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  • X920g2929?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Bruno, Matthew
    This project was created in order to share with educators the effectiveness of distance learning for special education students, as well as potential issues with equity and legal compliance. To accomplish this outcome there was a review of cur . . .
  • Rr171x712?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Shively, William F.
    I came into education in a time when accountability systems went from minimal standardized testing, to a culture dominated by standardized testing and the sanctions of Program Improvement. My first “standards,” literally, were a hand-written list of t . . .
  • 8c97kw55t?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Rogers, Caitlin
    This study draws on student surveys, one-on-one student interviews, and student work to understand the relationship between pedagogical approaches to narrative writing instruction and student perceptions of their writing. It explored what happ . . .
  • K643b512c?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Chastain, Dominique
    This research project is based upon the equity gap experienced by Hispanic students in high school. It studied a high school serving adults with a high Hispanic population. While seeking to answer the question. “To what extent does a teacher’ . . .
  • Pv63g380d?file=thumbnail
    Finney, Melisa
    The Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 led to a reliance on virtual instruction. The virtual model entails a daily attendance, graded learning and assessments, an emphasis on live instruction, in- person individualized instruction, service, and assessment, an . . .
  • 6d570256s?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Catalan, Cecilia
    As more children with disabilities participate in general education classrooms based on full inclusion models, the need for paraeducators will continue to rise. Therefore, paraeducators need to be properly trained and prepared to support the needs of . . .
  • Cn69m9307?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Stewart, Hailey
    Sexual health education is an integral part of all student's curriculum in public school. The purpose of this paper is to explore the importance of having a more comprehensive sexual health curriculum that is tailored with students with intellectual a . . .
  • 8p58pk23j?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Peters, Jenifer
    For many 6th grade students, high levels of participation and interest in academic lessons are not the norm. Oftentimes, students at this grade level are not provided opportunities to experience movement in the classroom throughout their school day. . . .
  • 3r075060w?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Rubin, Benjamin
    Many educators and non-educators question whether the game of dodgeball belongs in a Physical Education (PE) curriculum. Much of the literature regarding the controversy has been limited to personal opinions expressed by adults, many of which . . .
  • H702qc17b?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Rubin, Benjamin
    Many educators and non-educators question whether the game of dodgeball belongs in a Physical Education (PE) curriculum. Much of the literature regarding the controversy has been limited to personal opinions expressed by adults, many of which are agai . . .
  • 8c97kw54j?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Wall-Rocke, Meghan
    As the academic demands placed on young learners become greater and greater, it becomes crucial for children to master foundational literacy skills early on. Through play and the support of teachers, students can master these skills through activ . . .
  • Bz60d2303?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Cheeseman, Kimberly
    The questions of where students with disabilities should be taught has been debated for decades. Due to limited research with mixed results, there is no clear answer. However, there are indications that both general and special education students ben . . .
  • N870zw870?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Gonzalez, Karina
    Lack of support and curricular inclusion of LGBTQ+ topics has an adverse effect on school climate and bullying which in turn impact absenteeism, grades, and long-term physical and mental health outcomes for LGBTQ+ youth (Kosciw et al., 2020) . . .
  • Gb19fb38r?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Park, Robin
    Paraprofessionals have become vital to the delivery of special education related services and play a pivotal role by differentiating, accommodating, or modifying academic and behavioral instruction to provide the least restrictive environment for stu . . .
  • Xs55mh87s?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Anthony, Tyler
    Word problems are often my student’s least favorite problems in an algebra unit, because they often can’t relate to the scenario presented. This study used a student survey, collection of student work, and student interviews to explore how student’s i . . .
  • Z316q631z?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Berg, Taylor
    This study explored the implementation of a social-emotional learning curriculum in a second-grade classroom. Specifically, I wanted to research if implementing a social-emotional learning curriculum could change student interactions and peer relat . . .
  • Pr76f832x?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Weinstein, Tamara
    In recent years, the elimination of music classes from most K-12 public schools has adversely affected students in the United States. In the past, students were offered a range of extracurricular subjects to study in addition to the core academic sub . . .
