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  • Q524jr39b?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Greer, John.
    The project contained herein has three purposes: to establish the existence of a need for housing; to establish that there is a corresponding need to define and explore alternatives to those approaches now in use; and to establish the existence . . .
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    Graduate project
    Hakim, Kawther.
    The purpose of this introductory course is to serve as a guide and manual to the Arab instructor. It is an aid to help solve the problems of teaching English as a foreign language. The differences in structure and sounds and in the cultures reflec . . .
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    Graduate project
    MacMillan, William.
    Die casting is the metal working process by which molten metal is forced into steel molds, under pressure, in order to form simple or complex parts with a rapid cycle and little labor. Die casting is the fastest of all casting processes; it is most . . .
  • C247dv68s?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Dong, Justin
    The objective of this project proposal is to provide an alternative design of the current pilot water treatment system located in the Civil Engineering Department hydraulics laboratory at the California State Polytechnic University. The existing syste . . .
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    Graduate project
    Feliciano, Kendall
    Micromelo undatus (Bruguière, 1792), represents the only species in the genus Micromelo (Family Aplustridae). This species of "bubble snail" is generally found in warm, tropical and subtropical waters across the globe. Recent work on other globally di . . .
  • Df65v9917?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Pimentel-Barrantes, Gianluis
    It is important to investigate which flavonoids are involved in the metabolism of xenobiotics to ameliorate the incidence of cancer around the world. Populations around the world are constantly exposed to a diversity of pollutants from the air, water, . . .
  • 4t64gq84r?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Guan, Jingyi
    As the hospitality industry has evolved, hoteliers have been developing and implementing innovative practices to attract customers. As a key component of marketing strategies, promotions drive sales by reinforcing customers’ sense of gratification. In . . .
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    Graduate project
    Lin, Weidi
    This article uses 12 years of data from 42 states in the United States, using simple OLS estimates and panel fixed effects models were used respectively to try to study the effect of unemployment rate on divorce rate and other risk factors affecting d . . .
  • 5q47rr281?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Macy, Kyle
    The Yorba Linda Trend is a proposed NE-SW alignment of earthquakes near the western edge of the Los Angeles Basin in southern California first described by Egill Hauksson in the early 1990s (Hauksson, 1990). Most earthquakes in this area exhibit a str . . .
  • 0z708z56p?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Moreno, Karina
    The genus Cyerce Bergh 1871 is a group of heterobranch sea slugs in the family Caliphyllidae, characterized as having bifid rhinophores, enrolled oral tentacles, multiple leaf-like cerata, and a transverse groove splitting the foot sole of the animal . . .
  • Qz20sv91f?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Muro, Sandra
    Juliidae E.A. Smith, 1885 is a family of Sacoglossan bivalve gastropods mistakenly placed in Bivalvia when initially discovered. These are the only known gastropods with bivalve shells, making them a morphologically unique group. A recent morphologica . . .
  • D504rn906?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Wahab, Allison
    Current types of measurements such as employee surveys aim to measure employee satisfaction which aids in measuring leadership teams. Other measurements include leader evaluations which measures an individual’s performance. However, leader evaluations . . .
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    Graduate project
    Kissler, Waymon Clark.
    No Abstract or Summary
  • Dr26z065m?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Koch, Kenneth.
    An Environmental Impact Report is an informational document which is intended to inform decision makers and the general public about the environmental effects of the projects they propose to carry out or approve. It is intended to enable public ag . . .
  • N296x169b?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Poulin, Raymond.
    Photographic interpretation is the act of exam- ining photographic images of objects for the purpose of identifying and deducing their significance. Everyone can consider himself a photo interpreter. Books, magazines, newspapers, etc., all provi . . .
  • 9p290d19b?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Ruangpin, Maitree.
    Both developing and developed countries face the problem of urban slums. Governments have tried to understand and solve these problems in many ways. Some countries, such as the United States and European nations, have been very successful in d . . .
  • 6682x685x?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Strong, Robert.
