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    Kirdey, Stanislav
    In this thesis project we look at ways to utilize neural networks and computational frameworks to perform automatic image and video colorization, with the focus on one kind of deep neural network architecture – pix2pix. The project is aimed at modelin . . .
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    Dunford, Stephen James
    Network Optimization for Beginners (NOB) is a Computer Aided Instruction (CAI) package of programs that utilizes graphics, graph theory and networking algorithms to demonstrate network optimization. NOB is designed to aid beginning or advanced student . . .
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    Lu, David
    In most games today there is some sort of artificial intelligence involved. Some of these artificial intelligent Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) [8] require memory structures to store locations of objects in their virtual environment. The type of memor . . .
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    Sia, Siew Don
    Energy harvesting is a technique to obtain energy directly from the environment to power devices. Solar radiation is one source of ambient energy that can be used for powering motes in distributed embedded sensor systems. In this thesis, I propose a n . . .
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    Baraghimian, Gregory Anthony, I.
    This report describes the design and implementation of a demonstration system called the SIMulation of Finite Automata and Regular Expression recognition (SIMFARE). This software system provides the user with a method of comparing Finite State Machine . . .
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    Duckworth, Ryan
    Designing, implementing, and testing different user interface (UI) design variants in a virtual reality application (VR), informs best practices regarding the VR space. While there exists some overlap with traditional UI design standards, the VR space . . .
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    Belchev, Stanimir Bogomilov
    Intrusion Detection Systems (IDSs) have become an indispensable tool for recognizing and responding to suspicious activities targeted at computing resources. They are responsible for analyzing the network traffic and identifying potentially malicious . . .
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    Haurat, Adrian
    This thesis introduces a web-based community engagement tool named "Helpfull". Helpfull connects people who need help to willing members of their community who can assist them through the use of targeted messaging. The app connects those in need of he . . .
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    Karandikar, Nikita
    This work is an implementation of the Christofides Algorithm for the travelling salesman problem in an application. Consider, a person running errands. If they go about it in an intuitive manner, it may happen that the person may find themselves going . . .
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    Lee, Mei-Yu
    The goal of the Visible Algorithms Project at California State University, Northridge is to develop a series of CAI packages that simulate walkthroughs of common algorithms. Initially these CAI packages were developed in a "terminal/machine dependent" . . .
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    Nande, Akshay
    Finding a job that perfectly matches with your strong skills and field of interest is a very challenging job for the job seekers. It is very difficult and time consuming to find a desired job in desired area near by the job seeker’s residence or withi . . .
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    Azadian, Nelson
    Envolution is an encryption algorithm which makes use of both convolution and deconvolution to encrypt and decrypt data. The initial idea for Envolution occurred to me back in October 2016. Originally, Envolution was developed to be both a public key . . .
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    Hartzman, Leslie Drew
    This paper involves the design of a Computer-Aided Instruction package for the Computervision (CV) Graphics System. This idea was brought about by the need for an alternate method for teaching the basic graphics commands to new users of the Computervi . . .
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    Quan, Alan G.
    This report describes the design and implementation of KNAP, a knowledge-based expert system that can serve as an automated parliamentarian (i.e., an advisor for parliamentary procedure in a deliberative assembly). The expert knowledge of the system i . . .
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    Rimbey, Laura W.
    A three-dimensional bin-packing problem is considered using the heuristically-controlled search methods of artificial intelligence. The problem is stated as follows: Given a set of n three-dimensional rectangular boxes, where each dimension is in the . . .
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    Abbasi, Shafagh
    Detecting user’s emotional status is one of the most effective aspects that can improve human-computer interaction. In most of the prior emotion detection studies, the focus was on facial expression, speech signal and body language analysis for affect . . .
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    Krestyn, George Vaclav
    Ultrasonic imaging is a technique which uses ultrasound waves to allow objects not naturally visible (such as internal anatomical structures) to be visualized. It is an important diagnostic method in medicine. One application is the detection of ather . . .
