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    Corso, Eric T.
    The purpose of this study was to examine the difference in student achievement when virtual labs are used instead of traditional labs. Participants included eighth grade students in a science class at a junior high in the Central Valley of California. . . .
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    Albor, Victor Manuel
    All-digital (K-12) schools provide students with laptops or tablets that help prepare them for a real world environment. At the same time, although providing high rewards, they also come with high risks such as embracement from all teachers, students, . . .
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    Anderson, Patricia Jane
    The project contained herein was developed to explore the necessary financing and feasibility of starting a small candy business in historic downtown Turlock, California, where there are no handmade candy stores within many miles. The business plan in . . .
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    Barkhosir, Klodet
    In today’s world, most art galleries are unique in their modern design demonstrating the shopping experience through the artists’ tastes. Most artists and gallery owners are refined collectors themselves contributing their influence on the growing cul . . .
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    Barnick, James J.
    This business plan investigates the viability of a new business in the Central Valley Region of California that hauls away scrap tires from tire dealerships. The plan considers the demand for the service by commercial tire dealerships, strategies to o . . .
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    Bermudez, Marben
    The purpose of this paper is to understand the discipline of safety and uncover the attendant literature as it pertains to the field of airline maintenance. My goal as the author, as an Aircraft Maintenance Technician (AMT) situated in the technical o . . .
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    Berry, Bridgette
    As many small business in the United States fail annually, there is additional pressure to stay creative, and strategy is imperative to success. The purpose of this study is to model a potential strategy by combining two business models, a brewpub and . . .
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    Dizon, Maria D.
    Improvements in quality and efficiency while controlling costs in healthcare are major strategic initiatives for many organizations. Many healthcare organizations are implementing a Lean Management System as the method to tackle these demands. When a . . .
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    Exner, Ryan A.
    In an evolving workplace, new generations enter as older generations exit the workforce. As Millennials enter the workforce, companies will need to understand their values to better recruit them. Through this paper, multiple themes are discussed about . . .
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    Guzman, Elena R.
    The purpose of this project was to research and plan the process it will take to open a Togo’s franchise in Livingston, California. Through the research, the author concluded her desired location would need to be approved by Togo’s, as the county in w . . .