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    Verdugo, Anael
    This paper presents a computational study of the stability of the steady state solutions of a biological model with negative feedback and time delay. The motivation behind the construction of our system comes from biological gene networks and the mode . . .
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    Verdugo, Anael
    The repressilator is a genetic network that exhibits oscillations. The net-work is formed of three genes, each of which represses each other cyclically, creating a negative feedback loop with nonlinear interactions. In this work we present a computati . . .
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    Rathbun, Matt
    A twisted torus knot is a knot obtained from a torus knot by twisting adjacent strands by full twists. The twisted torus knots lie in F, the genus 2 Heegaard surface for S3. Primitive/primitive and primitive/Seifert knots lie in F in a particular way. . . .
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    Rathbun, Matt
    We characterize cutting arcs on fiber surfaces that produce new fiber surfaces, and the changes in monodromy resulting from such cuts. As a corollary, we characterize band surgeries between fibered links and introduce an operation called generalized H . . .
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    Homier, Samantha
    Pretend that you cannot remember where you parked your car in the parking lot of the grocery store, but you do remember some of the cars parked near you. One could construct a graph based on your memory of the cars and then use the idea of the metric . . .
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    Ignatius, Darian
    Compartmental models have been used in epidemiology for many years to study the spread of infectious diseases throughout the world. In this thesis, we are recreating and extending the work done by others in [1] to apply one of these models, the SEIZ m . . .
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    Avalos Galvez, Diego Gerardo Andree
    The eigenvalues of an $n\times n$ real nonzero skew-symmetric matrix $S$ are purely imaginary or zero. Let the list of distinct purely imaginary eigenvalues of $S$ be $\pm\theta_1i,\dots ,\pm\theta_pi$ such that each $\theta_j>0$. We algebraically dem . . .
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    Qi, Xin
    The most important reason that the UnitedStates has dominated the world is advanced technology. This is inseparable from the popularization of education. Education is one of the most powerful tools to reduce poverty and sets the foundation for sustain . . .
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    Almond, Isaiah
    Statistics is a widely popular field when it comes to organizations attempting to answer business questions and forecast performance in the near or long-term future. In order for this to be accomplished, data must be collected and utilized. Data is no . . .
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    Si, Jiaxin
    More than 35,000 medals have been awarded at the Olympics since 1896. The IOC (International Olympic Committee) retrospectively awarded gold, silver, and bronze to athletes based on their rankings. The dataset we used covers Summer Olympics from 1896t . . .
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    Suceavă, Bogdan
    This annual anthology brings together the year’s finest mathematics writing from around the world. Featuring promising new voices alongside some of the foremost names in the field, The Best Writing on Mathematics 2018 makes available to a wide audienc . . .