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    Hossain, Kazi
    Abstract TOOL FOR GENERATION OF DATABASE APPLICATION TEST CASES By Kazi Shahdat Hossain Master of Science in Computer Science There are many safety critical applications out there which require a great amount of verification and validation. This is a . . .
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    Pandey, Ankit
    In this thesis, we propose a distributed memory parallel computer-testing tool called the sandbox. The evaluation of parallel programs runs in the controlled environment with cloud computing instances, where a single instance is used to monitor and co . . .
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    Garcia, Ted
    Querying large datasets has become easier with Big Data technologies such as Hadoop's MapReduce. Large public datasets are becoming more available and can be found on the Amazon Web Service (AWS) Cloud. In particular, Web Data Commons (Web Data Common . . .
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    Asadorian, Sevak
    Software projects today are increasing in size and complexity. Planning and leading software projects can be challenging and require staff planning, monitoring and controlling. Software organizations can have multiple projects executed at one time and . . .
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    Moore, Kevin
    The goal of this project is to create a prototype application to represent server metrics in 3D space within a browser. This project consists of three major components: the metric monitoring framework Sensu, the historical data publisher and web servi . . .
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    Patel, Bhavisha Dakubhai
    In recent years, Cloud computing has been touted as the next great development in the information technology business [1]. Cloud computing provides organizations around the world with the opportunity to focus on expanding their business and leave the . . .
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    Schaafsma, Nick
    The objective of this project is to measure the accuracy of using a high decibel sound as a reference for synchronizing audio recordings in a system composed of mobile devices and cloud technologies. The implementation is compared with one that only r . . .
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    Gordon, Mark Frank
    A design of an electronic mail system for picking up messages and delivering them among outside client systems is presented. The mail system was designed to permit users not connected by existing networks to exchange messages and/or files. The report . . .
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    Hsu, Rin-Rin P.
    This project report encompasses the specification, design and implementation of a prototype CAI (Computer Aided Instruction) package for binary-tree operations. It includes five lessons. The lessons are: INTRODUCTION, TRAVERSAL, RETRRIEVAL, INSERTION . . .
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    Rosenfeld, Gary Alan
    This thesis discusses the design and development of a real-time High Order Language (HOL) program. The function of the program is to control, test, and calibrate an inertial reference system built by Teledyne Systems Company. This project evolved out . . .
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    Dasari, Saikishan
    Machine Translation and Natural Language Processing are two key fields of technology that are bringing the world together. Machine Translation eliminates the barrier for communicating with people who speak a different tongue. The roots of Machine Tran . . .
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    Lo, Chi-Shing Austin
    There is interest in making the relational data model to employ more meaningful concepts in its usage. This project intends to allow the user to retrieve data in data dependency form such that the relationships among attributes are transparent to user . . .
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    Delmer, Dustin
    In this thesis, a comparison of GPU and CPU based computation using consumer grade hardware and parallel programming languages in a raytracer is presented. The raytracers presented make use of C++, Intel's SIMD CPU language and compiler: ISPC, and Nvi . . .
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    Choi, Sang Min
    This project presents the prototype implementation of the database compiler (DB_Compiler) which is to be embedded as one of database tools of Computer Aided Design Information System (CADIS) in SARA/IDEAS Tool Building System (TBS). The SARA/IDEAS TBS . . .
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    Nielsen, David Beers
    The search for factoring algorithms has been ongoing for about 300 years. Still there does not exist any method that can practically decompose general integers of 100 digits or more. The problem is so intractable that large composite integers have bee . . .
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    Kirth, Paul
    Modern networks are built and engineered on the premise that all traffic within the net- work is treated with the same set of uniform rules. Many of our networking protocols, security measures, and measurements rely on this paradigm. Over time ISPs, a . . .
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    Anderson, Yvonne Laurane
    The purpose of this project is to: (1) design with discrete logic components a digital controller for a 4~phase stepper motor:, (2) write a software program to control a 4-phase stepper motor, and ( 3) compare the advantages and disadvantages of hardw . . .
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    Burgess, Rayna
    This project implements a solution to the semester class scheduling problem faced by the CSUN Computer Science Department each term. I wrote a web application following typical Agile software development practices including project requirement elicita . . .
