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    Bolden, Jerald
    This thesis examines Walt Disney Theatrical Production’s construction of masculinity in live performance in the original 1994 Broadway musical Beauty and the Beast. Through an analysis focusing on the key male players–the antagonist, Gaston; the fathe . . .
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    Cruff, Michelle J.
    In developing the dramatic structure for his epic theatre and its performance techniques, Bertolt Brecht adapted Karl Marx’s theories on alienation and the dialectic. Subsequently, this changed both the way theatre was presented and the manner in whic . . .
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    Radin, Nancy Faith
    The decision for an M.A. thesis project in directing came to me as a combined result of the following several factors: my present position. as a teacher in the Performing Arts Department at Beverly Hills High School, my appreciation for the direction . . .
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    badri, Namier
    Despite the religious and social insecurities that Iraqi Christians have faced in their homeland, theater has always been part of their triumphs over persecutions. Iraqi Christians use theater to bring together their community by sharing their experie . . .
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    Gilbreath, Pamela
    This abstract summarizes the written portion of an "acting thesis." The major component of the thesis involved the author's acting of the title role in Preston Jones's "slice of life" study of West Texas, Lu Ann Hampton Laverty Oberlander. The written . . .
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    Diehl, Emilie Mae
    The following thesis has been prepared in the form of a design project which illustrates two possible solutions to the problem of presenting the visual aspects of the Inca play Ollantay in today’s theaters. To demonstrate the possibilities of using al . . .
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    Clarke, Victoria Ann
    The designer's objective in Playboy of the Western World was to have the set and lighting convey the same kind of feeling for the play which John Tedesco, the director, was getting in his directing. Everything was to look well-worn, stained, old, fami . . .
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    McKImmey, Catherine Mary
    Perhaps no other period of American theatre history better reflected the diverse political feelings of society more than the theatre of the 1930's, the decade of the Great Depression. Because of the economic climate of the period, playwrights felt a s . . .
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    Fanton, Madeline
    On Easter Monday of 1916, after decades of increasing Irish nationalist sentiment, the Irish Republican Brotherhood, in tandem with the Irish Citizen Army and the Irish Volunteers, staged a short-lived rebellion against British colonial rule. Seven le . . .
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    Tolman, Irene
    Greensleeves' Magic, an original folktale by Marion Jonson, was the second play, on a bill of four, produced by the Fifteenth Teen-Age Drama Workshop. It opened during third week of the workshop and ran for thirteen paid performances. It was selected . . .
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    Molloy, G. Antoinette
    I Believe In Make Believe, by Carol Lynn Pearson, opened on October 5 in the Studio Theatre of California State University, Northridge, and ran for three consecutive weekends. It then toured to young audiences at six different locations throughout the . . .
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    Feder, Michelle Deborah
    To Be, a Rock Musical by Ed Graczyk, was produced and directed in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master of Arts degree in Theatre. The objective of this production was to create an artistic and provocative experience for a metropolita . . .
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    Feng, Gaoyingshan
    Abstract Contemporary Performance Artist Yang Liping's Regional Transculturalism by Gaoyingshan Feng Master of Arts in Theatre This thesis explores a contemporary Chinese performance artist, Yang Liping's work, including her dance theatre as well as n . . .
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    Stewart, James Frederick
    Lacuna is a play that revolves around an evening of crisis encountered by Jack and Phyllis Aldrich when they learn about the involvement of their nineteen year old son, Hank, in a campus protest movement. (See more in text.)
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    Silbert, Irene Selma
    Audio for the live theatre has usually been limited to “dead cues:” unalterable cues that the actor must respond to rather than the cue responding to the actor. Thus, the element most characteristic of theatre-- real time-- is removed. Lighting can be . . .
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    McGraw, Dennis Stephen
    The decision for an M.A. thesis-project in directing was made in October, 1976. Because directing is an integral part of my professional objectives, I desired the academic sanction of my directing skills through my M.A. program at California State Uni . . .
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    Bem, Rosemarie Lillian
    The purpose of this study was to investigate and compile information on feminist theatre in the Los Angeles area during the last decade. The study includes a brief background of the women's movement and its influence on the rise of feminist theatre. T . . .
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    Gibney, Nancy Jean
    The Great Cross Country Race, a play for child audiences, was staged in the Laboratory Theatre at California State University, Northridge on September 28, 29, 30, 1973. The cast consisted of twelve undergraduate and graduate students from the universi . . .
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    Bennett, James Newton
    The opportunity to work on a new play as a thesis project presented itself while working as the Managing Director of American Theatre Arts, a Conservatory theatre in Hollywood, California. Having previously directed only published plays by established . . .
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    Biroc, John Daniel
    Alllice: a rock light opera is an attempt at a fairly new concept in theatrical presentations: a rock light opera. Opera is divided into two separate categories, grand opera and light opera. Grand opera is totally sung, while light opera: is mostly su . . .