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    Graduate Project
    Trivedi, Utkarsh
    In this generation, we have a lot of investment opportunities such as fixed deposits, mutual funds, bullion, properties, and stock market. Due to lack of proper knowledge and experience, people are unable to invest in the stock market and often deem i . . .
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    Graduate Project
    Shah, Parita
    The purpose of a Sandbox software is to execute a program under restricted environment to protect a computer system from malicious activities. The Security Sandbox tool will be developed to be used for the Programming Contest Control System, called PC . . .
  • Work
    Graduate Project
    Ramasamy, Praveenkumar
    The goal of this project is building a framework for Inconsistency Induced perpetual learning system and an UI to access the results, so that the users of the framework could understand all the options that are available in the framework. The proposed . . .
  • 5m60qr91n?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Li, Chen
    As cyber-attacks have become more prevalent in the recent decade, companies and governments have learnt the significant importance of enforcing robust programming practices to ensure software security and reliability during code generation. Various to . . .
  • 0r9673755?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Kaur, Savleen
    The opinions and sentiments behind all the posts, comments and statuses shared on social media nowadays can be considered as a useful indicator for many different purposes. These posts reveal how a person perceives things. These sentiments if harnesse . . .
  • 5712m6567?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Janardhana, Neetha
    Nowadays, in this data driven world, there is always a necessity for storing and sharing the data securely. As per the big data statistics, it is said that about 2.5 quintillion data is created every day in the form of text files, images, PDFs and man . . .
  • Work
    Graduate Project
    Haase, Murray.
    Part of a retrospective digitization project.
  • Z603r031k?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Hang, Wendy
    This project focused on stress management and K-8 teachers. It presented a handbook of strategies to help prevent and reduce teacher stress and burn out using peer reviewed research and best practices as discussed in Chapter Two of this manual.
  • Td96k461w?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Oggionni, Tiziana
    This study reports an investigation of the business-to-business (B2B) relationship between Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) and hotels. Whereas it is clear that, by promoting the destination, DMOs bring business to hotels, the focus of the s . . .
  • N009w4341?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Kim, Max
    The purpose of this paper is to visualize and find important trendy patterns in a dataset that contains house sale prices and their features for King County in Washington between May 2014 and May 2015, which was obtained from Kaggle, a website that sh . . .
  • Hh63sx58j?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Alkhazl, Fatimah
    Using animation in teaching has become more popular in the twenty-first century in universities and education organizations. It makes understanding the challenging concepts much easier than using the traditional methods to explain them. One of the mos . . .
  • Pz50gz05q?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Mair, Amber
    This project was an interactive online tutorial intended for parents to learn how to help their first grade students in learning spelling patterns. This tutorial would help parents by building a better understanding of what blending and segmenting are . . .
  • 9880vt149?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Amador, Trey
    Robot localization is the process by which robots ascertain information about their position and orientation relative to the external environment through the use of sensors, a competency which is necessary for autonomous navigation. Previous research . . .
  • Dv13zw103?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Gutierrez, Luis
    Electroencephalography (EEG) data describe the activity of neuron populations in the brain and are acquired via electrodes placed on specific positions of the skull. EEG signals have been shown to be sufficiently different between individuals and ther . . .
  • Q237ht81w?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Taylor, Brittany
    Lincoln Heights has benefited from being an affordable place for many residents to purchase a home, rent an apartment and/or run a business store front. Over the last decade however, the affordability of living and thriving in Lincoln Heights has decr . . .
  • 3n2041197?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Richards, Ciara
    While professional development (PD) has always been essential in meeting the learning needs of teachers, traditional forms of PD are incongruous with today’s professional demands and complex skills required by students (Borko, 2014; Brooks & Gibson, 2 . . .
  • 8w32r7350?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Chaurasia, Vaishali
    Nowadays as technology is advancing things around human beings have become more easy and accessible. Within blink of an eye, you can get anything at your door step by just clicking few button or using internet. Human lives have become easy with the he . . .
