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    Stewart, Mary
    In this thesis, we study finite simple groups as well as the Classification Theorem, which classifies all such groups. We will see by the Classification Theorem that all simple groups are one of the following four types: cyclic of prime order, alterna . . .
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    Vargas, Brian
    A search engine is intended to crawl the world wide web and retrieve a list of sites that match the user's search terms. Listing the search results in a proper order is crucial but it is far from being a trivial task. Prior to the rise of Google, sear . . .
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    Wilson, Jason R
    A major part of topology is the study of properties of topological spaces that are invariant under homeomorphisms. Such properties allow us to classify spaces. Some basic examples are compactness and connectedness. Although quite useful, these propert . . .
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    Dozal, Jared Michael
    This graduate project is submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Mathematics for Educational Careers. It is a compilation of five projects, each focusing on different fields of mathematics relevant t . . .
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    Mabe, Nicholas
    In this work I propose several numerical algorithms to calculate the steady state solutions of the Saint-Venant equations, a hyperbolic balance law commonly used to model shallow water flows. The main focus is on two-layer stratified flows distinguish . . .
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    Rudin, Brenda I.
    This thesis is a study of "La geometria elementare istitutta sulle nozioni di 'punto' e 'sfera'" (Elementary geometry instituted on the notions of "point" and "sphere") by the Italian geometer Mario Pieri ( 1860- 1913). It focuses on the importance of . . .
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    Wei, Yun
    As a typical model to represent nonlinear pulse propagation, the complex Ginzburg-Landau equation (CGLE) with linear and nonlinear gain or loss possesses solitary wave-, hole wave- and shock wave-solutions. In this thesis, we investigate the existence . . .
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    Steidly, Carl W.
    This is a syllabus for a one-semester, eleventh grade, advanced mathematics course. Motivation for mathematics rigor is advocated by an emphasis on application and problem solving through the use of various mathematical models.
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    Kaspar, Hans
    The transient solution of a parking lot problem with a finite number of parking spaces is considered when, in a given time interval, the number of cars arriving are Poisson distributed with identical parameters. If the parking lot is full, all arrivin . . .
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    Hamilton, Ann Esther
    Non-standard analysis was developed by Abraham Robinson in 1961. It offers a new number system which can serve as an alternative to the real numbers. This new system, called R*, is an ordered field containing numbers larger and numbers smaller than an . . .