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    Ngai, Terence Nai-ching
    Trellis-Coded Modulation (TCM) is a technique which combines channel coding and modulation for the transmission of digital signals over bandlimited channels. The basic idea is to use signal-set expansion to provide redundancy for coding, and to design . . .
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    Favakehi, Mohamad
    The objective of this project is to design and evaluate an interactive terminal using vacuum fluorescent technology. The display tube used is six lines by forty characters wide to enable to display 240 characters of display data. The touch input panel . . .
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    Talebian, Sasan
    The objective of this project is to discuss the assembly, behavior, building code requirements, and standard design practices for horizontal and vertical wood diaphragms. The discussions presented are intended to highlight the basics involved in desig . . .
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    Coffey, Lavanson C.
    This project focuses on the development and documentation of a case study based on the build-up, check-out, certification and testing of the Dynamic and Aerodynamic Load Test (DALT) facility. Located at the Pacific Missile Test Center (PMTC), Point Mu . . .
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    Murga, Nelson
    The purpose of this project is to describe the architecture of a parallel processing system that uses RISC type processors as its main CPUs. The system being described is a multiprocessor system in which the processors work together on a single task i . . .
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    Wilson, Mark P.
    An examination of 3 types of direct drive Permanent Magnet D.C. Linear Motors is presented. Both commutated Brushless and Brush type D. C. Linear Motors (DCLM) as well as non-commutated DCLM's (i.e. Voice Coil Actuators) will be evaluated in considera . . .
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    Swamy, Bhaskar
    The purpose of this project is to demonstrate the applications of discrete simulation to the manufacturing systems and provide an overview of different PC based manufacturing simulators. A case study is presented to show how simulation can be a succes . . .
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    Untiedt, Judy Lynne
    This project addresses one aspect of the larger problem of automating a labor-intensive task currently performed by humans. The repetitive, time consuming task involves probing and testing hundreds of points and displaying the test locations on an osc . . .
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    Nelson, Eric A.
    This report begins with the background of the problem and the need for implementing an integrated database for managing software testing. The technical section presents a proposed database design and methodology for solving the problems presented in t . . .
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    Smith, Rob, 1947-
    This project investigates spread spectrum communications techniques with attention to mobile digital communication applications. A survey of the spread spectrum fundamentals concepts is made, followed by descriptions of a variety of applications. The . . .
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    Dopps, Orville Lloyd
    The purpose of this report, is to provide some insight into the so called “Black Magic” world of Reliability Engineering. How does an engineer predict the reliability of a system? Can a systems reliability be improved? How many hours of tests are requ . . .
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    Cable, Vaughn Paul
    The scattering of a non-uniform plane surface wave by an arbitrarily tilted thin metallic strip located near a dielectric coated ground plane is investigated both theoretically and experimentally. Two of the scattering coefficients, s11 and s22, are c . . .
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    Hinze, Lee Roy
    This report describes in detail the work performed to develop a computer model of an in-flight artificially produced icing cloud. A primary feature of the model includes the calculation of the trajectories of evaporating droplets as they move in the f . . .
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    Opperman, Daniel Charles
    This thesis is an evaluation of a least squares algorithm developed by North American Rockwell (NAR). The NAR algorithm was previously implemented for locating radar emitters in airborne data collection systems, and was considered for implementation b . . .
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    King, Robert I-Fang
    This graduate project represents the initial phase of a research and development effort to design a fiber optics local area network capable of handling up to 50 million bits per second data transfer rate. The network consists of 16 nodes connected to . . .
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    Atmeh, Elias M.
    This project includes the design and implementation of a floppy disk drive exerciser. The design consists of two main parts: Hardware and software. The hardware allows control of drive selection, head loading, track seeking, formatting as well as read . . .
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    Dergham, Samara A.
    The objective of this project is to study the comfort of occupants in high-rise buildings in normal wind conditions. Chang's (2) recommendations for comfort limits were used. In his methodology the comfort stage is classified as: not perceptible, perc . . .
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    Zaharov, Eugene
    The concept of Management Information System (MIS) as used within this thesis refers to a defined set of procedures accomplished manually or with the aid of automated equipment whereby data is collected and processed to provide the management of an or . . .