  • Work
    Learning Object Repository
    Selco, Jodye
    This activity has users first create Lewis Dot Structures of an increasingly difficult list of preset molecules where the atoms to be connected are presented (Molecular Builder right top tab, Molecule Builder left top tab). Then users can create any m . . .
  • 37720j482?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Porter, George
    I saw when I was a student—and I continue to see as a teacher—how a novel study in a high school English class can have a disengaging effect on some students. Some argue, for good reason, that classic literature no longer feels relevant to the student . . .
  • 7p88cn35g?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Fisher, Kendall
    Classroom management is one of the most important skills for educators to master. Teachers are constantly looking for innovative ways to streamline classroom management and create a learning environment that is best for our students and their educatio . . .
  • 4q77fx41b?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Anthony, Alexandra
    Finding the right balance between curricular rigor and student well-being is a tough skill for any teacher to master. Including breaks throughout class time is one strategy teachers use without always completely understanding its influence on their st . . .
  • Work
    Masters Thesis
    Twohey, Lauren Raiko
    In 2013, California’s educational system adopted the Next Generation Science Standards for California Public Schools, Kindergarten Through Grade 12 (CA NGSS). The new standards required a significant shift in what and how science is taught and learned . . .
  • Pk02cg547?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Leader, Aubree
    When Covid-19 shut down schools, the digital divide became increasingly prevalent between students who had access and comfort using technology and students who did not. This study used surveys and interviews to explore how students and parents experie . . .
  • Ng451p311?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Xue, Lisa (Yaping)
    ABSTRACT With the high enrollment number of Chinese international students in U.S. universities, there has been an increase in the amount of research on the difficulties and challenges these students face in their American-university life. The purpose . . .
  • Dr26z314r?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Mendoza, Rosa
    Family involvement in the classroom is oftentimes not available due to family responsibilities, and COVID has exacerbated this situation. This study was designed to better understand the supports family members of the children in my class gave student . . .
  • Rb68xd81h?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Frenes-Gomez, Denisse
    The purpose of this project was to create a series of professional development workshops for 6th - 8th grade math teachers to provide support and resources to align curriculum vertically according to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. Th . . .
  • 1z40kw03h?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Papachristou, Konstantinia
    The purpose of this project was to create an interactive learning module in the form of an eBook that would help English as a Second language (ESL) and/or English as a Foreign Language (EFL) learners at college level better understand and acquire comm . . .
  • B8515q62r?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    West, Heidemarie
    The purpose of this project was to create a series of three workshops that focused on teaching the necessary skills to children entering Kindergarten. The workshops were designed to be used by teachers and administrators and presented to parents of in . . .
  • R494vn275?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Aguilar, Katya
    Behavior management systems such as Response to Intervention and Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports have been created and implemented in various school districts around the country to help and support good behavior from students. For behav . . .
  • Wh246v15h?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Nardulli, Cecilia
    Student diversity inside of classrooms increases with each passing school year. Due to the of growth of minority populations inside of our classrooms, teachers are responsible for prioritizing and empowering their minority student population. Employin . . .
  • Td96k472d?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Vandagriff, Leslie
    The purpose of this project was to create a handbook for elementary school administrators and teachers providing the essentials for the implementation of a multi-tiered system of support. It contains a resource handbook created using peer reviewed res . . .
  • Gm80hx231?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Ju-Ong, Linda
    Parents are the first teachers for their children. They are the primary “teachers” that nurture their children’s social, emotional, and cognitive development. Developing literacy in the home is a function of the entire family. Parental involvement, sc . . .
  • Pz50gz124?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Hernandez, Priscilla
    This study addresses the importance of children establishing healthy eating habits during childhood. In 2006, schools across the United States implemented the Wellness Policy, which focused on children and adolescents having healthier food choices at . . .
