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  • D504rn51h?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Yocom, Jaden
    America, much like the rest of the world, is currently in the midst of battling record breaking drug addiction. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime reported in 2018 that prescription drug abuse, cocaine and opioid addiction have recently shat . . .
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    Student Research
    Tavasol, Marmar
    Expressions can carry problematic hidden implications. I argue that the hidden implications that are deeply embedded in language are most problematic because they are frequently used and the harmful effects are not easily recognized. Specifically, by . . .
  • Hh63sx72c?file=thumbnail
    Dearman, Briana
    Bell hooks demonstrates why the current way we conceptualize love has detrimental consequences, explaining that it allows for various abuses to take place while love's definition goes unchallenged. In response to this issue, hooks proposes that love i . . .
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    Diaz, Jacob
    In this paper, I analyze two prominent objections against the desirability of immortality - the boredom problem and the personality problem. I argue against both objections, as well as the desirability debate as a whole. These are my claims 1) Both pr . . .
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    Ortiz, Karina
    This thesis analyzes the question whether men can be oppressed by virtue of being men. I argue that men can be oppressed by virtue of being men; however, our definitions of men and masculinity must be redefined and reclaimed from the dominant white pe . . .
  • R207tr45w?file=thumbnail
    Gonzales, Christopher
    In coming to understand different theories concerning love, I argue towards an account on a theory of romantic love, to which I advocate five necessary conditions. First, I argue that romantic love acquires the condition of nurturing the spiritual gro . . .
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    Student Research
    Yocom, Jaden
    Involuntary commitment (‘assisted treatment’, ‘mandatory care’) is the practice of providing medical care, in one form or another, to individuals who are deemed as incapable of consenting to treatment under the mandate of the law. There is a specific . . .
  • R207tr39r?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Marquez, Valerie
    The criminalization of sex work has a major negative impact on those working within the industry. From being unable to seek legal recourse to facing stigma in their career prospects, sex workers face negative consequences as a result of being a part o . . .
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    Collins, Kevin
    Thought experiments have traditionally played an important role when seeking answers about personal identity. Though common and widely used, some philosophers have questioned the legitimacy of many of these thought experiments. In this paper I engage . . .
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    Student Research
    Manning, Jeremy
    Social Media companies and their products operate within an as of now unidentified moral structure. I have categorized responsibility to be attributable to different entities. People are responsible and Businesses can be held responsible. Whereas a st . . .