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    Posten, Maria
    Neil Gaiman’s 2001 novel American Gods is a dense, multifaceted, story-within-a-story homage to rural United States ӕsthetics through a journey of gods. I explore the nature of the multitudinous gods, and Shadow, within the liminal space Gaiman create . . .
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    Daulton, John
    In a needy American landscape where consumerism runs rampant and marketing works like dark magic on the minds and souls of nearly everyone, Dean Sardelle reluctantly seeks a purpose. Facing the collapse of his family business beneath the weight of med . . .
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    Thomas, Ashley
    This study explores representations of love, power, gender, and sexuality in the sonnet sequences of Sir Philip Sidney, Edmund Spenser, Richard Barnfield, and Lady Mary Wroth. Although Sidney and Spenser are esteemed authors whose work has shaped our . . .
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    Espinoza, Juan
    In her 1934 autobiography, A Backward Glance, Edith Wharton admonished critics of her 1917 novel Summer who viewed the novel as a “pleasing romance of summer life.” Wharton saw her novel as part of the same Dark Romantic literary traditions of New Eng . . .
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    Dreisbach, Verna Lynne
    In the time of the German resistance, a brother and a sister risk their lives and the lives of their family to fight for freedom and justice. The Fallen Cross gives an intimate look into the life of a prominent German family and all that they sacrific . . .
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    Smith, Cynthia Alicia
    Project (M.A., English (Creative Writing))--California State University, Sacramento, 2011.
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    Augood, Desirae Carolyn
    In this article, I examine conversation about information literacy (IL) in first-year writing (FYW) between librarianship and composition and rhetoric and locate the fields’ shared interdisciplinary goals and values by connecting the respective, recen . . .
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    Evans, David Nelson
    This thesis investigates the grammatical nature of the used to construction to gain perspective on a longstanding controversy regarding how used to is to be spelled under circumstances of DO-support—with the d or without it. ESL textbooks have long gi . . .
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    McCormick, Loretta Antonia
    This thesis, a collection of four shmi stories, attempts to resist the long-standing paradigm in American society that places science in the privileged position of tmth, with an assumed ideology of innate objectivity, while subordinating myths as sole . . .
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    Elisara, Unai
    In this grant I will be addressing the need for an expansion of Feleti Barstow Public Library of Pago Pago, American Samoa. This Library is the only library on the island and houses many of the island's cultural and historical artifacts. I am requesti . . .
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    Narayanamurti, Krishna
    Late in Jane Austen’s "Emma," a peculiar scene of harrowing adventure disrupts an otherwise realistic novel. On an early morning walk, Harriet Smith takes a wrong turn into the woods outside the posh village of Highbury. A “gang” of young “gypsies,” p . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Reynoso, Michael
    The Internet Movie Database, or IMDB, is a website that has existed for thirty years, is visited by millions of people annually worldwide, and provides hundreds of thousands of fully-accessible amateur film and television reviews by its members. But . . .
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    Iyasere, Solomon
    Orpheus, as we know, did not end well. Sure, he successfully travelled to Hades and used his phenomenal musicianship to spring his wife Eurydice from the underworld, but by looking back too soon he violated the terms of his contract with Hades and bac . . .
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    Willey, Patrick
    While it is a basic truism that the meaning of a text is largely dependent on its historical context, models of interpretation that all too readily assume the stasis of the past and which fail to relativize the present in their will to hermeneutic tru . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    César Roberto Olivas
    Using the framework of Conceptual Metaphor Theory and Conceptual Blending this paper aims to show how Spanish-speaking ghost story tellers think and talk about death, the afterlife, and ghosts. Based on the language of personal supernatural experience . . .
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    Chohlis, Dana M.
    This thesis includes a critical examination of William Shakespeare's play A Midsummer Night's Dream, with a particular focus on the female characters. The thesis also describes a production of the play directed by the author and performed at Californ . . .
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    Pino, Anthony Adrian
    This thesis consists of a collection of poems and a short story written by the author.