  • 73666658k?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Capogrossi, Jonathan
    Modern higher education is delivered to learners by the academic workforce of full time and adjunct instructors, but via the web-based, software framework of Learning Management Systems (LMS). Yet, research shows that many institutions lack a training . . .
  • Mk61rk082?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Verduzco, Ramon
    My goal is to create a manual to systemically refer students into Special Education as well as providing alternative supports to students who require academic interventions. The manual will provide timelines for yearly meetings. The different tiers of . . .
  • 9p290c49v?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    DeSalvio, Casie
    Many states are adopting the Next Generation Science Standards where students have to dissect the new science standards in a whole new way than they are used to. Students are conducting most of their learning through a hands-on method that requires th . . .
  • 6h440v53d?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Worden, Tanner
    It is clear based on world educational rankings like the PISA 2015 results, the United States has a problem when it comes to teaching science content to students. Because of this, many educators have begun exploring different methods to improve teachi . . .
  • R781wn17s?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Villarreal, Monica
    This qualitative study explores the influence of a cultural competence curriculum on my students’ behaviors and perspectives on inclusion. I collected data through a student survey, teacher and student interviews, as well as video observations. Three . . .
  • 5h73pz156?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Layton, Roddy
    The purpose of this project was to develop a series of workshops focused on better understanding the California Accountability Model and School Dashboard and research-proven methods to reduce high school dropout rates in the state of California. The w . . .
  • Br86b8546?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Fowles, Cynthia
    A continuous review of mathematical concepts in the classroom is a necessary component for a stronger foundation of mathematical understanding. This study used surveys, work samples, and student focus groups to explore the influence of a spiral instru . . .
  • Zg64tr632?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Semrow, Casey
    Being an educator goes beyond teaching state standards, testing, and curriculum, though too often, this is the primary focus of schooling. Unfortunately, because of this reality, students often become disengaged and begin developing negative disposit . . .
  • Tb09jb34d?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Armstrong, Kaela
    This research allowed for scholarly exploration into how teachers can create a classroom environment that allows for challenging conversations around times of triggering topics of inequity and injustice throughout history. This study used a student su . . .
  • 2n49t379z?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Neves, Jason
    The purpose of this project was to create workshops that focused on providing classroom teaching strategies that engaged English Language Learners, low socioeconomic students, and gender for middle school mathematics teachers. The workshops included r . . .
  • 9w032500w?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Ranallo, Diane
    The purpose of this project was to create a handbook informing 4th and 5th grade teachers about the benefits flexible seating has on all students. The handbook presents information on how, when, and why to use in the classroom using peer reviewed rese . . .
  • Kh04dr92h?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Na, Stephanie
    The adoption of the Common Core State Standards in California as well many other states across the nation, signaled a change in the skills needed to succeed in the 21st century workforce. An integral part of these standards were labeled the 4C’s and i . . .
  • Cf95jd535?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Rubio, Monica
    The primary purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between music education and workplace success. This study’s assertion is that skills inherent to the study and practice of music in secondary education are uniquely transferrable to l . . .
  • 0p096895v?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Fernandez, Liz
    This project focuses on teaching a second language using theories, approaches and factors that are supported by studies to be efficient in Second Language learning and acquisition. It contains a handbook with various activities for teachers to help st . . .
  • Th83m172n?file=thumbnail
    Mata, Priscilla
    The Industrial Revolution a complex set of economic, technological, and social changes that started in the late 1700’s. The industrial development began in the Northeast and worked its way down South. The first inventor who started the Revolution was . . .
  • Zw12z7550?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Lim, Seoung Jae
    Historically and geopolitically, Korea has been influenced by many other countries. Korea was colonized by Japan for almost 36 years, and then it experienced internal Civil War of separation between Southern and Northern Korea. The Korea was not only . . .
  • Cc08hh71w?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Figueroa, Bryan
    This project was created to support students, parents and residents of the city of Baldwin Park and surrounding areas of the zip code 91706 in preserving and maintaining a humane quality of life while providing the highest chance to academic success. . . .
