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    Capstone project
    Wiley, Brittany
    This study utilizes studies on the research and exploration of the impact that schools have on parent participation and involvement in a child’s education, specifically when focusing on non-native English speaking families. This study investigates the . . .
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    Capstone project
    Schott, Jessica
    This study was performed in response to the problem of practices regarding school safety tactics. According to Tim Walker, author of “'School Hardening' Not Making Students Safer, Say Experts”, schools are spending millions of dollars on new technolog . . .
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    Capstone project
    Rodrigues, Kristi A.
    This paper discusses the various ways in which second language learners can be motivated in education. It is the job of the educator to try to build relationships with their students. Student-teacher relationships are critical to student motivation. T . . .
  • Sb397d78m?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Prusa, Nicole
    The purpose of this study is to look at some different variables regarding student mental health in the classroom and how trauma can affect the classroom community or students academic performance. This study seeks to answers the question “How can sch . . .
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    Capstone project
    Montelongo, Angelina
    There have been many studies done in the past ten years that question the effectiveness of zero tolerance policies and its contribution to the school-to-prison pipeline. Rather than creating an atmosphere of learning, engagement and opportunity, curre . . .
  • Q811kq13v?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Miranda, Nancy D.
    English Language Learners (ELLs) of all ages are found all across the United States. In California elementary aged ELL students account for more than 50 percent of all school aged English learners ( California is the state with the largest . . .
  • Ft848w716?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Messer, Jessica
    The problem of practice that I investigated in this inquiry research paper is that of poverty in the public school system, and the role that those in leadership positions in high-poverty schools play in the success of those schools. The methodology in . . .
  • 2514nr78s?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Lopez, Griselda
    The methods for remaining safe and socially distanced during the Covid-19 Pandemic has created a new array of problems for low-income families; namely the critical need for food security and mental health services. As a mother and future educator, I f . . .
  • V692tb93p?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Lopez-Duenas, Alondra
    The purpose of this study is to explore different variables that are important for all afterschool programs to address as well as implement. The study seeks to answer the research question, what are the three main components of an after school program . . .
  • Mw22vb39g?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Linder, Tara
    Every year many students come into the classroom after having gone through some form of trauma whether it is a family member who has passed away, parent(s) who suffer from substance abuse or are incarcerated, experiencing or witnessing abuse, poverty, . . .
  • 9c67ws42d?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Horsley, Courtney
    This study explores how white teachers can best build relationships with students of color and students living in poverty. The barriers that these students face and how to combat these challenges are explored. The importance of student-teacher relatio . . .
  • W6634817v?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Gray, Ryan
    This study’s main focus is on students that are facing different disadvantages because of the poverty they live with and what schools and communities are doing to help. The data collected is from articles, studies, and an interview with a community pa . . .
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    Capstone project
    Gonzalez, Miriam
    The intention of this paper is to discuss the occurrence of a Pandemic during 2020. How is COVID-19 a huge impact in the educational system and how is remote learning limiting the students? The United States is not the only country on the planet that . . .
  • Rf55zd72d?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Engles, Brooke
    There is a shortage of support for educators willing to teach an inclusive classroom. The lack of training and experience in an inclusive setting, which would include a wide range of disabilities. What are the benefits and improvements that need to be . . .
  • Ng451p12t?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Corbo, Jennifer
    This paper explores teacher and school policies relating to gender and gender identity. Many schools only offer facilities and policies for genders identified with their sex assigned at birth without taking into consideration those students that ident . . .
  • W3763c29d?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Cervantes, Amanda
    Students who are learning English as a second language are not supported nearly as much as they should be, even though they make up a significant portion of the country's population. This begs the question, what more can we do for our English Second L . . .
  • K930c297x?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Baum, Krystal
    This study examined possible strategies and resources that could create an equitable learning environment for students with disabilities online which became prevalent due to the COVID-19 pandemic occurring in spring 2020. By applying a self-study fram . . .
