a . . .
  • Fn107308w?file=thumbnail
    Wang, Dongming
    Policy-based Network is the network on which the traffic management is achieved by applying policies in the network. A policy is a statement defining which traffic should be treated differently in the network. It is defined by an administrator and spe . . .
  • Pk02cf516?file=thumbnail
    Jariwala, Harshit
    Due to day-to-day technological advancements in VLSI industry, there is a constant challenge for shrinking the limits of ASICs/FPGA chips in terms of area, power and speed. On top of all these technological advancements, the end user requirements are . . .
  • 5m60qw85b?file=thumbnail
    Abels, Suzanne E.
    This study examined the impact fathers have on the psychological health or dysfunction of their daughters. Specifically, the study examines the influence of Jewish father-daughter relationships on the daughter's relationship with heterosexual men, car . . .
  • 5712mb341?file=thumbnail
    Hunt, Barbette
    The purpose of this study is to educate therapists about Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and the horse as a valuable tool in therapy. A review of the current expert opinion is provided, and an assessment is made of the qualifications necessary for those . . .