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  • Xg94hr81q?file=thumbnail
    Neoh, Alex
    The Traveling Salesman Problem is a popular NP problem in combinatorial optimization which asks, given a list of cities, what is the shortest route a salesperson can travel from one city to another, while having a Hamiltonian cycle. This paper aims to . . .
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    Wilder-Smith, Maximum
    In this paper, we present an approach to creating 3D models, through the RGB-D data captured by multiple aligned Azure Kinects surrounding an object. To improve the quality of the point clouds of the entire object, a background subtraction method is e . . .
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    Jena, Sourav
    Solar energy is amongst the fastest growing renewable energy source in the 21st century. The research and development of panel efficiency over the course of the last 40 years has proliferated the scale of photovoltaic (PV) systems to reach grid parity . . .
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    Arvikar, Anurag Yeshwant
    The scarcity of electricity and the limited number of conventional energy resources are affecting the overall development of Nigeria. Renewable energy resources can meet the ever-increasing demand for electricity in urban and remote places in Nigeria. . . .
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    Karthik, Srilakshmi
    Identification of named entities in medical records is important for doing further analysis of clinical notes to extract meaningful information from the records. Biomedical Named entity identification is a non-trivial problem as the accuracy of the na . . .
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    Alhajjaj, Laith
    Lesson plans are essential in the DREAM project success. They are provided to help teachers to successfully implement the DREAM methodologies, also to include visual arts and theater activities in their lesson plans. The DREAM Lesson Plan application . . .
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    Neal, Elisha
    The Basic Local Alignment Search Tool (BLAST) [ ] algorithm is one of the most commonly used algorithms within the field of Bioinformatics. Recent advances in sequencing technologies have vastly increased the amount of genomic data available to resear . . .
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    Ralston, Matthew
    The DREAM Lesson Plan APP, developed by previous researchers of CSUSM aimed to provide a process for approved K-12 teachers to use when creating lessons. They set out to incorporate a data server, which would allow the application to acquire and post . . .
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    Subramani, Sabareesh Kannan
    Augmented Reality (AR) is a view of a physical, real-world environment in real-time in which some elements are augmented by computer-generated object such as sound, video, graphics or plain text. Early stages of AR primarily used head-mounted display . . .
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    Nejati, Sina
    The goal of this project is to provide an open source solution for physical therapy with Kinect. In order to achieve that, we have designed and implemented a multi-layered application that will act as a portal for patients and therapists. This applica . . .