  • D217qt45j?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Alcaide, Alvin
    The goal of this project was to design and build an autonomous, 1:10th scale vehicle. The main focus of the design was the integration of GPS guidance, sensory feedback, and motor/servo controls. By benchmarking against industry standards and utilizin . . .
  • Hq37vs53b?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Bakker, Joe
    The design of a hovercraft is no different from the design of any other product. The following is a list of tasks that will look at the project from different areas, making sure to fully address every possible idea and create a great product. The firs . . .
  • 6395wb80h?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Buckler, Andrew
    Current underwater towing devices do not allow a diver to go above the speed at which the diver's mask will be taken off by the water flow past the diver or when they will no longer be able to hold on to the device. The goal of the project will be to . . .
  • Gb19f945z?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Entenmann, William
    The concept of the Off-Grid Battery Charger is to provide the capability to charge batteries without requiring an AC power source. In this paper we look at some different options of how to accomplish this goal, as well as the pros and cons of each via . . .
  • 6m311t265?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Ouiment, Steve M.
    For our senior project, we seek to solve a common problem in the action sports film industry. When filming action sports, a common type of filming technique is Point of View video. Usually a camera is attached to a helmet or another fixed point on the . . .
  • Gx41mn326?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Ramos, Matthew
    This semester we focused on design parameters and specification required to develop our project. The tasks that were to be completed encompassed a great degree of brainstorming and information gathering on behalf of all members to make the process as . . .
  • B8515s43z?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    McCoy, Sean
    This document describes and gives the specifications for the design project on the reciprocating engine. The document begins with the initial concepts for the project and then goes on to describe the concepts leading up to the final design of using an . . .
  • Sn00b257c?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    England, Robert
    This report is a design project for an Automation Trainer. The Engineering Technology Department at Cal Maritime needed a new trainer for the Automation Lab to train their students on how to use Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). This process is t . . .
  • 7p88cm251?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Stirzbecher, Mark
    This paper explores the development of parabolic solar concentration systems utilizing solar radiation heat transfer to create steam using water as the working fluid. By concentrating solar radiation rays onto a focal point, energy transfer is suffici . . .
  • 9c67wr56j?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Petrellese, Michael
    In order to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels for energy, a small-scale, lowprofile wind turbine designed specifically for large buildings in urban areas is designed and manufactured. The following report breaks down the viability of the turbine. . . .
  • 3r074z444?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Baptista, Sean
    The project is a remote operated vehicle capable of overcoming obstacles by accelerating vertically while having a horizontal velocity. The vehicle has a frame superstructure providing rigid protection for the internal components consisting of: mic . . .
  • Xp68kk67v?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Palmer, Sidney
    The objective of this project was to design a mobile, portable refrigeration unit operating at safe temperatures for cold food storage. The unit was modeled by working methodically through various concepts in an attempt to produce the best-fit desig . . .
  • Jm214t16p?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Fairchild, Alex
    The world we live in today is riddled with polluting vehicles on both the land and water. We set out as a California Maritime Academy Mechanical Engineering Design Team to do our part for the environment by designing a craft that will easily propel a . . .
  • K3569809t?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Denning, Zachary
    The purpose of this project was to use an existing remote controlled car as a test platform for compressed air propulsion, alternative energy storage, and hybrid regenerative braking. The size of this car, along with its modular design, made this pr . . .
  • Hh63t040p?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Laperle, Ryan
    Based on the Marine Technology ROV Competition rules for 2008, we designed and built a remotely operated vehicle to maneuver underwater and to collect and store samples from simulated underwater thermal vents. The propulsion is accomplished by adaptin . . .
  • Tq57nv76j?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Corson, Nicole
    The goal of this project is to design and build a portable solar power plant. During discussion and brainstorming, it became apparent that photovoltaic solar cells would be the solar power technology of choice. The following report is a detailed descr . . .
  • 9306t3178?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Swenson, David
    The ancient Greek civilization was the first to recognize and develop ways to harness the clean and renewable energy produced by the force of moving water. From those early grinding mills to modem hydroelectric dams, the technology for capturing and c . . .
