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    Craven, Lauren
    The purpose of this thesis project is to create a reference guide that school counselors in the Los Angeles area can utilize to better understand eating disorders. The information will include specific types of eating disorders, as well as their sympt . . .
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    Nunez, Annette
    This study investigated that the use of Floor time in a social-emotional skills group, would increase the emotional development of the group, and increase the spontaneous initiations within the group. The social skills group consisted of four children . . .
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    Ruiz, Linda
    Mexican-American immigrants have been key figures in one of the greatest migration occurrences in the United States. This population makes contributions to the culture, financial system, and employment industry of the United States. They are an ongoin . . .
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    Azar, Viki
    The licensing requirements for a marriage and family therapist include the completion of 3,000 supervised hours combined as a trainee and an intern. While in a qualifying master's degree program, the student trainee is required to locate and secure a . . .
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    Villanueva-Jonsson, Lisa
    The purpose of this handbook is to provide an in-depth look at specific labor laws which can protect the employee, allow the employee treatment options and provide resources to help start the recovery process. Fear of losing one's job often inhibits t . . .
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    Steinberg, Jennifer Lynn
    When therapists begin their careers, they often experience high levels of anxiety about their ability to grow into effective therapists. This anxiety often leads to self-doubt, which sometimes causes new therapists to leave the counseling field. While . . .
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    Henle, Erika
    Interactive writing demonstrates concepts of print, early strategies, and how words work. This type of writing is used to assist children with their understanding the processes in reading and writing. Interactive writing integrates demonstrations of w . . .
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    Rivera-Tubbs, Tammy
    This project is about a survey (Appendix A) given to one public school with a population of768 students having 10 percent of the school's population identified with multiple disabilities. The survey was place in the mailboxes of 35 general education t . . .
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    Ligon, Kathryn Leong
    This thesis documents the results from a study of the application of the social learning approach to assist community college students in making career choices. The research project was conducted in two "Freshman Seminar" classes during the spring 200 . . .
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    Hirsch, Gita Mera
    Schools in the United States are moving towards an inclusive model of education. There is, therefore, an increased need for general education teachers to be well versed in the implementation of accommodations for students with special needs. Yet, ther . . .
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    Solberg, Howard P.
    [Introduction]The schools within the Southern California area have been attacked during the past few years on the basis that the children in these schools are not I earning as we II as they could. This criticism has gone so far as to reach the state's . . .
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    Fadale, Anthony Vincent
    The purpose of this study was to show how a reading Program, which took into consideration certain negative attitudes that could be blocks to further learning attempted to reverse the failing attitudes of students and bring about more positive attitud . . .
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    Novak, Geraldine Frances
    The purpose of this project was to develop a resource guide which would aid teachers in the evaluation of student needs in reading skills and attainment of those skills. Behavioral objectives were coordinated with Walter B.Barbe's suggested list of fo . . .
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    Sharp, Virgene Althea
    In recent years there has been a continuous search for programs and materials which would assist our schools in offering a solution to the problem of low reading achievement shown by a considerable number of our students. Many innovations have been su . . .
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    King, Lynn
    Much has been written to show that there is a positive relationship between the home environment and reading achievement at school (Della-Piana, Stahmann, & Allen, 1968); it is this view of learning with which this project was concerned. AT the Nation . . .
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    Chilcote, Elinor W.
    With the expansion of the elementary math program during the last decade, new teaching methods and materials were needed. Since geometry is one of the areas now taught at the elementary level, there arose a need for materials especially designed to pr . . .
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    Spare, Dennis R.
    The purpose of this study was to determine if psychoeducational data found in cumulative record folders could be used to distinguish students that have learned phonics from students that have not learned phonics. A null hypothesis was assumed stating . . .
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    Kushida, Mitsuko Y.
    In this project, the writer has investigated the portrayal of Japanese Americans in the state-adopted social studies textbook series The Social Sciences: Concepts and Values (Harcourt, Brace & World, Inc., 1970), levels one through four. Because textb . . .
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    Blankenship, Charles Frederick
    Taxpayers today are extremely concerned about the ever increasing taxes, both in education as well as in the operation of the various governmental agencies. For the most part in the past five years, the majority of the taxpayers have been voting again . . .
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    Steele, Lorren Kenneth
    This study was designed to investigate the relationship between an integrating mental process, inferred from commitment to three or more years of filing an Accounting of tithable and non-tithable resources, and Ss' integrating or polarizing responses . . .
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    Van Wassenhove, Robert Eugene
    The project reported herein was written in part due to the relative unavailability of literature by which students can study the local history of Antelope Valley. Textbook material dealing with this region is nonexistent. Land of the Free, presently u . . .
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    Mossler, Ronald Allen
    The dimension of reflection-impulsivity has been of interest to educators and experimenters in the quest to remediate deficient learning styles. A review of relevant literature on reflection-impulsivity is presented, along with a proposal for future s . . .
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    Bowers, Janet Lynn
    This project is a series of lesson plans designed to teach first-level properties of Pascal's triangle using the discovery teaching method. The teacher is supplied with all of the materials, references and instructions necessary to successfully teach . . .
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    Pursell, Linda Brooks
    The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of a tutoring program, involving retired persons as tutors and second and third graders as tutees, on the attitudes of the tutors and the tutees toward the program and toward each other. A second . . .
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    White, Kristine Ann
    This study explored the relationship of field-dependence and independence to the block play process in four year-old boys and girls. Field-dependence/independence was evaluated through the Preschool Embedded Figures Test. The Bender Gestalt was used a . . .