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    Zulauf, Roman Christoph
    In this thesis, problems are considered that arise in distributed computing environments, such as shared memory multiprocessor systems where memory is physically distributed amongst the processing nodes. Classic results in paging, file migration, file . . .
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    Chang, Yiana
    The purpose of this thesis is to examine the relationship of electroencephalogram (EEG) data using insight meditation techniques versus effects demonstrated using alternate nostril breathing techniques. The alternate nostril breathing technique consis . . .
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    He, Kai
    The primary objective of this thesis is to study the accessibility of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs) using telepresence robots. Through the research of telepresence robots and the in-depth study of IDDs, and analyzing t . . .
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    McGhee, Ridge Crawford
    The Visible Algorithms project at California State University, Northridge (CSUN) was designed to provide students with a series of computer-assisted instruction packages which simulate common algorithms. A major objective of this project is to make su . . .
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    Garcia, Gladys
    In this thesis, an image-based non-obtrusive indoor navigation system for the visually impaired is presented. The system makes use of image processing algorithms to extract floor regions from images captured from a wearable eye-mounted heads-up displa . . .
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    Wiltz., Francis Nolan
    Typically more than 50 percent of software development cost goes into software testing. Thus, there is a critical need for cost effective, easily used and reliable software verification and validation methodologies. This thesis contains a comparative . . .
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    Synott, Debra
    While medical records have been digitized and technology has benefited physicians and hospitals in the last decade, the general population continues to struggle with finding and maintaining their own medical records. This project is intended to be the . . .
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    Romero, Alex
    Thanks to the dynamic and improved encoding structures of the AOMedia Video 1 (AV1) standard, considerably high rates of data compression efficiency have been achieved. Developed by the Alliance for Open Media, AV1 was designed to become an alternativ . . .
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    Jabagchourian, Vatche
    Visual impairments affect the way people live their lives, making it difficult or impossible for visually impaired people to accomplish certain everyday tasks that sighted people take for granted. Reading represents a significant example of one of the . . .
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    Herschderfer, Allan
    A compiler generator is a system which accepts the formal description of a computer language and produces a compiler capable of translating sentences in the language into a usable form. The goal of this project was not to produce a system suitable for . . .
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    Shad, Alireza Behrouzi
    Steganography is an ancient science and the art of hiding information. Its counterpart, steganalysis, on the other hand, is the skill of detecting the hidden information. The growth of the Internet in recent decades created a battle field for both ste . . .
  • Vt150n91p?file=thumbnail
    Toy, Andrew Berman
    The general-purpose computer-assisted instruction (GPCAI) program described in this report is a CAI lesson authoring language which was designed to reduce the complexity of creating CAI lessons. A brief look at the trends which preceded the present st . . .
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    Schindel, Cathy Jane
    This project involves the introduction of software engineering methods and accompanying automated tools to one software development organization. A survey of the literature on tool development and a description of the specific development environment . . .
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    Debbiny, Ryan
    Abstract ClueSifter: A Clue-Managing Data-Sieve Software System for Law Enforcement Personnel By Ryan Debbiny Master of Science in Computer Science ClueSifter: A Clue-Managing Data-Sieve Software System for Law Enforcement Personnel is being completed . . .
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    Movagharian Pour, Veronika
    Assembly programming language is taught to the students with computer science major in COMP 122 Computer Architecture course. Since assembly programming languages are considered low level programming languages, it is pretty challenging to learn and us . . .
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    Khachatryan, Armine
    Algorithms are an important topic in both computer science and software engineering because they form the foundation of creating efficient programs and applications. I created an algorithm visualization (AV) tool for CSUN faculty members, students, an . . .
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    Lopez-Garcia, Edgar
    Many animated films, computer games, and simulations attempt to mimic naturalistic terrain in a three-dimensional environment in hope of immersing the audience into the world it creates. Creating such terrain in a three-dimensional environment is not . . .
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    Yim, Hongbin
    This paper will introduce some popular statistical forecasting techniques in production control for Intelligent Computer Aided Instruction(ICAI) application, and show how logic knowledge representation, deduction and theorem proving can be applied to . . .