  • 5q47rs45w?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Simmons, Mathew
    A mechanical jack is an apparatus which lifts heavy equipment. A car jack is a form of a mechanical jack that lifts automobiles so that maintenance can be performed. Car jacks use a mechanical advantage to allow a human to lift a vehicle. Car jacks ar . . .
  • Qz20sx00d?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Zsadanyi, Alexander
    The purpose of this project is to design and build a human-powered water still with limitations ·and regulations set forth by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, ASME. The determination of the best design is made by a panel of judges based o . . .
  • Pk02cf29p?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Podorean, Grey
    This project will focus on the research and design of a new Diver Propulsion Vehicle. A Diver Propulsion Vehicle or DPV is a piece of diving equipment used by scuba divers to increase their range while underwater. This need for increased range is driv . . .
  • 2v23vz34b?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Mossinger, Matthew
    Our rowing simulator is a culmination of one and a half years of work in design and manufacturing. It incorporates the paths taken from the initial idea stage to the completion of manufacturing and prototyping. The report documents our processes in fu . . .
  • Cz30px19c?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Skiles, Jeremiah
    Project Cogeneration Plant involves the design and synthesis of a miniature cogeneration plant trainer for the Engineering Technology Department at The California Maritime Academy. Early in the project it was determined that the project had at its dis . . .
  • Rx913t64q?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    DeHart, Lawrence
    The following report contains the engineering design process in creating a Multi Speed Chainless Bicycle transmission system, It begins with the problem definition phase, where the customer specifies what they would like to see in this new product de . . .
  • 9306t3160?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Zsadanyi, Alexander
    The Bio-diesel Refinery team knew that the process of making Bio-diesel, especially when making it with Waste Vegetable oil, is a rather lengthy and involved series of steps that need to be done in just the right order and with just the right amount . . .
  • 7p88cm19w?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Moore, Rollin
    The object of the competition is to provide SAE student members with a challenging project that involves the planning and manufacturing tasks found when introducing a new product to the consumer industrial market. Teams compete against one another to . . .
  • 7m01bq22q?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Van Gundy, Cole
    The objective of our senior design project was to create a quick cooling device, known as the TurboChill, to cool a six-pack of beverages from room temperature to approximately forty degrees Fahrenheit in no more than ten minutes. Two 600-watt, 24VDC . . .
  • Gf06g613x?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    McAlister, Pascha
    Our group is designing a Regenerative Braking System for an electric vehicle. This Regenerative Braking System will capture and re-use mechanical energy from the electric vehicle, which is accomplished converting it into electrical energy in a motor w . . .
  • 2b88qg76j?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Hughes, Drake
    The object of this senior design project is to create a Human Powered Submarine (HPS) that can be continually expanded upon by future groups, with the ultimate goal of entering a Human Powered Submarine Race. This project concentrated on designing a d . . .
  • Cf95jf94m?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Jorris, Teresa
    For the disabled, performing simple everyday tasks others take for granted can be excruciating and exhausting. This can leave them with no patience or desire _to attempt fun activities they can only watch others take part in. The purpose of the sip an . . .
  • 6395wb48r?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Angel, Rebecca
    The objective of this senior design project is to design and construct a water balloon launcher capable of propelling a four to six-inch diameter water balloon at least fifty yards without the use of combustibles or elastic bands (like a slingshot). N . . .
  • 2801pk958?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Salyards, Steven
    The purpose of this design project is to construct a model airplane that is controlled remotely is lightweight, but can produce a large amount of lift so that a heavy load can be lifted. The final design choice was to have an air-cooled gas engine dir . . .
  • 3x816r200?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Margraf, Jonathan
    The following report contains the engineering design process in creating a Human Powered Vehicle (HPV). It begins with the problem definition phase where the customer requirements are defined as a vehicle that is durable, cost effective, fun and safe. . . .
  • C534fs40j?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Okoro, Uzoma
    The Good2Go Scooter is a unique scooter design. While maintaining some of the more conventional body and frame designs, the distinctive nature of the scooter lies in different characteristics of the scooter. The improvements in our scooter includes th . . .