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    Pardo, Kenneth A.
    Background and Purpose. The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of an aerobic exercise program on the treatment of mild (stage I) cubital tunnel syndrome. Subjects. Two female subjects participated in this study. Both subjects were diag . . .
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    Gunther, Daniel R.
    The use of AIDS metaphors in AIDS articles from popular American periodicals is compared and contrasted. Articles from periodicals listed under the AIDS subject headings in the Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature for January to March, 1983 are com . . .
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    Deisinger, David
    Purpose. The purpose of this study was to determine the response stability of measurements used in the assessment of center of pressure excursion (COPe) during step initiation. A NeuroCom� Balance Master� was used to collect data relating to subjects . . .
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    Teresi, Anthony Steve
    In the current environment of decreasing financial resources, health education professionals need to explore new and innovative ways of delivering health information. This project presents an overall conceptual model, including design and content cons . . .
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    Prokopets, Anatoliy
    Purpose. The purpose of this study was to determine the response stability of measurements used in the assessment of center of pressure excursion (COPe) during step initiation. A NeuroCom� Balance Master� was used to collect data relating to subjects . . .
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    Eden, Jeremiah
    Background and Purpose: Functionally, the majority of movements we perform consist of active, multiplanar motions against resistance. With a cervical spine injury, those combined movements become impaired. Although the literature indicates that variou . . .
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    Nguyen, Anh H.
    The purpose of this study was to explore the relationships between environmental factors and alcohol-related outcomes (or problems) in young adults, utilizing data of ten counties and two cities in California and to generate hypotheses for future stud . . .
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    Rulnick, Sarah J.
    Between 1991 and 1992, 10-19 year-olds accounted for one quarter of the more than 38,000 reported cases of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in Los Angeles County. School-based sexually transmitted/human immunodeficiency virus (STD/HIV) education h . . .
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    Bauer, Deborah Benkert
    Exposure to toxic substances in the workplace is a serious causal factor for acute and chronic illnesses. To reduce exposure to environmental toxins in the work-place, the state and federal governments have intervened with statutes to reduce such heal . . .
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    Reyes, Pilar
    Background and Purpose. The Functional Reach, the Limits-of-Stability, and the Timed "Up & Go" tests are clinical measurement tools for evaluating balance. The purpose of this study was twofold. The first aim was to determine the relationship among th . . .
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    Barkley, Ronald Ralph
    The changing environment in hospital financial management has added a new dimension to the delivery of quality health care, this being quality care at a reasonable cost. Aggregating to produce cost savings resulting from increased volume efficiencies . . .
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    Johnson, John Brinton
    The only technique for measuring Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) of water recognized by the State of California Health Department is the dilution technique; as outlined in Standard Methods. Hach Chemical Company has developed a new manometric device w . . .
  • Work
    Williams, Douglas Joseph
    A study of the statistical correlation between answers given by a randomly selected population of hospital personnel to a communications measuring questionnaire and assumed budget, work performance, and personnel morale indicators was conducted. The q . . .
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    Booth, Richard
    This study describes the use of a project management system by hospital administration in controlling, scheduling and assigning activities related to the preparation and implementation of the transition from an existing hospital to a newly constructed . . .
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    Swartz, Bruce M.
    Malpractice claims and suits have been increasing in frequency for the past decade and these have had a decided impact on health care practices and costs, on malpractice insurance availability and costs, on modes of processing claims through our legal . . .
  • Work
    Woolfson, Eilen
    A multiphasic health screening clinic for the elderly, sponsored by the affiliated committees on aging of Los Angeles, the West District Department of Health services and the West Los Angeles department and the West Los Angeles Community college-Commu . . .
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    Jorgensen, Mary Elizabeth
    While attention has focused upon the selection and management of the patients submitting to aortocoronary artery bypass surgery, consideration of the cognitive needs of the patients has tended to be extemporaneous and dependent upon the motivation of . . .
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    Warburton, Edward Alan
    This study measures the effect of random error on the determinants of coefficients and constants of the exponential terms used in the analysis of biological tracer data. Many biological activities take place in well-defined areas, systems, or organs w . . .