    Potential interchange commercial development along Interstate Freeway 5 within the San Joaquin Valley has been a controversial planning problem since the inception of this major regional transportation facility. Despite the multi- million dollar . . .
  • Qv33s018k?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Sule, Richard.
    The Housing Plan for downtown Lagos, Nigeria, is intended to suggest housing alternatives which focus on the provision of a suitable living environment for the residents. The housing plan is also meant to identify certain basic policies for resid . . .
  • Sb397b73t?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Thomas, Lawrence Micheal.
    In this project, the writer proposes an organizational structure for a regional planning agency for the California desert. Because of the complexities and interrelationships involved in resource management in the California desert, a systematic ap . . .
  • R207ts143?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Toigo, John.
    Governments often find themselves in search of new taxes to provide additional revenues or in need of major tax reform in order to realign the tax burden to conform with public policy. California, the central reference point in this paper, may be . . .
  • 8910jx35f?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Wagner, Michael John.
    With the initiation of the California Environmental Quality Act, it has become necessary to prepare a detailed report on major projects that may produce an adverse impact on the environment. The report itself is more commonly known as an Environme . . .
  • Qn59q6760?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Anders, Carol.
    Too often the profession of nursing has been viewed from the technical aspects which can be mastered by anyone with the wit and endurance to undergo training. There is more to the profession than technical skills. The clinical practice of the nurse . . .
  • H702q926w?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Gresham, Richard.
    Evaluation as a concept has many definitions and uses. In general, evaluation is an attempt to appraise the value or worth of something. When related to a discipline, the concept becomes more precise. Evaluation within the discipline of urban and . . .
  • 3j333504k?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Kibbe, Richard.
    Without question, machining is one of the most important methods of shaping metal. The ability to machine a wide variety of metals into almost any conceivable shape has made possible our highly mechanized society and the resultant standard of livi . . .
  • Kk91fp537?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Koch, Louis Jay.
    This project was based on the premise that, if our society has stereotype roles based on sex, then the institution of advertising will reinforce and/or maintain those stereotypes. The television documentary form was chosen as the most effective . . .
  • Cn69m7071?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Moore, Dallas.
    No Abstract or Summary
  • Df65vb42h?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Safranek, Carol.
    I wish to express my thanks to Louie Fant for his permission to write the story of his life, and his help in providing taped descriptions of various events in his life, and the numerous written documents (journals, articles, notes) that he has acc . . .
  • Gq67jv216?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Simonds, Richard Bruce.
    In recent years the industrial crafts field has been experiencing a "twentieth-century renaissance." With this revival, many of the old world crafts have come to life, one of which is the art of creative knot tying known as macrame. As in all craf . . .
  • Vh53wz52v?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Uyoe, Imeh.
    Unemployment has been a serious problem in the United States for years, and many programs have been set up to combat it. The purpose of this project was to assess the effectiveness of selected manpower programs in achieving their objectives. Th . . .
  • 2b88qg295?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Vahlsing, Loran Louis.
    For many decades the American educational system, when viewed as a whole, has been in a great imbalance. The relationship between the education received by the total student body in the system and what the student needs to function in the societ . . .
  • Zg64tp94n?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Wegener, Robert.
    The purpose of this project was to study the degree to which voluntary health planning agencies may have approved excess hospital beds in California, and to suggest such possible remedial action as may be necessary. Chapter 1451, Statutes of 1969, . . .
  • Bn999972g?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Zierath, Marilyn.
    The need for nurses to think and act positively in rehabilitating stroke patients has never been greater. Approximately 600,000 Americans suffer strokes each year. Some of these people remain incapacitated because adequate treatment was not initiat . . .
  • S7526g52r?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Azevedo, Margaret Michie.
    A deaf individual's strongest communication link with the hearing world is his ability to read and write. When a deaf person's speech is too poor to be understood or his hearing counterpart awed by the sight of sign language and gestures, there c . . .
  • 4b29b887h?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Chung, Kirk Cherng-Lieh.
