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    Cruz, James, Martin
    Depression is a serious and debilitating health disorder that affects many aspects of an individual’s life. Although almost everyone is susceptible to depression, there appears to be a discrepancy among ethnicities. Several researchers have linked per . . .
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    Bondshu, Edward W.
    One purpose of the present investigation was to explore the relationship of dream reports to waking behavior, defined as TAT protocols and autobiographical material. Another goal was to explore and describe the personality of a bisexual female.
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    Nunez, Rocio, Maria
    The understanding of complex forms of verbal behavior, specifically jokes with double meanings, is a skill that has been suggested to emerge in typically developing children between the ages of 7 and 11 years (McGhee, 2002). Developmental psychologist . . .
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    Edmonds, Keith, Alan
    Prior research has demonstrated that irrelevant numbers can bias quantitative estimates when present at the moment of judgment. For example, people were willing to pay more for a meal at a restaurant named “Studio 97” than one named “Studio 17” (Critc . . .
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    Wilson, Jenica Janae
    The current study investigated social class differences in judging the five risks outlined by the Domain Specific Risk Taking Scale (DOSPERT): social risk, recreational risk, financial risk, health and safety risk,and ethical risk. It was hypothesized . . .
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    Halliday, Deanna Marie
    People are notoriously bad at planning and tend to misestimate how long it will take to complete a task. People tend to underestimate task duration when the task takes more than about 10 minutes to complete, and overestimate task duration when the tas . . .
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    Biller, Jack D.
    This study attempted to condition instrumentally the autonomic response of human heart rate. Attempts were made to control for two mediational problems, respiration and sub-vocal activity. The results did not support the hypothesis that human heart ra . . .
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    Gómez, Mindy Danira
    Research supports attractive food cues, such as olfactory cues, in our environment have a strong impact on eating behavior (Yeomans, 2006); however, research on olfactory cues has been mixed. Research demonstrates that brief olfactory exposures may in . . .
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    Kalashian, Cassandra
    Students who suffer mental health issues often demonstrate poor academic performance. School-based mental health services, developed to help students achieve mental health and improve learning, are gaining popularity, though still not universally avai . . .
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    Dillon, Georgiana W
    The thesis of this paper is that student protest movements are "revitalization movements." defined as deliberate, conscious, organized efforts members of a society to create a more satisfying culture in place of one which no longer meets the needs of . . .