  • Pk02cc58q?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Burrell, Matthew
    Inflation has become more difficult to forecast since the early 1980s, but Matheson and Stavrev (2013) find that a traditional Philips curve models the behavior of inflation well since the early 1960s. The authors use a non-linear Kalman filter to cap . . .
  • B5644t464?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Herrera, Edgar
    In the United States, the academic pedagogy has gone through many transformations in order to provide the students with the best educational experience. In the past decades the academic approach has changed from the traditional setting of a classroom . . .
  • 7d278w05c?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Travieso, Michaela
    Introduction: Researchers have come to the conclusion that parent involvement has a positive effect on a child’s education and experience. The positive effects can range from physical involvement of the parent, such as homework support, to emotional i . . .
  • Xp68kj211?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Alassaf, Mohammed
    The need for congestion charge is increasing every year due to many reasons mainly the population growth, which affects the number of vehicles on the roads. Therefore, traffic congestion is a real problem due to both the effects it causes such as dela . . .
  • Sq87bw63d?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Hirako, Mio
    The purpose of this project was to create a handbook to support fifth and sixth grade instrumental music teachers with integrating math into music lessons. The research-based handbook includes a guide, a collection of mini-lessons organized by topic, . . .
  • X920fz77d?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Bell, Barry
    Being a student-athlete and playing intercollegiate sports can be very challenging. Student-athletes have responsibilities to perform well in the classroom and succeed in their sport. Student–athletes have to find a balance between both being a studen . . .
  • 70795974q?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Alhamdan, Nora
    The paper attempts testing the random walk hypothesis, which the strong form of the Efficient Market Hypothesis. The theory suggests that stocks prices at any time “fully reflect” all available information (Fama, 1970). So, the price of a stock is a r . . .
  • C247dv072?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Rios, Kevin
    In 2015 Rolando Peláez aspired to create a model that predicted recessions using only easily accessible and readily available data. This paper aims to explore inflation as a critical missing condition of his proposition, the Recession-and-State Foreca . . .
  • 6t053j13f?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Khalil, Nasser
    The early development of the Capital Asset Pricing Model(CAPM) by William Sharpe, John Lintner, and Jan Mossin created a tool for modeling and observing risk and return in an asset. Systematic risk is assumed to be measured by the coefficient beta, wh . . .
  • Gt54kq196?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Wood, Laura
    The purpose of this project was to create a handbook of activities to assist third grade teachers in teaching multiplication fluency. I presented strategies to help teachers teach students how to learn multiplication fluency using peer reviewed resear . . .
  • T435gg08m?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Nguyen, Nhi Hoang Yen
    The purpose of this study is to examine destination image of Ha Long Bay, Vietnam on the Internet by studying content of selected reviews on TripAdvisor website. UNESCO listed Ha Long Bay twice as a World Heritage Site in 1994 and 2000, respectively. . . .
  • Fj2364176?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Zhang, Liang
    In this project, a website (AlgoHub) is implemented, which mainly hosts contents of algorithms, such as title, algorithm description, applications, and so on. From the functionality perspective, modules like adding, modifying, searching, fulfills the . . .
  • 08612q52r?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Bhagtani, Pratik
    In India, middle class and even high-class housewives make their small group of friends and hang out at least once every month. This even is Known as kitty Party. In this Kitty Party, each member has to contribute a small amount of fees. This fee is c . . .
  • 3r074w84p?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Nguyen, Thi
    This paper addresses the impact of the recent tax reform on homeownership. The deductible mortgage cap reduction has lowered the cutoff value at which individuals can fully obtain the favorable benefit of housing ownership-tenure. Introducing limitati . . .
  • 9s161823z?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Yu, Brian
    Parental involvement in education has been heavily researched in the past few decades. Studies show that parental involvement with students at young age will benefit students’ future academic pathways (Gonida & Cortina, 2014; Stevens & Patel, 2015). T . . .
  • Ns064791n?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Dobaria, Hemanshi
    Nowadays, indoor farming and small backyard farm setups are booming. Also, people have more plants in the home than before. But oftentimes, it is not possible to water plants on time because we forget, or we are not at the place to physically deliver . . .
