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    Atmeh, Elias M.
    This project includes the design and implementation of a floppy disk drive exerciser. The design consists of two main parts: Hardware and software. The hardware allows control of drive selection, head loading, track seeking, formatting as well as read . . .
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    Alber, Eileen Ann Cartwright
    This project consists of the structural analysis of a universal joint suspension system used to provide a frictionless, torqueless, disturbance free support for the spinning mass of a tuned rotor strapdown gyro. The analysis assumed 10 G accelerations . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Alexandra Mattison
    Conventional steel moment frame systems dissipate seismic energy and provide resistance to lateral forces. However, to achieve high performance, these moment frame systems sustain severe damage during earthquakes that require extensive repairs. Steel . . .
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    Ngai, Terence Nai-ching
    Trellis-Coded Modulation (TCM) is a technique which combines channel coding and modulation for the transmission of digital signals over bandlimited channels. The basic idea is to use signal-set expansion to provide redundancy for coding, and to design . . .
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    Favakehi, Mohamad
    The objective of this project is to design and evaluate an interactive terminal using vacuum fluorescent technology. The display tube used is six lines by forty characters wide to enable to display 240 characters of display data. The touch input panel . . .
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    Talebian, Sasan
    The objective of this project is to discuss the assembly, behavior, building code requirements, and standard design practices for horizontal and vertical wood diaphragms. The discussions presented are intended to highlight the basics involved in desig . . .
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    Coffey, Lavanson C.
    This project focuses on the development and documentation of a case study based on the build-up, check-out, certification and testing of the Dynamic and Aerodynamic Load Test (DALT) facility. Located at the Pacific Missile Test Center (PMTC), Point Mu . . .
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    Murga, Nelson
    The purpose of this project is to describe the architecture of a parallel processing system that uses RISC type processors as its main CPUs. The system being described is a multiprocessor system in which the processors work together on a single task i . . .
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    Wilson, Mark P.
    An examination of 3 types of direct drive Permanent Magnet D.C. Linear Motors is presented. Both commutated Brushless and Brush type D. C. Linear Motors (DCLM) as well as non-commutated DCLM's (i.e. Voice Coil Actuators) will be evaluated in considera . . .
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    Swamy, Bhaskar
    The purpose of this project is to demonstrate the applications of discrete simulation to the manufacturing systems and provide an overview of different PC based manufacturing simulators. A case study is presented to show how simulation can be a succes . . .