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    Supkoff, Judy
    56 mothers and their children aged 10 through 16 received the power inventories developed for this study and I-E control scales. All scores on the power and I-E scales were intercorrelated. These show that mothers' use of power is positively correlate . . .
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    Reyes, Monica
    Recent research has shown that cognitive abilities are associated with bodily states, and that wearing formal clothing, relative to casual clothing, causes people to think more abstractly. In Study 1, we examined whether wearing formal clothing, which . . .
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    Moore, Elizabeth Randall
    The present study was directed toward the question of whether the presence of a trait in the perceiver would influence his perception of the same trait in a real stimulus person. The trait for investigation was nurturance, as measured by the EPPS. Stu . . .
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    Cave, Georgia Sue
    This experiment examined the stress reactions and coping styles of 140 college students using a test of autonomic balance to measure stress, and a modified form of Rahe’s life-change/illness questionnaire to measure both stress reactions and coping st . . .
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    Hollombe, Gerald Jay
    Social supports have been found to be mitigating factors against the deleterious effects caused by anxiety due to a stressful situation. This study is to determine whether awareness of the availability of help in such a situation is such a social supp . . .
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    Condelli, Laurence
    An examination of the literature on the French and Raven (1959) bases of social power revealed that the effect of the outcome of compliance on various aspects of the powerholder-target relationship had been ignored. Past research had examined the effe . . .
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    Ashmore, William S.
    The present study does not find support for a defensive attribution model which includes a race manipulation. It was hypothesized that within situations of highest relevance to the white subjects the following would happen: (1) If the defendant is whi . . .
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    Hadar, Ilana
    Conflicting findings have raised the problem of whether or not attribution of responsibility increases as the severity of consequences increases. In the present experiment the degree and direction of assignment of responsibility to a male or a female . . .
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    Simon, James Steven
    The present study is concerned with the relationship between Riesman's (1950) concept of inner-directed and other-directed personality types, as reflected in differing susceptibility to conformity pressure, and Rotter's (1966) concept of internal and . . .
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    Li, Tianyu
    Understanding how emotion regulation varies may educate caregivers to facilitate children to better cope with stressful experiences in order to prevent future long term mental problems. The purpose of this study was to examine how habitual use of spec . . .