    Tainan City is situated on the south of Chin-nin Valley in the southwest part of Taiwan. Taiwan Strait bounds the city on the west and separates it from the Peng-hu Islands; on the east the city connects with Jen-te and Yuang-kang towns in Taina . . .
  • Hx11xj156?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Ferrell, Eva Jeanette
    This project explored how green building construction impacted a commercial construction company in Stockton, California. Through an examination of green building construction as well as general commercial construction in the Stockton area, the author . . .
  • Hh63sz76p?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Farrel, William.
    The project, in its final form, is the culmination of work begun nearly four years ago when I became interested in the controversy surrounding the Kings River and proposed plans to construct a new dam and reservoir on the river above the present . . .
  • 0c483n541?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Jewell, Anthony.
    Testing the validity of adjustment or modification to a motorcycle engine is similar to the testing of any device in that observation or control of affective variables is necessary to bring about consistently systematic productive change. The testi . . .
  • Wh246w23d?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Leach, Margaret Ruth.
    The decision to plan for bicycles as a legitimate element of the California transportation system was made by the California State Legislature in 1972 when Assembly Bill 69 was passed. The need for bicycle facilities is based on a number of factors; b . . .
  • 6d5700553?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    McCahill, Roger.
    Air pollution is a very real problem that is facing the world today. On June 15, 1973, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced plans to lower air pollution levels in California. Part of their plans included a ban of two-cycle motorcycl . . .
  • 2v23vx82s?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Merchen, Joan.
    The problem proposed for investigation is that of the validity of contract zoning. While it has no intrinsic legal significance, the term "contract zoning" is generally used to describe a situation in which a city or county zoning authority reclassifi . . .
  • V692t950p?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Sauceda, Cecilio.
    No Abstract or Summary
  • P5547v41q?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Stewart, Ellen Hays.
    The purpose of this work is to create "Handbook on Improvisational Acting" to be used by teachers of acting on the high school and college level. At the outset, background information is provided regarding the process of improvisational acting and its . . .
  • Pn89db074?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Seagraves, Blake
    The motivation behind this project and business plan was the author’s life-long goal of owning a restaurant and serving the community. The purpose of this business proposal was to define the complete process for setting up a restaurant that focuses on . . .
  • 1544bs71s?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Linderman, Regan
    This project explored the requirements and funds necessary to develop a series of ongoing workshops that teaches teens and young adults in Stanislaus County how to cook for themselves on a limited budget. The workshops are intended to support and buil . . .
  • Xs55mg673?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Ortiz-Zepeda, Francisco
    In planning ahead for the future, steps should be taken to mitigate risk. We cannot prepare for everything, but we do have the power today, to protect against financial loss due to unmitigated risk. Insurance is a way for people to transfer risk; it . . .
  • R494vp95h?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    McDonald, Sarah LeeAnn
    The real estate market can be an unfamiliar area and often even intimidating. It is difficult to know how to find the right resources to search for income properties. The process of deciding which property will yield the best return can be daunting. W . . .
  • 7h149t47b?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Xiong, Chuyee
    This project lays out a detailed development plan that will result in the establishment of a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization focusing on providing services for Hmong seniors in Sacramento, CA. This development plan establishes the feasibility of esta . . .
  • 00000403n?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Castrejon, Hugo
    Smithsonian Magazine (2012) featured Chef Roy Koi’s concept of hustling Korean barbecue tacos from a food truck, which spawned nationwide fanfare for food that is distinct, affordable, and fast. He is credited with revitalizing the mobile food industr . . .
  • G445cj28r?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Bernardy, Olivia
    When California published a new set of Visual and Performing Arts standards in 2019, art teachers were tasked with reexamining their current practices, and to consider ways in which students could broaden their understanding of the arts as a whole. Th . . .
  • Gh93h314d?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Campbell, Loralee
    Individuals that are on the Autism Spectrum have difficulties with daily life skills, especially those that fall in the social skills category. Some areas of difficulty are collaboration, problem solving, taking turns, controlling emotions and communi . . .