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    Mercer, Amber
    Preference assessments have been proven to be an effective assessment tool used to identify preferences for individuals with developmental disabilities. There are 4 methods of preference assessments: single-stimulus preference assessment, paired-stimu . . .
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    Ascencio, Berenice
    Empathy is identified as a necessary trait among helping professionals. Research indicates that empathy is important to treatment outcomes and client satisfaction. However, little consensus on defining and training empathy in helping professionals exi . . .
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    Amarillas, Ashley N.
    Trauma is a common occurance, and when unaddressed it could potentially develop into posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Military members are exposed to potential traumatic events when deployed to combat zones. Military veterans are vulnerable to de . . .
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    Handley, Kathryn
    Providing opportunities for choice has been demonstrated in past research to reduce problem behaviors, and increase on-task engagement and task performance. The current study sought to also examine the effects of within-task choice on accuracy and tas . . .
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    Mumford, Danielle Louise
    This project consisted of two studies, conceptually linked. In Study 1 a working definition of make-up sex was constructed and 60 make-up sex motivations were collected. These motivations formed the basis of a questionnaire used in Study 2. In Study 2 . . .
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    Murkin, Daisy J.
    Variability of responses is an essential skill, and deficits in this area can contribute to pathologies such as autism and depression. It has been widely accepted that response contingencies can increase variability, but research suggests that verba . . .
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    Radliff, Richard
    Conditional discrimination learning in animals has been the source of research for many decades. However, primary factors involving human discrimination learning remain obscure. It is the goal of the current research to investigate the effect physic . . .
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    Brasil, Isabel C.
    The present study focused on stress related to graduation using Lazarus’ transactional theory to formulate hypotheses. It attempted to replicate Folkman and Lazarus’ (1985) study using a stress questionnaire and centering on the emotional experiences . . .
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    Forester, Deborah S.
    As civilization has evolved, so have the patterns of dietary consumption. Many of these patterns are pathological in nature, and as such, threaten man’s very existence. One such form of eating pathology is that of Orthorexia Nervosa (ON), an unhealt . . .
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    Hibbard, Allison
    This study explored the relationship between attachment styles, self-control, and cell phone reliance. A total sample of 118 university students completed the Experiences in Close Relationship, Self-Control, and Cell Phone Reliance scales. Attachment . . .