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    Alkhateeb, Waleed Ahmed
    Review of appointment re cords at the family planning clinic of the West Health. Center, Los Angeles County Health Department, showed that 47% of the appointments were not kept. To deal with this high rate of broken appointments, overbooking of patien . . .
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    Esposito, Daniel R
    It was the purpose of this study to determine if there was uniformity in the methods of investigation of domestic carbon monoxide incidents conducted by local public health agencies. Carbon monoxide poisoning, long recognized as an occupational health . . .
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    Machiraju, Nagabhushan Rao
    This study used the Individual Try-out technique of Instructional programing in revising venereal disease knowledge questionnaires. Two venereal disease questionnaires were tried out on one person at a time, and were revised on the basis of the subjec . . .
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    Shrestha, Janaki Devi
    In response to a great need for an intensified training program for the voluntary collaborators in the Nepal Malaria Eradication Organization, an effort has been made to develop a training curriculum for the volunteers. The purpose of this training pr . . .
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    Clutter, Jacquelyn
    The purpose of this study was to identify and analyze the health education needs of a selected group of elderly people residing in West Los Angeles and Woodland Hills. In order to determine what health education may be necessary, an assessment to iden . . .
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    Altuchow, Nicholas
    Statistics indicate that the revenue from outpatient services plays a significant role in the financial viability of many hospitals and with the financial pressure of inflation, competition and third-party reimbursements will continue to do so to an e . . .
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    Hoover, Pearl Rollings
    The epidemiology of pupil recordable accidents has been investigated in a junior high school by examining relationship among selected variables. The data were obtained from pupil recordable accident reports over a period of three years. The greatest n . . .
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    Valentine, Shayler
    Perhaps one of the most pervasively harmful and increasingly prevalent public health concerns facing United States citizens in modern times is untreated anxiety disorders. When treated, especially at early onset, anxiety disorders can be effectively m . . .
  • Q237hw470?file=thumbnail
    Hahn, Lisa Ann
    This paper presents a study of patient satisfaction conducted in an outpatient hematology-oncology clinic. The purpose of the study was to evaluate the existing practices of outpatient oncology care from the perspective of the consumer; that is, to ma . . .
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    Behles, Lynn M.
    Asthma has been recorded since antiquity. Today, it is one of the most common chronic disorders of childhood. Greater understanding of the disease, coupled with increased therapeutic treatment has led to better management, especially in the area of ch . . .
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    Zribi, Salah Ben Mustapha
    The purpose of this project was to develop a guide that would provide teachers with descriptions of selected techniques and examples for teaching human sexuality. The emphasis is towards setting up a classroom environment where discussion can freely t . . .
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    Luftman, Barbara R. Kleiman
    A study of 172 obstetricians in Los Angeles County was undertaken for the purpose of assessing to what extent their knowledge, education, experience and personal beliefs influence prenatal diagnosis referral. Four hundred questionnaires were sent to r . . .
  • Wm117s612?file=thumbnail
    Jefferson, Gail R.
    This project documents an innovative approach towards the development of a community-organized program for single parents. Problems of single parents are stated with particular emphasis on those pertaining to poor, Black single parents of Southeast Lo . . .
  • Dz010t67t?file=thumbnail
    Stratton, Terri Lee
    The adverse health effects due to smoking have been well documented since 1964 with the advent of the first United States Surgeon General's Report. With increasing health care costs, there has been a recent interest from large employers exploring ways . . .
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    Adedeji, Felix Olu
    In case-control epidemiological studies, where the risk of a disease in the general population is assumed to be unknown, multiple relative risks are obtained for two multivariate models- (1) multiple logistic risk function, (2) the multiple linear reg . . .
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    Rawson, Katherine
    The purpose of this study was to test if CSUN students would purchase more fruit if the price was reduced. This study explored the role of price in fruit purchases on a multicultural college campus. Evidence suggests that college students are not cons . . .
