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    Batoon, Andre
    The United States has one of the largest international land and maritime borders. Although characterized by thousands of miles of unforgiving desert terrain, the Southwest Border of the United States serves as the entry point for unauthorized migrants . . .
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    Garcia, Angel
    Climate Change has the sea-levels rising and threatens coastal states around the globe. The North Sea Flood of 1953 devastated the Netherlands. As a result, the Delta Works Commission was created and set up dams, storm surge barriers, and flood gates. . . .
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    Jacob, Andre
    As political dynamics continue to shift everyday Vietnam will continue to stick to side by those countries that are helping Vietnam grow in the present and the future. Vietnam is trying its best to be noticed and valued by the international community. . . .
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    Kim, Alec
    This thesis discusses the current trade war between the United States and China, and the real implications that are underneath the surface. It focuses on what exactly the core issue is of this “bigger picture”. Rather than specifically discussing what . . .
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    Lomeli, Albert
    The developments in the shipping industry have grown significantly in past decades. California's ports are responsible for over fifty percent of the nation’s container cargo volume. The ports must quickly advance to maintain their role in the global s . . .
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    Pavlik, Alexander
    The relationship between governments and their people has significantly evolved over the centuries. The 20th and 21st centuries have seen incredible advances in technology, public health, and behavioral norms which have dramatically recharacterized th . . .
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    Hollis, Delaney
    For the greater part of the twentieth century the United States and the Union of Soviet Socalist Republics (USSR) were the two superpowers governing the world’s agenda. Due to vastly differing political and ideological agendas a war unlike any seen be . . .
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    Rosales, Felipe I.
    The Syrian Civil War is one of the most devastating conflicts of the 21st century and the cause of the worst humanitarian crisis in recent history. It stems between the ruling Al-Assad Regime and a series of opposition rebel groups. The Assad Regime h . . .
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    Schmidt, Harry
    The IMO will be introducing new regulations in 2020 that will require ships to reduce emissions of certain greenhouse gases and combat climate change. A promising yet radical alternative to fossil fuels and other renewable energy is the use of nuclear . . .
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    Alfaro, Joshua
    Despite the history of a strong and prosperous U.S. maritime industry, today’s U.S. merchant fleet is characterized by inadequacy. Through dwindling numbers as a result of mismanaged legislation as well as shifting global politics, U.S. maritime polic . . .