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    Pomeroy, Steven John
    This graduate project is an extension of the author's work as an artist. Emphasis is placed on facial expressions and motion using line drawings. These drawings are displayed on an Amiga 1000 personal computer. The motion consists of forty drawings di . . .
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    Wang, Frank P.
    This report describes a design of an electronic mail system called the Computer Message System(CMS). This system provides the user with tools to compose, send, receive, store, retrieve and forward messages. The CMS is designed on the NOS time-sharing . . .
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    Manglani, Deepak
    Mobile devices today along with voice communication, provide us with a whole host of services such as instant messaging, video streaming, web surfing, social services (Twitter, Facebook) etc, where ever we go, through the use of mobile applications mo . . .
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    Darwhekar, Rugved Saurabh
    Skin infections and diseases are incredibly normal in everyone's day by day life. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, one in every four American is impacted by some kind of skin condition every year. The academy also stated that skin dis . . .
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    Rafiq, Tariq
    With ever increasing advancements in technology, there has also been a growth in the number of ways one can use these tools for entertainment. One such medium has been video games, while usually seen as a way to pass the time, can also be used as a te . . .
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    Madugula, Sphoorti
    This project intends to provide enhanced productivity features to the Benefits Module of Oracle Human Resources Management System, which is part of Oracle Enterprise Business Suite of Oracle Applications, using the Waterfall method of Software Develop . . .
  • Work
    Cheng, Chun Hei
    This thesis project is about making a highly customizable, intuitive and easy-to-use restaurant point of sale(POS) application running on Windows. The application is implemented as a standalone desktop app using the Microsoft Windows Presentation Foun . . .
  • Sb397c47d?file=thumbnail
    Veldurthi, Radhika
    In this project, MS-Access is used as the database for creating and modifying tables. SAP (Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing) Business Objects (BO) is used to create universe (views) by joining the tables using SQL. New fields or n . . .
  • Wh246w509?file=thumbnail
    Wang, Chiann
    A screen oriented prototype Computer-Aided Instruction (CAI) package about recursion is presented. It includes four recursive algorithms: Factorial, Binary Search, Tower of Hanoi, and Binomial Coefficients. This report briefly reviews the effectivenes . . .
  • 5712m987v?file=thumbnail
    Rosenfeld, Pilar N.
    This report is an investigative study on whether a DBHS has a place in a research environment. The study concentrated on the use of large social science data sets. The following topics were examined: how social science data sets are used in a research . . .
  • Kd17cx02h?file=thumbnail
    Nangia, Prathyushi
    The MMSA model works closely with optimization of algorithms and applications. The difference between an application and the MMSA integrated application is the ability of the MMSA to provide optimized solutions to the already existing one. The key ing . . .
  • Sj139559p?file=thumbnail
    Xu, Dongchen
    Mahjong is a traditional tile game in East Asia. Although randomness and luck affect playing, calculation and analysis can increase the chance of winning. The main aim of this project is to develop an AI that helps a player to play mahjong with reason . . .
  • Bk128f085?file=thumbnail
    Topjian, Paleny
    Creating quality software within time, budget, and scope constraints is an ambitious undertaking. Since the beginning of the software industry's history, people have been trying to implement processes to ensure success, and yet there are still many fa . . .
  • Wh246w470?file=thumbnail
    McQueen, Miles
    This surface fitting program was designed for the student of graphics who has a special interest in shape modeling techniques. The techniques studied are used when the primary concern is not the computation of derived properties such as areas and volu . . .
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    Karavani, Barack
    As applications have evolved to be more robust and complex, so has their data. Application's have almost entirely become soley dependent on their data. Data powers our applications and has helped them evolve to be the feature-full products we've come . . .
  • 8623j214t?file=thumbnail
    Bowles, Christian
    Imagine being able to travel 20 to 30 years back in time and creating brand new ‘8-bit’ or ’16-bit’ video games. This thesis introduces Renegade Drive, a set of technical software design specifications that serve as guidelines for the creators of mode . . .