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    West, Eileen Elizabeth
    Sampling was performed in the Los Angeles City Hall parking facility to determine the levels of carbon monoxide (CO) to which the employees are exposed. Sampling was done on 5 non-consecutive days during the summer of 1976. The sampling device used wa . . .
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    Hutchcraft, Patricia Gantt
    Health, Education, .and Welfare Secretary, Joseph Califano recently appealed to school superintendents across the nation to heighten students' awareness of the hazards of cigarette smoking. The high incidence of coronary heart disease, chronic broncho . . .
  • Z890rx80r?file=thumbnail
    Saithai, Vichit
    The objective of this graduate project is to plan for evaluation of a health education program in the village Health and Sanitation Project in Thailand (VHSP). The evaluation design that was suggested in this graduate project in evaluating the effecti . . .
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    Dumer, Miriam A.
    Parametric forms of correlation are usually preferred to nonparametric forms because of their greater power and more general usefulness. Greater restrictions have, however, traditionally been imposed upon the use of parametric statistics than upon the . . .
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    Benson, Randall Stuart
    The idea for this educational film is the result of my own experiences, and from observing and talking to other persons who worked with physically handicapped individuals. Many people were not prepared to identify boys with Muscular Dystrophy. Some pe . . .
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    Ash, Joan Stevenson
    This study was conducted to identify the nature of materials used by graduate degree candidate s in health science and public health in their thesis research in order to identify their library needs. A total of 2,972 citations from the bibliographies . . .
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    O'Brien, Helen Victoria
    Patients who develop postoperative wound infections, following prosthetic vascular graft surgery, may suffer the consequences of loss of limb or life. This study was done: (1) to ascertain if specific risk factors were associated with the development . . .
  • 736667923?file=thumbnail
    Brady, Janet B.
    This paper proposed to identify the role a community hospital should assume in the provision of professional continuing education for the health professionals in the surrounding community. The model presented could also be adapted to rural or urban se . . .
  • 6t053k62k?file=thumbnail
    Somers, James M.
    From October through November of 1985, on 28 separate occasions, two astronomical observing sites were compared in a photographic survey to assess the effect of outdoor illumination on the detection of stellar images. The Mount Wilson Observatory site . . .
  • M900nz09s?file=thumbnail
    Endinjok, Frida
    Obesity is a pressing public health issue that disproportionally affects ethnicities such as s in the United States. According to current literature, a plant-based diet has many health benefits including reduced risk for cardiovascular disease and dia . . .
  • 7m01bq19d?file=thumbnail
    Hanes, Sally Ruth
    Cancer is the second leading cause of death among women in the United States, and breast cancer kills more women than any other type of cancer. This study is an attempt to utilize personality variables to determine which women have a high risk of deve . . .
  • Fj236563h?file=thumbnail
    Pradhan, Hari Bhakta
    This study was conducted to design a survey instrument to determine the perception of threat, cause, and prevention of cholera. Different cultures and subcultures have their own beliefs, values. and attitudes in respect to health and disease. Concepts . . .
  • Jh343w45p?file=thumbnail
    Pattaphongse, Nuntavarn
    The exact distribution of Pearson chi-squared is discontinuous. Thus, the continuous chi-squared table may give a poor approximation to the exact probabilities. In 1934 Yates introduced his correction term (C.1/2N) for continuity. Since then, much res . . .
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    Klascius, Alfonse Simon
    This thesis utilized a two-phased approach for promoting a community child poisoning prevention program in Green Valley. Phase one consisted of a forty-nine item questionnaire which was administered by an interviewer to each of twenty mothers (test gr . . .
  • Qf85nf666?file=thumbnail
    Tamburello, Diane R.
    The purpose of this project was to develop a curriculum designed to train individuals as facilitators of mutual support groups for patients with chronic illness. The curriculum targets individuals who are either members of existing support groups or a . . .
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    Aldrich, James O.
    The partial pressures of oxygen (p0 2), carbondioxide (pC0 2), and pH were determined in the blood of young adult mice sacrificed either by cardiac arrest, or by asphyxiation. Cardiac arrest was produced by electric shock, and asphyxiation by sudden o . . .