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    Wong, I-An
    This thesis presents a methodology that is used to evaluate and select a high-level programming language for the Artificial Intelligence (AI) application. A computer-based Decision Analysis System (DASY) is generated to automate the decision making pr . . .
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    Nguyen, Thong Doan
    This report presents a prototype CAI (Computer-Aided-Instruction) package for B-trees algorithms (BTAP) that simulates a walkthrough of B-trees algorithms using graphic animation. The BTAP package includes four lessons. They are: retrieval, insertion, . . .
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    Gutierrez, Christopher N.
    A cost efficient test procedure to assess Carbon Dioxide emissions under mobile air conditioning (MAC) operation is needed. The California Air Resource Board(CARB) is interested in developing an accurate assessment procedure that reflects Californian . . .
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    Hsu, Chin-Ming
    An interactive spelling checker and corrector (INTSPELL) has been implemented on the SUN work station under the UNIX operating system. The purpose of this package is to increase the user friendliness of the existing batch spelling checking program, SP . . .
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    Zalzalah, Cesar
    String matching is an imperative problem in computer science. This topic becomes increasingly complex when the search text is very large. In this thesis, I implemented a cloud-based parallel Boyer-Moore string matching algorithm using Apache Hadoop. I . . .
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    Senehi, Mehran
    In the last 15 years, the need for distributed data processing has been the major issue in the world of computing machinery. A layer structured reference model for networking was developed a few years ago by the International Standards Organization (I . . .
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    Richardson, Garret
    Mobile applications are primarily driven by touch. Accessibility options for users with limited dexterity, amputated limbs, or partial or complete paresis include voice control, eye tracking, and head tracking, among others. Accessibility options that . . .
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    Chua, Ryan
    In this project, an evaluation of software development processes between the Electronic Assessment System and the computer-based Upper Division Writing Proficiency Exam is presented. This project analyzes and evaluates the different tools and processe . . .
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    Tufenkjian, Ashod
    This Computer Science Masters Thesis focuses on a specific branch of a much larger scientific research project called the CSUN CubeSat project. This thesis' scope lies solely within the "CSUNSat 1 Get Telemetry' web application. Which is a web applica . . .
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    Waheed, Areeba
    The purpose of this study is to explore and provide alternative algorithms for three variants of the stable matching problem. The Stable Matching Problem is to find a matching between two groups, where both group members list their preferences by rati . . .