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    Vu, Bao
    As Mobile application development has become one of the fastest growing trends in the last few years, this thesis will investigate the development of a mobile application. This paper proposes a design and architectures that would accommodate the users . . .
  • M039k826w?file=thumbnail
    Epstein, Dana Michael
    The design of computer networks is critical to insure that current and anticipated communications requirements can be met. This paper investigates use of simulation tools to aid in the design of computer networks for manufacturing environments. A foun . . .
  • Vx021j616?file=thumbnail
    Pan, James Paul Jei
    Predicting failure of integrated circuits is typically a destructive process that modifies the circuit in order to monitor and collect data. A non-destructive method of failure prediction is analyzed by simulating circuit activity in custom software, . . .
  • 8w32r883v?file=thumbnail
    Heravi, Mani
    Cross-site scripting vulnerabilities date back to 1996 during the early days of the World Wide Web. A time when e-commerce began to take off, the bubble days of Netscape, Yahoo, and the obnoxious blink tag. The Web is the playground of 800 million cyb . . .
  • Sn00b214k?file=thumbnail
    Lavine, Charles H.
    In this investigation a diagnostic test was introduced, an instrument designed to perform the test was described, and a computer simulation was utilized to prove the instrument's feasibility. The diagnostic test was developed to measure the levels of . . .
  • Bn999990d?file=thumbnail
    Gerhardstein, Edward
    This Project discusses construction implementation of a web application for a small to medium business. This Project examines the Open Source server technologies that support it; along with the software development technologies used to build it. This . . .
  • Q811kn834?file=thumbnail
    Gupta, Nipun
    This thesis examines the challenges of using Electrocardiogram (ECG) signals in wearable computing systems, specifically in addressing drowsiness detection while driving. First, the analysis of ECG signal quality obtained from off-the-shelf wearable E . . .
  • Kk91fp81d?file=thumbnail
    Movagharianpour, Veronika
    Due to the wide availability of software products and the high compatibility among software companies in the business word, it is extremely important to maintain the high quality of software applications. Testing software products is the best way to e . . .
  • Q237hw25z?file=thumbnail
    Sun, Teresa Ya-Wen
    The goal of the Linked List Algorithm Prototype (LLAP) project is to develop a Computer-Aided-Instruction package that simulates three algorithms: RETRIEVAL, INSERTION and DELETION of linked lists. The package is implemented to run on a Teleray termin . . .
  • 6m311s59h?file=thumbnail
    Neveceral, Robert Bohuslav
    The objective of this project is to design and microprogram an emulator for a basic set of machine instructions plus specialized instructions that facilitate operations on data bases. To demonstrate the use and the advantages of such an instruction se . . .
  • 5t34sp144?file=thumbnail
    Hoffman, Monica Dawn
    There are currently many software products available to help developmentally disabled children learn and improve communication skills. Research uncovered two major issues with currently available software products, free software is generally of very l . . .
  • 3x816q91r?file=thumbnail
    Avery, Richard O.
    This project studied ten different methodologies for the description of software requirements. Methodologies were selected that had been developed for real-time, interactive, and general applications. In this report the basic assumptions, tools, and m . . .
  • Sn00b211r?file=thumbnail
    Lopez, Maria Eliza Uy
    This Computer-Aided Instruction package is a prototype system. The purpose was to develop an interactive Computer-Aided Instruction Lesson for static stack and queue data structures and algorithms. It is primarily a graphic demonstration and simulatio . . .
  • 3j3335420?file=thumbnail
    Azmon, Omer
    This report considers a problem of scheduling jobs that arrive over time on three ma- chines with the goal of minimizing the maximum completion time of a job (the makespan). I will describe my development of a tool and my use of the tool to perform an . . .
  • 6108vf966?file=thumbnail
    Sarkissian, Gevik
    Graphics have become a major part of the digital world, including the web. The latest era of the web is HTML5 and it provides many new features for web developers and users. Some of theses features are new ways to render, interact with, and animate gr . . .