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    Masters Thesis
    Nikolas Paul Bunton
    The aim of this thesis is to explore and analyze David Lynch’s films noir through a psychoanalytic lens, predominantly employing Freudian and Lacanian psychoanalytic theories to dissect and explicate these films. This thesis defines and explores wha . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Zoe Elizabeth Dumas
    As technology becomes ever-prevalent in modem society and our lives are documented for all to see on a daily basis, it is more important than ever that we understand the role of narrative in our media. This project explores works of horror fiction tha . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Colin James Flynn
    The setting for Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian is the American-Mexican southwest borderlands in the middle of the nineteenth century. McCarthy’s No Country for Old Men, meanwhile, takes place in the same region at the end of the twentieth century. I . . .
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    Willey, Patrick
    While it is a basic truism that the meaning of a text is largely dependent on its historical context, models of interpretation that all too readily assume the stasis of the past and which fail to relativize the present in their will to hermeneutic tru . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Melissa Thea Valk
    This thesis dissects the role of melancholic imagery and religion in Alfred Tennyson’s poetry, with a special focus on his magnum opus, In Memoriam A.H.H (1850) and how the use of melancholy and religion act as rhetorical tropes in conveying the depth . . .
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    Penuliar, Jonathan Bernard
    English learners are one of the most rapidly growing student demographics in the United States. However, school systems have historically fallen short in providing English learners with adequate academic support. A review of the literature sheds light . . .
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    Graduate project
    Saboury, Sabrina Fatemeh
    The Fortuneteller is a piece of historical fiction. Written in the style of memoir, it is part of a larger body of work on carnival culture set in late 19th and early 20th century Persia. Narrated by Nasreen, a blue-eyed, bearded woman reflecting on h . . .
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    Graduate project
    Martinez, Zeth M.
    The Cost of Freedom and Other Stories is a collection of interconnected fictional short stories that turn the internal conflict into a tangible obstacle the characters must overcome. By exploring themes of escapism, obsession, and toxic patterns, The . . .
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    Graduate project
    Smith, Jennifer L.
    Touch the Stars/Touch the Earth is a collection of four short stories that explore themes of grief, death, loss and agency through the medium of fiction, specifically using the genres of fabulist and science fiction. Each story has a central theme of . . .
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    Graduate project
    Allen, Ian T.
    Reasons to Worry is a collection of short stories and flash fiction focused on the traditions of literary fabulism and speculative fiction. Their genres span across cyberpunk, gothic, folklore, science fiction, horror, magical realism, and cosmicism. . . .
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    Graduate project
    Keables, Jeanette M.
    When We Must Walk in Darkness is a memoir beginning with a Critical Introduction, followed by a collection of vignettes, each one representing a significant moment after my son Tyler’s 2002 near-fatal motorcycle accident. In the Critical Introduction, . . .
  • Gm80hv939?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Huso, Emily
    Invasion of the Bees and Other Stories is a collection of short stories and flash fictions that explore themes of paternal absence and neglect, female distrust of men, relationship discord, self-sabotage, and various forms of abuse. Firmly footed in t . . .
  • Dn39x210k?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Rhine, Amanda
    Black Dogs is a collection of short stories representing my exaggerated interpretations of three themes associated with self-destructive behavior: addiction, codependency, and self-entitlement. Theses individual themes are prominent subject matter in . . .
  • M900nv141?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Deane, Jason
    Kali’s Waters is a collection of short fiction stories that works with themes of religion, loneliness, death, grief, coming-of-age, and human connection. The stories are based in the genre of literary realism, but also work to challenge the norms of t . . .
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    Graduate project
    McClintic, Julie Ricks
    Dating While Fat: Notes From a Harmed Life is a memoir, collected in four linked stories, exploring the intersection of absurdity and horror at various times throughout the author’s life. “Dating While Fat” is a reflective look back at my life as a fo . . .
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    Graduate project
    Liebenberg, Ibe
    The Judas Tree is a collection of poetry that focuses on the act of witnessing tragedy. This collection explores specific events I have observed in both nature and in firefighting. Many of the experiences in the collection were witnessed first-hand. T . . .