  • V118rg59h?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Avila, Israel
    After highlighting and comparing the way collaboration is defined and operationalized in existing research, this study reviews research on collaboration and conducts an in-depth analysis of research that examines the effect of teacher collaboration on . . .
  • Vt150m639?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Hartigan, Kathleen
    Argumentative writing is a central component to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS); however, secondary students struggle with building effective claims that are supported by evidence and analysis. The blame cannot be put on the students. The CCSS . . .
  • 6969z2903?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Vega, Julieta
    Parents of first graders are willing to put forth the effort to support their children in reading skills but lack the necessary skills and knowledge to do so. Fortunately, teachers are making it easier than ever to provide these parents assistance by . . .
  • Vh53wx635?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Torres, Sarah
    In order for educators to increase parental involvement and to better improve student success, teachers need the proper training and assistance on different methods they can use to increase parental involvement. Due to the lack of support and resource . . .
  • N870zt10z?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Edward, Coronado III
    Modern college students lack the foundational academic skills necessary to succeed in college-level coursework (Bettinger, Boatman, & Long, 2013; McGuire & McGuire, 2015; NSSE, 2016; Raab & Adam, 2005). Increasingly, colleges and universities are focu . . .
  • 4m90dx530?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Shu, Walter
    History is an important subject that all students must take to meet graduation requirements, yet most college students take this subject for granted. Previous studies have proven that many could not remember a single major event in American history. F . . .
  • N296x1215?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    O'Connor, Kamilah
    The Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) framework provides a practical approach to handling discipline in schools. The researcher used peer-reviewed data and best practices to provide a concise resource handbook that serves as a foundat . . .
  • Mc87ps35g?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Rangel, Marisol
    Parent involvement in schools is a crucial component to student learning; however, schools continue to struggle with having parents attend school related meetings or workshops. One main conflict is that there is no effective approach or method of impl . . .
  • 8p58pg378?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Mendolia-Moore, Tracy
    College campus tours are one of the best recruiting tools for prospective students. As competition between universities target the best and brightest, universities are developing innovative campus tours to lure in the best students. In a poll conducte . . .
  • Qz20sv549?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Jow, Christin
    Problems are ongoing as schools attempt to build relationships with parents through constant communication (St. George, 2010). With technology becoming increasingly popular, schools have access to innovative ways to improve communication. The purpose . . .
  • C247dv225?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Endo, Lani
    This project focused on school culture enrichment and elementary school administrators. It presented a handbook of strategies to enrich school culture using peer reviewed research and best practices as discussed in Chapter Two of the project.
  • X059c945s?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Miramontes, Kevin
    The purpose of this project was to create a guide to assist parents in supporting their identified Special Education child K-12. It presented strategies and techniques to help guide parents in the navigation of developing an action plan centered on su . . .
  • Cr56n3047?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Rios, Laura
    This project provided college access resources and Latino/a parents of first generation college students. It presented a series of informational workshops on college access and to provide guidance to Latino/a parents and help them support their childr . . .
  • J96022910?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Mason, Dillon
    This project provides a lesson guide and lesson plan integrating NGSS engineering practices and performance expectations to biology performance expectations. The U.S. is in high demand for professionals with a strong STEM background. The Next Generati . . .
  • 9p290c657?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Tang, Chao
    This thesis studies the curricula for English major in China. It summarizes the developments and reforms of curricula in used by Chinese universities over the past twenty years and compares and contrast the current curricula with the ones used in the . . .
  • 9g54xk76v?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Messick, Kurt
    Lectures and note taking have dominated the teaching style inside a social studies classroom for decades. Many educators now argue that students necessitate more than a simple transfer of knowledge (Michel, Cater, & Varela, 2009). The merger of techno . . .
  • Br86b581g?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Granado, Antonio Manuel
    With the increased interest of two-way dual immersion programs in the United States, bilingualism for monolingual English-speaking students was emerging as a viable option to traditional classroom settings. This project was created using peer reviewed . . .
