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    Graduate project
    Luo, Gabrielle Marie
    Creativity is an intrinsic aspect of being human and having the resources to be able to express it freely within life is an essential priceless asset. Despite this innateness, humanity currently faces a difficulty in being able to access and express i . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Curtis, Jessica
    Over the years, feminist interpretations of art historical topics have expanded into their own subfield, full of research and activity. Despite the current abundance of written work on this subject, there is a trivialization of women in the arts by th . . .
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    Westfall, Tammy Kay
    The fusion of postmodern tenets and principles with traditional cultural anthropological theory and methods in ethnographic films appears generally undervalued. To highlight and analyze some of the constructive results of this fusion, an ethnographic . . .
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    Hamza, Areeje
    Metaphors are some of the most complex linguistic and cognitive phenomena. They allow for representation of numerous abstract concepts in terms of other more familiar ones. Their complexity and abundance call for a close analysis of their role in cogn . . .
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    Vang, Maykou Margaret
    Today young Hmong women growing in the United States face a future that is very different from the one for which their mothers were prepared while growing up in the mountains of Laos. As these mothers struggle to rear their daughters in the cultural . . .
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    Rider, Kristie
    The purpose of this project is to increase self-efficacy and reduce stress for shelter staff by providing staff with a handbook of developmentally appropriate interventions to use with child residents in domestic violence shelters. This handbook con . . .
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    Fleenor, Adam
    The coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) Central California Coast evolutionary significant unit (CCCESU) has declined from an estimated 50,000-125,000 adult returns to only 500 spawning adults, and is at high risk for extinction. Lagunitas Creek (Mar . . .
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    Centeno, Consuelo
    The purpose of this project is to provide a strengths based program for Mexican-American families experiencing a transition from elementary school to junior high school. This project focuses on the construct of self-efficacy as a resiliency factor in . . .
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    Bradley, Marylee
    Lorna Sage was a British literary critic and university professor whose writing for public media during the last three decades of the 20th century contributed to the postwar dialogue on feminist literary criticism. Lorna Sage Writing: A Reader's View . . .
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    Silva, Amy Nicole
    The purpose of this project is to provide a co-parenting program for parents experiencing challenges and conflict in the family, including parents whom are separated or divorced. The program is a school-based intervention program designed for parents . . .