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  • Rn3012017?file=thumbnail
    Xue, Y.Y.
    A negative capacitance has been observed in a nanocolloid between 0.1 and 10−5 Hz. The response is linear over a broad range of conditions. The low-␻ dispersions of both the resistance and capacitance are consistent with the free-carrier plasma model, . . .
  • Ww72bc01z?file=thumbnail
    Wang, Y.Q.
    The polarity-dependent resistive switching across metal-Pr0.7Ca0.3MnO3 interfaces is investigated. The data suggest that shallow defects in the interface dominate the switching. Their density and fluctuation, therefore, will ultimately limit the device . . .
  • Np193974j?file=thumbnail
    Xue, Y.Y.
    The significance of a negative dielectric constant has long been recognized. We report here the observation of a field-induced large negative dielectric constant of aggregates of oxide nano-particles at frequencies below ~ 1 Hz at room temperature. Th . . .
  • 9g54xj191?file=thumbnail
    Sun, Y.Y.
    We investigate the polarity-dependent field-induced resistive switching phenomenon driven by electric pulses in perovskite oxides. Our data show that the switching is a common occurrence restricted to an interfacial layer between a deposited metal elec . . .
  • Fx719m98t?file=thumbnail
    Stewart, M D
    Pumping single electrons at a set rate is being widely pursued as an electrical current standard. Semiconductor charge pumps have been pursued in a variety of modes, including single gate ratchet, a variety of 2-gate ratchet pumps, and 2-gate turnstil . . .
  • Ft848r283?file=thumbnail
    Taylor, Jacob
    Electrical transport in double quantum dots (DQDs) illuminates many interesting features of the dots' carrier states. Recent advances in silicon quantum information technologies have renewed interest in the valley states of electrons confined in silic . . .
  • Gt54kn533?file=thumbnail
    Perron, Justin
    Pauli-spin blockade (PSB) is a transport phenomenon in double quantum dots that allows for a type of spin to charge conversion often used to probe fundamental physics such as spin relaxation and singlet-triplet coupling. In this paper, we theoreticall . . .
  • Gt54kn52t?file=thumbnail
    Gasparini, Francis
    Previous measurements of the superfluid density ρs and specific heat for 4He have identified effects that are manifest at distances much larger than the correlation length ξ3D [1–3]. We report here new measurements of the superfluid density which are . . .
  • Vm40xs19n?file=thumbnail
    Stewart, M. D.
    We present measurements of bias triangles in several biasing configurations. Using a capacitive model and two fit parameters we are able to predict the shapes and locations of the bias triangles in all measurement configurations. Furthermore, analysis . . .
  • Ff365576q?file=thumbnail
    Aboolian, Robert
    We consider reliable facility location models in which facilities are subject to unexpected failures, and customers may be reassigned to facilities other than their regular facilities. The objective is to minimize the total expected costs in normal an . . .