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    Oral Presentation
    Perez, Edith
    The media is an important part of society for the reason that it provides us with information about the actions taken by the government. From the start of his campaign Donald Trump continues to be outspoken and often says controversial statements. One . . .
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    Oral Presentation
    Garcia-Gunn, Athenamarie
    In April of 2011, the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) released a “Dear Colleague” letter to over 7,000 colleges that receive federal funding across the United States. This policy guidance instructed new legal obligations on the practices colleges must em . . .
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    Oral Presentation
    Cortez, Justin
    Decarbonylation of ketones is of interest as a route towards synthesizing carbon-carbon bonds through removal of carbon monoxide. However, decarbonylation requires the cleavage of two carbon-carbon bonds which are kinetically and thermodynamically mor . . .
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    Oral Presentation
    Tom, Matthew
    Shape-memory alloys (SMAs) are metal alloys that can return to their original shape upon the addition of heat. Magnetic SMAs are alloys that possess magnetic properties in addition and can therefore be reconfigured through the application of external . . .
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    Oral Presentation
    Kim, Don
    Additive Manufacturing(AM) such as Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS), has opened a new era of digital manufacturing, namely "3D Metal Printing". 3D metal printing now enables anyone with a 3D metal printer to "print" virtually any shape, form, or si . . .
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    Oral Presentation
    Butler, Gordon
    Metallic alloys used in various industrial applications can encounter high operating temperatures for varying periods of time. Under these conditions, metals are susceptible to oxidation, ultimately leading to the failure of that component or even com . . .
  • 02870z206?file=thumbnail
    Oral Presentation
    Schiefelbein, Ryan
    Powdery mildew disease is a fungal infection which can have negative effects on crop growth. There is evidence that a bio-signaling molecule is present in our model plant, A. thaliana, that results in an increase of powdery mildew disease. By utilizin . . .
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    Oral Presentation
    Ochoa, Steven
    Polymers today are in abundant use in many sectors like the automotive and construction industries. Unfortunately, many of these ubiquitous polymers are harmful to the environment as they degrade very slowly, often requiring thousands of years to brea . . .
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    Oral Presentation
    Espinoza, Carolina
    Latinos have been an important asset in the Hollywood movie industry since its beginning in early 1900s. Hollywood's classical cinema was the starting point for the Latino actor and one of the most visible platforms, given its international reach, for . . .
  • Tx31qk938?file=thumbnail
    Oral Presentation
    Wolf, Joseph
    Bagrada bug, Bagrada hilaris, is an invasive insect pest originally from Africa that is now found throughout Southern California, the Southwest U.S., and as far north as Yolo County. Bagrada bug causes significant damage to Cole crops (e.g. broccoli, . . .