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    Masters thesis
    Maier, Alexander Nevin
    This thesis examines al-Qaeda’s magazine Inspire through six selected articles from six continuous issues of the publication. Using frame theory and a qualitative content analysis, three research questions are answered. The first research question ans . . .
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    Masters thesis
    Youngquist, Theodore A.
    Part of a retrospective digitization project.
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    Masters thesis
    Stepanyan, Anaida
    Research participants were recruited for a cross-sectional survey and asked to complete a questionnaire on new media literacy, social media, celebrity worship, and self-esteem. The results indicated that as celebrity worship increases self-esteem decr . . .
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    Spencer, Maude Walters
    Statement of problem: The problem was to design and produce a slide/sound show that would be available to schools for classes to use basically as a: 1) pre-tour preparation; 2) post-tour follow-up; and/or 3) informational tool for instruction on Calif . . .
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    Siegrist Adams, Toni
    Compared to the majority, minority people in the United States face disproportionate barriers to receiving health care, including dental care, in part because health professionals lack communication and intercultural communication competence. Scholars . . .
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    Flewelling, Dale.
    Project (M.A., Communication Studies)--California State University, Sacramento, 1951.
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    Masters Thesis
    Woodruff, Ta Ta Neshe Lecole
    White terrorism is a phenomenon that is underexamined within the scholarship. This study is designed to add to the limited body of research on white terrorism by using Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) to examine two white men who have authored massac . . .
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    Arroyo, Joselyn
    This thesis project sheds light on Mexican undocumented students who have pursued higher education after attending high school in Southern California. The audio documentary that is part of this project highlights the immigration experiences of eight u . . .
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    Kalin, Ruth A.
    This research merged perspectives from feminist studies, cultural studies and popular culture in order to study marital advice books written by non-academic married women for married women over the past fifty years, and to view how women were being ad . . .
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    Kitano, Riichi
    This graduate project explores two seemingly opposite disciplines; spiritual ecofeminism and martial arts, and how those two can enhance each other. Whether people recognize it or not, both feminists and martial artists have been claiming the same mot . . .