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    Lavin, Kellie Marie Swier
    West Coast Swing’s history began around the mid-twentieth century, with roots in Lindy Hop. Despite its fascinating history and its formal status as California’s state dance, however, no academic history of this dance and its community yet exists. Thi . . .
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    Ngo, Thuc Uyen
    As many scholars have written about the Vietnam War, this thesis, Forgotten Memories: Re-Constructing the Vietnam War in Films, explores a different approach to this topic by examining films. Historical films are becoming increasingly important in sha . . .
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    Miller, Joy
    Lorenzo Harris, John Henry Adams, Albert A. Smith, and Laura Wheeler-Waring were illustrators for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People’s (NAACP) publication The Crisis during the early part of the twentieth-century. The illus . . .
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    Thielman, Shad
    “No One Gets Out of Here Alive” examines the way in which the Vietnam War era (1955-1975) transformed how Americans managed and mourned the deaths of those lost during the armed conflict. Before the conflict in Vietnam, military burials changed very l . . .
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    Snellings, Anthony
    Punk and its meaning has been examined by scholars in various ways. For example, some scholars have focused on punk as a regional phenomenon, but these studies primarily follow punk of the 1970s and 1980s. Others have centered their focus on the do-it . . .
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    Herrera, Jennifer
    The Los Angeles civil unrest of 1992 is categorized as one of the most destructive episodes of civil disturbances in U.S. history and one of the first domestic crisis to be broadcast live on television. In fact, in television, in newspapers, and even, . . .
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    Morgan Rueda, Doris S.
    This thesis explores the reactions of conservative parents and politicians to juvenile delinquency during the Cold War in San Diego. Through an exploration of media reports, police records, and constituent letters, emerges the realization that youth c . . .
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    Cooper, Zane
    At both the academic and popular levels, scholars of the history of computing have studied the development and proliferation of specific technologies such as the microprocessor, the great people that made these technologies possible, as well as the hi . . .
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    Temnick, Janelle
    During World War II the railroad served as the nation's most efficient way to transport troops from their hometowns to domestic military bases and posts. The troop trains stopped in many towns between the east and west coasts where they were greeted b . . .
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    Bechtol, Jonathan D.A
    This thesis analyzes how Balboa Park has transformed as an urban space throughout the twentieth century. Both the function and myth of the park were tightly controlled by the elites of San Diego during the early 1900s. This included a nostalgic Spanis . . .