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  • Sq87bx73v?file=thumbnail
    Norris, Max
    Using observations of Stokes I and V profiles of the CaII 8542 Å absorption line produced in the solar chromosphere, the magnetic and velocity properties of active regions are investigated. Results for several active regions in Solar-Cycle 24 with var . . .
  • Z603r1208?file=thumbnail
    Voorhees, Grant Adam
    In this report, a rectangular wing based on the SD7062 airfoil is modeled and analyzed. This wing is to be used with the CSUN UAS team and is designed for a solar powered UAV. The design went through several iterations with a heavy emphasis on sandwic . . .
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    Ayyannagari, Abhishek
    The generation of power at the point of consumption is referred to as DG. It can be any source with a generation capacity of 10MW or less. With increase in concerns for protection of the environment from the pollution caused by thermal plants etc., th . . .
  • V405sd076?file=thumbnail
    Broadfoot, Robert
    Turbulence seeing profiles are an extremely important factor when considering an astronomical site. Since observations made with ground-based telescopes suffer from turbulence perturbations, which seriously degrade the image quality, adaptive optics a . . .