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    Alrewaily, Ebtehal
    ABSTRACT NONSTRUCTURAL ORGANIZATION OF IONIC LIQUIDS INVESTIGATED BY 16 DSE NITROXIDE SPIN PROBE By EBTEHAL K. ALREWAILY Master of Science in Physics 16 - Doxyl-stearic acid methyl ester (16-DSE) nitroxide spin probe was used as a model of a long chai . . .
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    Deaton, Jack Wesley
    Experimental and theoretical studies of the manner in which molecules are distributed amongst micelles are described. Micelles are spherical, when separated "compartments" in aqueous solution that have the ability to solubilize water insoluble molecul . . .
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    Stagers, Ronald D.
    A theory of the non-linear longitudinal Kerr magneto-optic effect, previously developed for bulk materials, is now applied to a magnetic thin film. The material model is based on the classical equation of motion for a free electron with a finite relax . . .
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    Patel, Hiral
    A nanogap is a small slit in a continuous impermeable membrane which may be used for active and passive transport of biological molecules. Biological nanopores and solid-state nanopores currently have limitations; however, graphene provides an ideal p . . .
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    Thorman, Stephen Craig
    A procedure was developed for the production of doubly subtracted magnetograms at the San Fernando Observatory, CSUN. This new technique represents a substantial improvement over the standard Leighton technique of photographic subtraction by reducing . . .
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    Hinnrichs, Michele
    This thesis describes the physics, design and development of a solid state imaging system utilizing linear photodiode arrays for the 61 cm solar telescope and spectroheliograph at the San Fernando Solar Observatory. The system was developed in two sta . . .
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    Hodgson, John R. II
    Since the confirmed discoveries of exoplanets orbiting main sequence stars in the late Twentieth Century, the number of exoplanets being discovered has exponentially increased. The properties of these exoplanetary systems vary greatly across their ful . . .
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    Gresiak, Keith
    In this thesis the sensitivity of GPS and GRACE satellites to the local spacetime curvature was examined. Annual oscillations in a perturbation variable, β, in the Schwarzschild metric, as measured by GPS, used to express local position invariance (LP . . .
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    Kwon, Sohee
    Contrary to current-controlled magnetic random access memory devices utilizing spin transfer torque (STT) or spin-orbit torques (SOT), voltage-induced magnetization switching can lead to a new paradigm enabling ultralow-power and high density instant- . . .
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    Gong, Yu
    The development of light-field technology has lasted for the past two decades. With multi-stereo-imaging and glasses-free capabilities, light-field gains significant advantages over Virtual Reality and other stereo displays. The light-field industry h . . .