  • T148fm62c?file=thumbnail
    Sharma, Aman Kumar
    Recently there has been an upscale advancement in the sound technology. It begs intensive research and analysis on various fields where the analysis of sound waves can prove to be vital in development and research of applications providing newer techn . . .
  • Sn00b210g?file=thumbnail
    Malinoski, Phillip
    This project was undertaken with the hopes of contributing to an engineering project in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles. These systems have grown increasingly advanced in not only mechanical performance and power but in intelligence as well. As . . .
  • W9505369f?file=thumbnail
    Davis, Bjorn Curt
    Traditional computer terrain generation techniques rely on height maps which suffer from constraints preventing them from generating complex features like caves, overhangs, and arches. With the advent of more computing power, voxels are a viable alter . . .
  • 9593tz43q?file=thumbnail
    Khanaferov, David
    Globalization of network topologies and resources has lead to the proliferation of information driven system based on the HTTP protocol. However, information driven systems have much to gain from a full duplex asynchronous approach to data delivery ar . . .
  • V692t9552?file=thumbnail
    Figueroa, Vicente
    This thesis presents an approach for using wireless signals available on mobile devices as a method to capture and interpret objects in a three dimensional space. Bluetooth signal strengths are explored with the Bluetooth Scanner prototype, which was . . .
  • Kh04dt19x?file=thumbnail
    Morita, Margaret Anne
    The objective of this thesis was to design a prototype search and retrieval database system. This prototype system was applied to real world simulation specifications for a large command and control system (CCS). Structured design techniques were used . . .
  • J6731693h?file=thumbnail
    Rarang, Joel
    This work implements and examines the effectiveness of the Simultaneous Temporal and Contextual Split algorithm ("STACS") in generating Hidden Markov Models ("HMMs") as protein classifiers. A Java implementation of STACS is created and used to generat . . .
  • 1831cp134?file=thumbnail
    Thompson, Marc K.
    A study of the effects of an algorithm on subsequent program development was conducted. More specifically, the general hypothesis was that if more time was devoted to algorithm design prior to coding, then less effort would be required during the test . . .
  • Gb19f889t?file=thumbnail
    Kelly, Keith Lewis
    Using leased telephone lines, we form a distributed network of terminals connected to a central computer. Combining several low speed terminals onto a concentrator utilizing a high speed telephone line, can significantly reduce the telephone line leas . . .
  • Zc77st39j?file=thumbnail
    Malhotra, Nishika
    This thesis is an effective and stable implementation of a software package that is integrated with mobile computing devices utilizing Android operating system. It tries to solve a key challenge in patient healthcare by leveraging the power of mobile . . .
  • Work
    Demauro, Eric
    JavaScript as a server-side language coupled with the use of NoSQL databases has seen an emergence in recent years with the creation of Node.js and NoSQL databases, such as MongoDB. The purpose of this thesis is to act as a case study to determine the . . .
  • Dv13zx380?file=thumbnail
    Shaver, Kyle
    Artificial intelligence is becoming a bigger part of modern computerized systems. The combination of incredibly large amounts of computational power and powerful, open-source AI frameworks has led to a revolution in what humans can train computers to . . .
  • Vq27zr55f?file=thumbnail
    Oberwager, Robert
    This thesis was undertaken with the objective of designing and implementing, on a limited basis, an online undergraduate advising system for computer science •faculty at California State University, Northridge. Originally, the design and implementatio . . .
  • 08612r73q?file=thumbnail
    Burns, Stephen
    The graduate project is a three dimensional virtual reality game which uses user motion tracking for input and stereoscopic vision for display. The game created is a searching game where keyboard and user head movements are used for input. The stereos . . .
  • 41687m69s?file=thumbnail
    Enders, Paul Francis
    Two major problems in computer installations with several independent, non-communicating computers are the lack of flexibility in distributing the processing load and the inability to provide backup for critical user applications. These deficiencies l . . .
  • Wm117s33w?file=thumbnail
    Mao, Clifford
    This thesis explores the performances of various reinforcement learning agents when playing the game of blackjack. The thesis takes a preliminary look at the performances of six different implementations of reinforcement learning algorithms when inter . . .