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    Alber, Eileen Ann Cartwright
    This project consists of the structural analysis of a universal joint suspension system used to provide a frictionless, torqueless, disturbance free support for the spinning mass of a tuned rotor strapdown gyro. The analysis assumed 10 G accelerations . . .
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    Karlsten, Keith Karl
    The problem investigated in this thesis is the optimum orientation and sizing of the structural members within a given structural configuration. The synthesis is accomplished by a combination of parametric component results with mathematical programmi . . .
  • Dv13zx67f?file=thumbnail
    Visco, Louis Emil
    This project describes a method of reducing integrated range sidelobes in hi-phase encoded pulse compression radar by using multiple codes during integration. It describes a Code Generating Algorithm (CGA) to find candidate pseudo-noise codes that sat . . .
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    Bircsak, Garin Sandford
    Power division can be realized in many ways but the method suggested by Chapell lends itself to wide bandwidth microstripline techniques and is closely examined here. The fundamentals of N-way power dividers are briefly reviewed and broadband 2-way po . . .
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    Hamilton, Steven Eugene
    This thesis presents the development of a new type of I~ATT diode power accumulator. The design has twice the capacity of similar accumulators of the same size. The circuit offers high combining efficiency, reduced thermal interaction and broad tuning . . .
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    McMaster, Michael Alan
    I was employed at the Pacific Missile Test Center as the Flight Test Engineer on the SHRIKE missile between July 1975 and June 1976. During this period I conducted a Navy Technical Evaluation and an Initial Operational Test and Evaluation (NTE/IOT&E) . . .
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    Patel, Kantilal M.
    The purpose of this project is to study optimum weight design for the nonprestressed structure, using “compatibility analysis”. The result is then compared with the determinant case. A structural system is described by a set of quantities, some of whi . . .
  • 5q47rs29h?file=thumbnail
    Goudey, Dale Alan
    The problem of processing measured data for use with the Kalman filter is considered. Specifically, the problem is that of tracking an airborne target with measurements obtained by radar. The direction observation and filtering processes are investiga . . .
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    Valentino, Michael John
    In a conventional bearing one race is fixed, while the other race rotates. However, in a contra-rotating bearing the inner race rotates in one direction and the outer race rotates in the opposite direction. The advantages of the contra-rotating bearin . . .
  • 44558j37z?file=thumbnail
    Lucic, Roger Alan
    This graduate project presents guidance subsystem deficiency investigations performed on the PHOENIX missile. The PHOENIX missile, an air-to-air radar guided missile, was tested in an especially prepared laboratory test bench. A side-lobe clutter stud . . .
  • N009w6050?file=thumbnail
    Chilese, Francis Charles
    A transient heat sink using a phase change material as the storage medium, and heat pipes as the transfer media, was designed and then analyzed using a numerical methods solution routine. The on-time of the amplifier was primarily limited by the maxim . . .
  • Qv33s102w?file=thumbnail
    Ginocchio, Enrique Daniel
    A computer simulation model has been developed to aid in determination of the quantity of products and components that should be manufactured in order to achieve minimum costs. The simulation model is directed mainly for products, components and commo . . .
  • 1z40kx393?file=thumbnail
    Kloss, Dale Eugene
    This project attempts to extend the capabilities of input processors for digital computers by adding an additional set of specialized registers specifically for block transfers of data between the input-output processor and peripheral devices. The spe . . .
  • X346d7970?file=thumbnail
    Martin, Gregg J.
    The objective of this project is to illustrate the disadvantages of using measured vibration data from the attach point of a substructure during system level vibration as input base excitation levels in a stand alone vibration test of the substructure . . .
  • Ff365858d?file=thumbnail
    Stone, Loren Ronald
    Cold drawn type 316 stainless steel round tubes, and drawn tubes which were subsequently explosively formed into a hexagonal shape were tested by three experimental stress analysis techniques: deflection, strain gage, and local strain. The purpose of . . .
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    Manoogian, Michael E.
    Exact analytic procedures for large space truss structures are generally restricted to computer methods. Though use of computer methods is desirable to obtain an exact model of a structure, use of such methods during the design process can be an arduo . . .
  • Hx11xj54w?file=thumbnail
    Seltzer, Eric N.