  • Xk81jn37d?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Howe Jr., Courtney
    Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has been a topic of confusion and controversy for many years amongst psychological, educational and behavioral professionals. This problem stems from a lack of adequate knowledge of the condition and how to successfully . . .
  • Hh63sx70t?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Latham, Kathy
    The purpose of this project was to create a handout designed for parents and guardians of students with special needs. Alongside the handout, a lesson was developed to showcase the Community Cultural Wealth that students with disabilities bring to the . . .
  • F7623j204?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Connolly, Sarah
    To explore the barriers and opportunities for teachers when implementing their desired curriculum and instruction, this study used a survey of teacher respondents, a focus group with teacher participants, and document collection of teacher comments, t . . .
  • Q524jt88p?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Pierce, Breanne
    Students often describe negative views toward wanting to read independently. This study used surveys, a focus group, and document collection to understand how providing students with choices influenced their motivation and attitude towards independent . . .
  • Cj82k929b?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Jimenez, Celso
    As more and more schools are choosing to fully integrate technology into every classroom, it is becoming apparent that this is not a seamless process free of problems or barriers. External and internal barriers are posing a risk to full integration. M . . .
  • Xd07gv86w?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Cooper, Kelsey
    In 2013, the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) were released nationwide for adoption. California was among the first states to adopt the standards, replacing the Science Content Standards that had been used since 1998. NGSS is structured differ . . .
  • P2676x817?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Ruiz, Karla
    The purpose of this project was to raise awareness on school shootings and show educators how they can integrate school shootings in their curriculum. It contains curriculum on one month-long unit of language arts. Many educators want to integrate soc . . .
  • 9z9032071?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Ng, Roger
    The purpose of this project was to create a handbook for Kindergarten teachers providing Physical Education lessons meeting Common Core Standards, Physical Education Standards, and general curriculum. The lesson plans within the handbook emphasis the . . .
  • Sn00b1044?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Andrade, Robert
    Students of high school world history courses around the country often struggle to remain engaged and interested in the subject (Wiersma, 2008). Additionally, unwillingness to complete assignments is affecting their achievements and lowering their gra . . .
  • Ms35tf49g?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Khoury Aljweid, Ruba
    This qualitative single-case study illuminated the significance of effective character education implementation during elementary school years as students transition into middle school. The purpose of this case study was to identify key practices and . . .
  • Zw12z7657?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Dowling, Aaron
    As education progresses, new ideas on how and what to teach will come into focus. New ideas will replace the old ones. While progress is needed, it does not need to occur by forgetting practices of the past, instead learning from past practices while . . .
  • H989r574t?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Fernandes, Rhea
    Compliance training helps to mitigate risks and incidents of unethical behavior by employees that may lead to financial and reputational ruin. Compliance training within the banking industry and the financial sector includes (but not limited to) shari . . .
  • N870zt15b?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Bell, Nicole
    With the United States falling behind other countries in mathematics, creating uniform national standards that define mathematic content was a priority to gain competency in mathematics (Schmidt, 2012). The Common Core State Standards of Mathematics ( . . .
  • M326m384m?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Beltran, Julie
    English literature courses in high school have been predominantly fiction based. Nonfiction is included in the curriculum, but the majority of the reading in the courses has been fiction. The implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in . . .
  • 7d278w16w?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Mueller, Eugene
    This project focused on the internal factors that impact Special Education teachers’ decisions to stay, transfer, and/or leave the profession altogether. Specifically, the Literature Review found in Chapter 2 of this project revealed that Special Educ . . .
  • F4752k06n?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Beckman (Johnson), Vanessa
    There is evidence that students do not find social studies as valuable as other academic subjects. They are less enthusiastic about learning social studies than other topics, and in general they like other subjects more. (Dundar & Rapoport, 2014). The . . .
  • 9s161838k?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Jimenez, Stacy
    Foreign language educators are required to instruct in different methods that vary by school sites. How do they go about implementing what they learn via trainings or implementing their administrative desires? What makes a foreign language educator ma . . .