  • 0v838255b?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Zhang, Shuang
    Xu's (2008) paper inspired us to investigate the relationship between exchange rate and trade deficit. Based on economic theories, if a country does not interfere its exchange rate and allows it be totally flexible in the market, the exchange rate sho . . .
  • Xk81jn232?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Villegas, Victor
    The purpose of this study was to evaluate applicant perceptions and experiences of the Cal Poly Pomona graduate admissions process in order to identify potential causes of declining graduate student enrollment. This was determined through an online su . . .
  • Sn00b087p?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Du, Juan
    The primary objective of this study is to determine which features are effective in Chain Restaurants in terms of food concept and the business model when United States chains move their businesses to China while the Chinese chains open their operatio . . .
  • Q237ht84q?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Alshaye, Rakan
    This study seeks to contribute to the ongoing economic policy debate on the use of electric cars as an alternative method to safe energy use and energy saving. The past five decades have seen a significant increase in the use of petroleum products acr . . .
  • F7623f59q?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Ruiz, Laura
    There is a gap between students of special education and general education in their successful participation in postsecondary activities such as higher education / trade programs, desired employment, and independent living. Research suggests that stud . . .
  • 8c97ks48s?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Keagy, Joshua
    One of the common core state standards for high school mathematics relates to the topic of solving systems of equations. This paper will discuss the steps that were taken to create and test a web-based eLearning Module. Systems of linear equations are . . .
  • Qz20sv417?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Ambriz-Sanchez, Jesus
    In this paper, both national- and state-level models on presidential outcomes in the U.S. from 1912 to 2016 are developed and analyzed using standard OLS and pooled panel data analysis. All new testing coincides with variables from Fair (2018) and is . . .
  • 4f16c503q?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Soundara, Pavan
    Everybody loves to be recognized and appreciated for the work and effort they put in a project. It could be a painting or a music video or a paper art or anything. Kids, of all the people, are to be recognized and appreciated more for the effort they . . .
  • F7623f61r?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Jiang, Yuxiu
    The aim of this paper is to investigate the shopping behaviors of Chinese tourists in Los Angeles in terms of their overall spending patterns, shopping preferences, and perceptions of important shopping attributes and barriers. A secondary aim is to m . . .
  • 4j03d159m?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Davis, Gina Lynn
    The purpose of this project was to develop a handbook for parents with fifth grade school age children to help support their math skills before entering the middle school level. Every activity in this handbook reinforces the California Common Core Sta . . .
  • M039k6876?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Tapia, Xiomara
    With growing enrollment rates in higher education, it has become imperative for Universities to develop and implement the most innovative, current, and experiential educational experience for their students to be competitive in the real-world against . . .
  • 3484zj77h?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Li, Yuancheng
    When I tried to look for some inspirations about a good project idea, the most common tip I found is to find something bothering or annoying people every day, and then make an app that makes the problem easier. So, the motivation of this project is ba . . .
  • Xd07gv743?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Liu, Henry H.
    Mobile facial recognition application has become more and more popular. Machine learning is widely used in this area to get accurate results. To get accurate recognition results, a large-scale image data would be required. Customers, however, may want . . .
  • Ng451k53f?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Persaud, Joann Christina
    For many years, most English language learners have struggled with achieving the learning goals in science as indicated by national, state, and local summative assessments (CNUSD, 2016; NAEP – 2015 Science Assessment; NCES, 2017). As this at-risk of f . . .
  • Rb68xd81h?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Frenes-Gomez, Denisse
    The purpose of this project was to create a series of professional development workshops for 6th - 8th grade math teachers to provide support and resources to align curriculum vertically according to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. Th . . .
  • 9g54xk69f?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Huang, Yushu
    In the early 1960s, China’s total fertility rate reached more than six births per woman. The government instructed that it was necessary to control population growth. In 1979, the one-child policy was frst introduced. It set a limit on the number of c . . .