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    Kimball, Mary Eleanor
    The hypothesis that Graphoanalysis (GA) is a valid predictor of scores on the Guilford-Zimmerman Temperament Survey was tested by correlating Graphoanalyses of writing samples from 30 Ss, done separately by two Graphoanalysts (Gs), with results of the . . .
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    Giacomi, M. Jean
    Results from a “science Functional Test” done on a glove-box type work station developed at NASA-Ames Research Center provided the questions addressed in the present study. An experiment was conducted to examine the optimum arrangement of access posit . . .
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    deLara, Christine
    The purpose of the present study is to investigate both male and female subjects’ attributions of responsibility to a rape victim as a function of the following variables: (1) sex of the rape victim (female vs. male); (2) level of attitudinal similari . . .
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    Sarchio, John Peter
    It is through Transpersonal Psychology that--in the West--the spiritual facet of life is formally accepted as a legitimate aspect of the psychological realm of humankind. Where Eastern philosophy and religion have focused on spiritual development, and . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Onsum, David.
    The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effects of Project Follow Through, a federally funded compensatory education program for reducing the progressive intellectual retardation of culturally disadvan- taged children as they advance through . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Parker, Georgellen.
    From the recent effluence of publications stimulated by the Women's Liberation Movement has come an introspective and empirical consideration of sex roles and how and why they are filled as they are. Some possible expla- nations or contributing' . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Schuman, Steven Allen.
    Considerable attention has been directed toward the study of rodent aggression wherein there lies a generally consistent view that male rodents are more aggressive than their female counterparts. The literature on female rodent aggression, however, . . .
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    Marziani, Alexander William
    This study investigated the effects of group learning experiences on changes in cognitive complexity. Cognitive complexity is defined by Scott (1962) as the number of independent dimensions worth of concepts the individual brings to bear in describing . . .
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    Chenevert, Ollie S.
    This study was conducted to investigate the effectiveness of aural presentation of instructions upon comprehension, as measured by performance in a complex task, particularly among individuals demonstrating low reading comprehension. Subjects performe . . .
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    Cherry, Thomas James
    In this thesis the effects of three cognitive variables were studied as they affect the aesthetic communication process. It was assumed that aesthetic communication is the process whereby the artist through his work, communicates his feelings to the p . . .