  • Cr56n312x?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Perez, Orlando
    The purpose of this project is to create a seminar that provides alternative methods for delivering content for educators within a secondary premedical program. Although, most secondary schools do not have a premedical program and or tailor their stud . . .
  • V118rg70h?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Roldan, Cristina
    Elementary school teachers generally know that every child is a unique individual, yet most teachers still teach students in a standardized way, as if they grew up in the same home, same neighborhood, with access to the same resources, living with bot . . .
  • 2n49t392h?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Gonzalez, Elena
    This handbook was created to address the need of servicing English Language Learners and the school district’s mission of closing the academic vocabulary gap by having all their identified English Learners attain English proficiency. The English Langu . . .
  • 7d278w175?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Zhou, Yuxin
    Employee training is essential in addressing the gaps in the skill levels of the staff of any organization. Many companies, particularly those in the hotel industry, experience regular changes in business and the technology they use. If proper employe . . .
  • Qf85nd49b?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Gregorio, Irasema
    With an increase in English language learners (ELLs) and the rigorous requirements imposed by the CCSS, teachers are left unprepared and ELLs to stay afloat (Johnson & Wells, 2017, p. 1). As a result, this handbook of reading and writing strategies wa . . .
  • 1c18dj257?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Richartz, Janae
    In order to close the achievement gap nation-wide, teachers need proper training and assistance with the implementation of the newly adopted Common Core Math Standards. Due to the current lack of support and resources, teachers are forced to spend the . . .
  • 1j92g993m?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Bistline, Lindsey
    Due to the influx of life changes, such as moving out, financial stressors, and learning to be independent, and with 75% of mental illnesses being diagnosed by the age of 24 and 9% of all adults experiencing symptoms of mental illness in their lifetim . . .
  • 8910jw85f?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Olmos, Felisha
    Grading has been a controversial topic that many researchers have studied for centuries. Students’ academic performance has not only been represented with the use of numerous methods, but has had changes in the purpose of grading and reporting. Theref . . .
  • Zp38wf86h?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Ayon, Esteban
    The purpose of this project was to develop an elearning module that would improve stakeholder’s ability to analyze the multiple indicators in California k-12 accountability system. The elearning module uses images, animations, screencast videos and in . . .
  • K0698970c?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Montemayor, Jennifer
    The purpose of this project was to create a handbook of strategies to assist primary grade level teachers for implementing variable seating. It presented strategies and techniques to help implement variable seating in the classroom which used peer rev . . .
  • Zp38wf92n?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Tucker, Terri
    The purpose of this project was to create a handbook for Kindergarten teachers providing lessons meeting Common Core Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and general curriculum. The lesson plans within the handbook emphasize curriculum based, . . .
  • Pn89d888x?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Palma, Benny
    This project was an interactive multimedia eBook intended for mental health practitioners, clinicians in addiction recovery to utilize recovery-based principles and ideas. The eBook would maximize retention, increase engagement and provide an overall . . .
  • 3f4627728?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Gonzalez, Guadalupe
    This analytical research is focused on an intensive reading intervention program for struggling readers in grades kindergarten through twelfth grade. The intention of the program is to provide intensive reading interventions early enough in order to h . . .
  • 0c483m57n?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Hernandez, Jorge
    While there are prior studies regarding teacher shortage solutions, compilations of study results regarding teacher shortages have been sparse. It is not known how, based on historical evidence, the public educational system has addressed the teacher . . .
  • Mp48sf98j?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Granados, Barbara
    “Disruptive behavior in the classroom, poor academic performance, out-ofcontrol emotions: if you work with adolescents, you are well aware of the challenges this age group presents. What if there was a way to calm these students down and arm them with . . .
  • Jm214v328?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Johnson Sarmiento, Elizabeth
    The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) of 2015 legislated a significant change to Title I Schoolwide Programs (SWP) requiring them to add a comprehensive needs assessment to their previously mandated School Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA). Hacienda . . .