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    Sobel, Jay
    The drinking of alcoholic beverages is an increasingly accepted part of contemporary life. Wide societal acceptance of alcoholic beverages have led to some severe problems. As societal restrictions on the use of alcohol lessen, the need for more posit . . .
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    Habschmidt, Joan
    The major health threats facing the American public today are largely the result of unhealthy habits. Six of the ten factors associated with America's number one killer, cardiovascular disease, are clearly the result of lifestyle. In addition, health . . .
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    Altschuler, Diana Lynn
    The purpose of this project is to facilitate the selection of self-help books by members of the mental health profession. All of the books reviewed were selected to be used as an adjunct to therapy. Professionals in this field usually have insufficien . . .
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    Bitting, Tiffany Marie
    This workshop is intended for guardians of adolescents who are returning from a residential care facility. This is a one-day, eight hour workshop. The material covers; 1) the purpose of the workshop, 2) the importance of the workshop, 3) why adolescen . . .
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    Goldstein, Rosalind C.
    The purpose of this study was to determine whether people who seek counseling help show characteristics of hypoglycemia. A search of the literature supports the hypothesis: People in counseling could exhibit the characteristics of people with hypoglyc . . .
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    Hourigan, Stacy
    The prevalence of substance abuse-related disorders is alarmingly high among adolescents and adults in the United States. Some of these individuals seek alcohol and drug treatment voluntarily as a result of personal, family, and relational problems. M . . .
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    Gurrola, Deanna
    ABSTRACT CAREER DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM FOR MALES IN THE LAW ENFORCEMENT PROFESSION TRANSITIONING TO RETIREMENT By Deanna Gurrola Master of Science in Counseling, Career Counseling The career development needs of males retiring from the law enforcement fi . . .
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    Hartwig, Danielle
    First semester graduate students are expected to write with technical proficiency; yet many do not have the necessary skills and writing competency to achieve this expectation (Singleton-Jackson & Lumsden, 2009). Over the past five years, students enr . . .
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    Batten, Joyce
    The purpose of this study was to investigate the counseling needs of community college students as perceived by the students themselves, assuming that a needs assessment can provide valuable input in planning counseling programs to meet the needs of t . . .
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    Mischel, Marion Phyllis
    Since paraprofessionals have begun to be used in many schools to augment the educational programs on a fairly large scale, this pilot study was initiated to investigate the effects and possible benefits of the participation of parents as paraprofessio . . .
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    Borock, Stacy Ann
    This graduate project is a handbook developed to assist people in choosing toys for children up to 4 years of age. A review of the literature associated with proper toy selections for children is followed by criteria and procedures which will enable a . . .
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    Faivus, Jean
    During the last few years, more and more of the students enrolled in the Master's program in Guidance and Counseling at California State University, Northridge have been using their degree as a stepping stone to a Marriage, Family, and Child Counselin . . .
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    Lindley, Edythe M.
    The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between self-esteem and locus of control on achievement motivation in women. The hypotheses for the present study were that there would be a positive relationship between self-esteem and ac . . .
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    Bernard, Gayle Joy
    Meditation, which was developed millenia ago, has become of current interest in a world searching for ways to live harmoniously with nature. Many of the c1aims about meditation are made in terms of a philosophical system which is unfamiliar to the Wes . . .
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    Ashena, Sherilyn Orly
    Over the years, the number of single mother households has increased (United States Census Bureau, 2011). Single mothers represent approximately 70% of single parents (Kotwal & Prabhaker, 2009). Correspondingly, these women represent a large populatio . . .
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    Donahue, Robert George
    Fifty-five secondary students were selected for a pilot study to test the relationship between the cognitive styles of reflection and impulsivity with performance on speed reading tasks. Ss were divided into three treatment groups--(group I--high pres . . .
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    Bustamante, Pamela
    A greater amount of empirical research utilizing adult (Buhsnell, Wells, & Oakley-Brown, 1992; Dansky, Brewerton, Kilpatrick, & O'Neil, 1997, Garfinkel et al., 1995 Pribor & Dinwiddie, 1992; Steiger & Zankow, 1990; Wonderich, Donaldsonet al., 1996; Wo . . .
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    Sidansky, Robert
    This study compares the opinions and attitudes related to the deaf population between deaf counselors and hearing counselors. The data was gathered from 35 subjects. Fifteen of the subjects were deaf counselors and 15 were hearing counselors from vari . . .
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    Koenig, Judy
    This study examined thirty-six subjects who had converted from Judaism to Christianity in the 1970's while in their teen-age years. The sampling was small, reflecting not necessarily the limitations of the researcher, but the very limited number of pe . . .
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    Wolk, Lauren
    Bullying in elementary school is very common and is extremely detrimental to children's emotional health, social welfare and academic success. Although there are many anti-bullying programs implemented all over the world in every level of school, bull . . .