    The purpose of this thesis is to analyse and compare three structural systems: the built-up column, the single-bay platform, and the multiple-bay platform. A weight function for each shall be determined and plotted (structure weight versus applied loa . . .
  • Dn39x5149?file=thumbnail
    Rabah, Mohamad Chafic
    In this project the design and implementation of an 8085 microprocessor based telephone controller is presented. The system consists of an automatic telephone dialing system, a digital timer and a remote control system. The automatic dialing section a . . .
  • Sq87bz287?file=thumbnail
    Casler, David Charles
    The question is posed: Do digital matched filtering techniques offer a viable method for machine-based decoding of International Morse code in a noisy environment? The history of the Morse code is explored to provide motivation for the structure of th . . .
  • 3f4629063?file=thumbnail
    Gadomski, Stephen Alan
    The finite element method has, in recent years, proved to be an increasingly powerful tool for the engineer. The finite element method may be defined as a process whereby a continuum with infinite degrees of freedom may be approximated by an assemblag . . .
  • 1544bs501?file=thumbnail
    DiFonzo, Daniel Francis
    An analysis of polarization and pattern effects is presented for parabolic and spherical reflectors which are either symmetrically or offset fed by "point source " antennas such as electric and magnetic dipoles, rectangular waveguides, and dual mode c . . .
  • 1z40kx38t?file=thumbnail
    Laub, Michael Edward
    CAIR III (Countermeasures Airborne Infrared III) is an IR (infrared) countermeasures system which is designed to protect the F-4 Phantom jet from attack by IR seeking missiles. This project report documents the test and evaluation of the CAIR III coun . . .
  • Xk81jp71x?file=thumbnail
    Stemke, Lawrence Fredric
    This project presents the SMALL FUNCTIONAL TEST SYSTEM (SFTS) for decreasing test time and improving reliability of digital logic modules. They system is designed and built around the NETRONICS ELS 1802 COMPUTER SYSTEM. An additional hardware module ( . . .
  • Work
    Dopps, Orville Lloyd
    The purpose of this report, is to provide some insight into the so called “Black Magic” world of Reliability Engineering. How does an engineer predict the reliability of a system? Can a systems reliability be improved? How many hours of tests are requ . . .
  • P2677008t?file=thumbnail
    Schilken, Robert Donald
    This report deals with the design, development, implementation and results of a laboratory simulated reliability test of the Navy AIM 9L (SIDEWINDER series) Air-To-Air Missile. General facts of the missile and of Navy Test and Evaluation are presented . . .
  • Kd17cx238?file=thumbnail
    Dalcher, Alfred Wilhelm
    Definitive procedures for the comprehensive evaluation of structural components subjected to high temperatures (to~ 1200 degree F) and high fast neutron fluence (to ~2-10-23 degree neutrons per square centimeter, E>1, Mev) have not previously been for . . .
  • Gf06g612n?file=thumbnail
    Bergen, Mark James
    The following publication documents work accomplished in the areas of (1) designing a program to store and retrieve launch data for the PHOENIX missile and (2) preparing a Flight Test Plan, monitoring the test, and writing the Final Launch Report for . . .
  • Rf55zc56t?file=thumbnail
    Mahjouri, Sadreddin
    The purpose of this design is to test an analog chip on a general purpose digital tester. This design which is a custom design will only provide instruments to test a particular analog chip in an automated environment. After the test engineer develops . . .
  • 3n204271p?file=thumbnail
    Bretz, Glenwood Jr.
    The Navy began development of the Single Point Mooring (SPM) fuel buoy because of shortfalls in the ability of the Naval forces to supply fuel to the Marines ashore, during amphibious operations. The increased Marine Corps fuel consumption rates coupl . . .
  • H415pf08x?file=thumbnail
    Lai, Edmond Yinghsi
    A design procedure of roller bearings for power transmission is proposed. Equivalent load, speed, and life equations are included. New design of cylindrical roller bearing to maximize axial load is described. An example of application on final drive s . . .
  • Ks65hg62z?file=thumbnail
    Oda, Henry Minoru
    Problems encountered with bearings operating in very high DN values (bearing bore in millimeters times shaft speed in rpm) have led to experiments on several types of hollowed ball bearings which improve bearing fatigue life due to mass reduction and . . .