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    Armstrong, Jeanne Gloria Medeiros
    The purpose of this study was to evaluate the growth of the children in the academic area of Mathematics and in the area of self-concept in a sixth grade bilingual (Spanish and English) bicultural classroom at Rose Avenue School in Oxnard, California, . . .
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    Wittenberg, Hazel
    This study is concerned with In-Service Education and its effect upon teacher change. The program under study is sponsored by the Los Angeles Unified School District, through its Special Education Branch, at Salvin School. The Los Angeles Unified Scho . . .
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    Baer, Deborah Rose
    The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of two methodologies; self-discovery and discovery-colloquium, on the science process achievement mean scores of a sample of third grade students. Further, the study attempted to derive from Pia . . .
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    Goar, Robert
    In the last few years great sums of money have been spent on the new teaching methods now being used in science education. The inquiry method and the concept . method have been professed by many as being the best ways for students to learn science. En . . .
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    Ferguson, Phillip Cutler
    The Cattell Anxiety Scale, the Spielberger Anxiety Inventory and the Northridge Developmental Scale, a measure of self-actualization with sub-scales for aggression, depression and neuroticism, were administered to an experimental group (N = 31) of uni . . .
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    Hankins, Rheta Beth
    The purpose of this project was to develop a syllabus for teaching reading with the individualized approach. This was accomplished through research, visiting classrooms which used IR, and talking to teachers interested in this approach.The findings we . . .
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    Barto, Joan
    The primary purpose of this thesis is to identify the personality traits of creative teachers, their teaching practices and the relationship between the two. It was hypothesized that teachers who could be identified as being creative on a personal lev . . .
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    Hirsch, Gita Mera
    Schools in the United States are moving towards an inclusive model of education. There is, therefore, an increased need for general education teachers to be well versed in the implementation of accommodations for students with special needs. Yet, ther . . .
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    Butkus, Kathleen D.
    The purpose of the present study was to investigate the interrelationships of cognitive style, conservation and reading. Forty-six children from a total of seven first and second grade classrooms were administered the Children's Embedded Figures Test . . .
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    Ko, Suhjung Tori Yoon
    This project was conducted to examine if the instructional strategies in the Open Court Reading program were consistent with research-based recommendations for teaching English Language Learners with disabilities. The project was carried out by examin . . .
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    Clark, Catherine Searls
    The purpose of the present experiment was to explore the referential communication process and its development. In particular, the intent was to examine the possibility that skill in verbal communication is closely correlated with skill in forming con . . .
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    McGarvey, Mary-Ann
    Problems concerning the differential diagnosis of mental retardation and emotional disturbance within the same individual are explored using the case history technique. Information for the case history was gathered from personal interviews, social wor . . .
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    Hammil, William R
    There appears in the literature of philosophy, psychology and education numerous public concepts of "creativity." Not only is there disagreement among the various authors as to whether or not there is any such thing as the "creative process" but the c . . .
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    Bleifer, Jessica L.
    Despite a record number of students enrolled in four-year universities, the college-culture created in high schools is not working for everyone. Statistics show that although 84% of seniors plan on getting a 2- or 4-year degree, only 41.3% of high sch . . .
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    Ben-Levy, Shalom
    The use of the video tape recorder in the classroom is assumed to promote some educational objectives. Literature on the effects of Video tape and television in the classroom has been reviewed and the hypothesis developed that classes which use the vi . . .
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    Enfield, Joanne Tammy
    The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of the neurological impress method on the reading achievement mean scores of low achieving fifth grade students. Further, the present study was designed to present empirical evidence regarding t . . .
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    Gaffin, Nora Beth
    This study was an attempt to utilize creative dramatic with three groups of exceptional elementary school children: deaf, learning handicapped, and gifted. Each group consisted of, seven to ten children between ages 9-11. Seven sessions were conducted . . .
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    Shapiro, Wendy J.
    A study was conducted to determine the effects of a correctional reading program at a private reading clinic on the attitudes of elementary-age remedial reading students toward five selected concepts. The study also investigated the relationship betwe . . .
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    Gujda, Martha G.
    A survey of the literature is used to discover the attitudes and values of the Mexican American population. The background of this segment of our society was researched in terms of numbers, prejudice, economic factors and political factors both past a . . .
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    Boren, Brent
    The purpose of this study was to discover some of the attitudes of the students to the standards of conduct at an evangelical liberal arts college. This was accomplished by conducting a survey of randomly selected students by means of a written questi . . .
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    Hanaway, Linda Allemeier
    This study investigated the relationship between a reading program devised by American Learning Corporation and implemented at a Los Angeles public school during 1972-75 and the reading achievement test scores of the participating students. The identi . . .
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    Salit, Lois Marcia
    The Stull Bill, requiring uniform standards of evaluation in all California School Districts, became law in 1971. This study was designed to analyze the bill in terms of existing knowledge in the fields of teacher competence and evaluation, and to rev . . .
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    Morewitz, Myra
    Research presented in this paper shows that a definite need exists for post-graduate inservice education in the area of the diagnostic and prescriptive teaching of reading. This paper describes the planning, initiation and implementation of a reading . . .
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    Porter, Patricia Ann
    The purpose of this study was to research and analyze the available literature, published since 1950, concerning three viewpoints of reading comprehension and three cognitive developmental theories. The findings of the research were organized and pres . . .
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    Ziajka, Alan L.
    The theories of self-concept development proposed by social learning, psychoanalytic, cognitive-developmental. and ethnolinguistic writers are used as a foundation to examine self-concept development among black children. This thesis includes a survey . . .