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    Sherje, Kunal
    The purpose of this project is to set up the OpenStack Cloud manually and automate installation and uninstallation process of OpenStack Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) Cloud. In today’s computing world many organizations are deploying the cloud to . . .
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    Patel, Meetkumar
    The goal of this project was to code and assemble a web browser with voice recognition abilities. The project aims to simplify the usage of a web browser. Existing web browsers are complicated to use and focus on feasibility but sometimes lack the use . . .
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    Hariharan, Subashini
    People shop on both weekdays and weekends, but most people find free time during the weekends to get groceries, household items. Studies show that around 40 million people shop on the weekends in the USA. The difficult part of the shopping after spend . . .
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    Patel, Bhargi
    Cloud is a collection of computers that are used for their services. Out of the many services offered, cloud is best known for its data storage. Cloud backs up files and folders varying from photos, music files to sensitive documents, mitigating the c . . .
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    Robles, Kristofer Carlos
    When file system metadata is corrupted, missing, or otherwise unreliable, file carving is the strategy used to recover files from a data volume. Difficulties arise when files within the data volume are stored in more than one fragment. These difficult . . .
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    Jackson, Cody James
    Virtual Reality (VR) technology has become relatively inexpensive and accessible for consumers in recent years. In this project, many small technical demonstrations of key VR concepts are presented. These concepts and their supporting tech demos can b . . .
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    Tinney, Jonathan
    Consumer grade virtual reality (VR) headsets have led to a rise in the popularity of VR development. Game engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine have developed Application Programming Interfaces (API) for rendering content to VR headsets, allowing fo . . .
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    Miller, Kurt Daniel
    Argument Mining is a relatively new field that aims to detect and classify arguments and their relations from input text. Link prediction is a subtask of Argument Mining that attempts to determine the structure of arguments by predicting relationships . . .
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    Graduate Project
    Trivedi, Utkarsh
    In this generation, we have a lot of investment opportunities such as fixed deposits, mutual funds, bullion, properties, and stock market. Due to lack of proper knowledge and experience, people are unable to invest in the stock market and often deem i . . .
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    Bharat, Puneetha
    Bluetooth is a short-range communication system that was developed with the intent of replacing cables that link portable and fixed electronic devices. Given its widespread adoption, especially in mobile devices, new uses are possible today. Although . . .