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    Lee, Emily S.
    This book introduces and explores the relation between race and phenomenology through varied African American, Latina, Asian American, and White American perspectives. Phenomenology is best known as a descriptive endeavor to more accurately describe o . . .
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    McFee, Graham
    Recent decades have seen attacks on philosophy as an irrelevant field of inquiry when compared with science. In this book, Graham McFee defends the claims of philosophy against attempts to minimize either philosophy’s possibility or its importance by . . .
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    McFee, Graham
    Wittgenstein on Mind, Meaning and Context: Seven Essays elaborates a distinctive perspective on the later philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein, exploring a number of themes from his work, sometimes addressing particular issues, sometimes responding to cr . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Hwang, Chloe Yea Bin
    This thesis provides a political analysis of the creepshot phenomenon that emerged as a social pandemic in contemporary South Korean society, where misogynistic attitudes are pervasive. Creepshot practice represents a new form of patriarchal control t . . .
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    McFee, Graham
    This book is a further major intervention into the philosophical aesthetics of dance by a philosopher who has devoted much of his professional career to the consideration of dance. It is intended for the interested general reader as well as the postgr . . .
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    Yocom, Jaden
    The catastrophe of climate change is one which continues to grow more and more burdensome for humanity on a global scale. It is also a highly unique sort of issue due to the incomprehensible nature of all of its causes and effects. In this paper, I ex . . .
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    Dhaliwal, Tristin
    In this paper, I will defend the claim that out of respect for their autonomy, patients with severe eating disorders should have the right to refuse medical treatment, even while in imminent danger. I’ll be addressing the history of eating disorders, . . .
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    Student Research
    Miller, Derek
    Code Switching can be thought of as the act of changing the way you speak for different contexts or selecting or altering linguistic elements so as to contextualize talk in interactions across different mediums. While most research of code switching i . . .
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    Student Research
    Tavasol, Marmar
    Expressions can carry problematic hidden implications. I argue that the hidden implications that are deeply embedded in language are most problematic because they are frequently used and the harmful effects are not easily recognized. Specifically, by . . .
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    McKinney, Elizabeth
    In this paper, I discuss the moral permissibility of physician-assisted death for psychiatric patients with severe depression. While the majority of our depressed community do respond positively to treatment, like certain physical illnesses, there are . . .