  • Pg15bf502?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Evans, Stephanie
    This memoir is a coming-of-age story utilizing three main segments: one focusing on a failed relationship with my father, another confronting mortality through the diagnosis of a chronic illness, and a third strand focusing on death through a work exp . . .
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    Graduate project
    Coyle, Eliott
    Inheritance is a collection of poetry that sets out to redefine the word “inheritance” through three sections. The first section of the collection follows the musical inheritance of the speaker and the impressions of family that have come before him. . . .
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    Graduate project
    Bromley, Kyleen
    Two Rooms is a collection of stories comprised of both fiction and creative nonfiction. The use of nonfiction and fiction in this project is a meditation on my recovery as an alcoholic. The two rooms discussed in this project refer to the use of ficti . . .
  • Gf06g330z?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Booth, Daria Donoghue
    Queens of Sheba is a collection of six personal essays that seek to present both personal story and universal themes. In my essays, I share stories of my family, my father’s dementia, the loss of my first husband, my relationship with food and body im . . .
  • 73666515k?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Skripek, Matthew Paul Stephens
    Terraforming Hell is a collection of poems that explore the dark terrain of reality, the fantastic, and the rift that lies between. It traverses the æther and the dreamstate. Some poems find their footing in the natural world while others walk beyond . . .
  • H702q704f?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Dunk, Eric
    Manzanitas at Gunsight Lookout is a collection of poetry to question the world. This collection explores the aspects of life I consider vital to human experience: these poems explore relationships, memory, love, emotion, and the ultimate uncertainty o . . .
  • 5x21tg04h?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Bowersox, Sylvia
    Catherine Talbot’s Two Days in Iraq is a novel-in-stories that takes the reader along with Catherine and her Army unit on their deployment to wartime Iraq. The stories explore the poignant changes and trauma that occur in a soldier's life when they ar . . .
  • Br86b425x?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    North, Jill
    Secondhand Stories is a collection of four short stories that seek to present a variety of social issues thought the lens of a small town. The collection was written with the theme of small towns in mind to show how that specific community problematiz . . .
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    Graduate project
    Monroe, Nicholas
    “Deadheading” is a collection of poems that can be viewed as a travelogue. This is a documentation of exploration. These poems move. They cover terrain—terrain that is physical, emotional, temporal, cultural, and spatial. This travelogue explores many . . .
  • 4x51hj775?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Hayes, Timothy
    Milling is a collection of three linked narratives working with shared characters and themes in the literary genres of magical realism and Eco Literature. These three stories explore diverse uses of points of view, which work at shifting the reader’s . . .
  • Qb98mf97b?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Weast, Danielle N.
    You Silly Idiot is a collection of short stories that explores the relationship between self-reflection and the transitory nature of memory as it is influenced by prejudice and time itself. The author implements the literary conventions of fiction as . . .
  • Sf268582m?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Salgado, Martin Alejandro
    This memoir is a recollection of a Mexican-American childhood lived in Huntington Beach, California. The narrative addresses a search for identity, a construction of identity, along with questions of place. This narrative is a coming of age story that . . .
  • Xw42n855x?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Walker, Charles Bradford
    Water Spots is a collection of three short-fiction stories written over the course of the past five years. These stories share themes in their characters’ search for identity in changing environments while often dealing with a sense of loss—the loss o . . .
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    Graduate project
    DeCasper, Anthony Paris
  • Rb68xc36g?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Bitton, Tomie Anne
    The Best Thing to Ever Happen to You is a memoir that seeks to explore the dynamics of change in a woman’s life, especially adolescence and motherhood. These stories follow a young woman as she comes of age, capturing and evoking moments when she ques . . .
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    Graduate project
    Wheat, Kristen Marie
    October Rain is a collection of poetry that seeks to explore the dynamics of change in human lives, especially loss and grief. Some of these poems follow a young woman as she loses her boyfriend to cancer, and reveal the pain and waves of her grieving . . .